1. Halloween Scare-tacular!

    Some Halloween-related posts: 1) A lot of people have written me about costumes lately, asking questions like, “What do Specials wear?” “How do you do flash tattoos?” and “Would Dess wear this?” But you guys would know better than me. A lot of you have done excellent face paint jobs, as shown here. Please use […]

  2. Halloween 07

    I’m up in Saratoga Springs, New York for World Fantasy. Lots of Australians here, which is fun, and assorted agents, authors, and editors. So, did anyone see any interesting Halloween costumes out there? Either Westerfeldian characters or just cool? Send me any cool pictures for posting, or link to a Flickr stream in the comments […]

  3. Halloween Plans?

    Hey, we’re headed out of town in an hour, and blogging may be sketchy, but to keep you guys entertained . . . Is anyone planning any Westerfeldian Halloween costumes? Specials? Pretties? Midnighters? Peeps? Or just plain old zombies? Let me know, and maybe we can put together a photo gallery in early November. And […]

  4. Spill Zone Fan Art Contest

    It’s one year since my graphic novel, Spill Zone, launched as a web comic! To mark this occasion, my publishers are having a fan art contest. Note: If you haven’t read Spill Zone yet, you can buy it now or read the whole thing online! The winner gets: a signed and personalized copy; a signed […]

  5. NaNoWriMo

    Turns out I’m doing NaNoWriMo this year. Of course, I recently wrote a book in which a young Wrimo gets published, Afterworlds, and I’ve been close to the NaNo organization for a while. (I’m on their Writers Board, and here’s a pep talk I did for them.) But I’ve never technically done NaNo itself—writing the […]

  6. Various Videos of Me

    June was Audiobook Month, which I forgot, because it’s not like Halloween where everybody keeps reminding you it’s coming up (which seems unfair because audiobooks are at least as awesome as chocolate eggs). But allow me to make up for this with some Videos of Me. First I go behind the scenes with Alan Cumming, […]

  7. Double-Plus FAF

    Two things before we get to Fan Art Friday: 1) Next Thursday, December 8 at 7PM EST, I’m going to be part of a Figment.com chat called “Forget English Class; What We Want to Do Is Write!” I’ll be joined by David Levithan, Robin Wasserman, and Lauren McLaughlin, whose book Scored inspired the panel. This […]

  8. Fan Art Friday (catching up edition)

    I’m finally catching up on my FAF backlog. There were two weeks of tour-FAF with a Halloween FAF in between, a missed week due to the Shay’s Story cover (and laziness), and of course all those weeks I missed during tour. But at long last FAF is moving forward! Here’s one image that was given […]

  9. Fan Art Friday, Cosplay Edition

    Hey, everyone! I am headed to Sydney in a matter of days. DAYS! But it’s almost Friday, so instead of packing I’ve spend the morning on this Hallowe’en FAF, starring you guys in wonderful steampunk and Uglies costumes. (Sorry if I’m missing a few names. I had a lot of these pics around.) Let’s start […]

  10. Fan Art Friday, Goliath Tour 2

    It’s Friday and time for another FAF. This is the second of three FAFs dedicated to fan art given to me during the Goliath tour. But the concluding tour-FAF will not be next week, because next week is CosPlay FAF! This is Halloween weekend, after all, so many of you will be dressing up. If […]