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As I mentioned in my last post, I spent part of Friday afternoon on the phone with the Uglies movie production team. It was great to go into that conversation armed with all the suggestions you guys have been making, both here and on my Twitter feed.

So thanks for all your input. Now here’s what’s going on:

Uglies is currently optioned to be a movie, or possibly a series of movies if the first one does well. To “option” a book is Hollywood-speak for buying the exclusive right to make a movie based on it. But the buyers don’t have to make a movie. Most options never go anywhere, in fact. But it certainly means that these producers are interested.

(What happens if this group doesn’t make the film(s)? In a couple of years I have the right option the book to someone else. In other words, options have time limits.)

Where are we now? Well, there’s no script, director, or actors lined up yet. So be patient and stop asking me about casting! If there are open auditions, you’ll see it here first.

So this phone call was mostly us getting to know each other and talking about what makes Uglies special to us. Most of the conversation was me talking, which was interesting. Sometimes Hollywood folks seem compelled to tell me all about my books. But these folks listened. And when I told them about my previous post, they were dying to shoot over and read your comments. So keep them coming!

Here are some of the things I told them:

Most of you guys want unknown actors for Tally and Shay, but maybe someone famous for Dr. Cable. The producers get that, and they also understand how important casting is, given that you could break the whole theme of the film by putting the World’s Most Beautiful Actress in the starring role.

I also told them how important setting is to you guys. How the world-building, tech hoverboards, etc., have to be real. This movie should look good, and more importantly, it should look right. Excellently, it turns out that one of the producers has read Bogus to Bubbly. She also sends it along to the screenwriters they’ve been approaching. That is a Good Thing.

I told them you guys want a faithful adaptation, and they said definitely, because, as one of them put it, “The book is a movie already.” In other words, the story doesn’t have to get completely reshaped to fit the screen. (I doubt there will be any of this putting-all-three-books-into-one-movie crap.)

So what are the chances of the movie happening soon? Well, movies cost tens of millions of dollars, and nothing that requires that much money plus human creativity is ever easy to predict. But the producers did say that there’s lots of support for this project at their studio, where certain execs have been known to speak in bubble-talk. This seems like a very good sign to me.

Anyway, that’s everything I know. Watch this space for further developments. So you can stop asking me about casting calls. Seriously.

(Oh, and if you’re one of the producers reading this, don’t worry, I won’t blog every darn thing you say to me. It’s just that a lot of fans have been asking about this for a long time, and I figured it was time to give them a major update. Normally I am a master of discretion, and will only twitter what you say to me.)

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  1. OMGGGGG they should put Angelina Jolie for Dr. Cable they could make her totally look like a cruel pretty OMGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!

  2. soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
    what about that movie bruh????????????????????????????????

  3. I am a 21 year old actress and have been enthralled with the triology since I was 12! They’re the only books I have reread over 30 times! I would love the opportunity to be casted or up for an audition! I am from Texas so please let me know!

  4. OMG please!! please! please!!! I NEED TOO HAVE THIS BECOME A MOVIE!!!!! when will this happen!!! PLEASE MAKE IT A MOVIE!!


  5. Would love to see this in movie form, I know you said stop asking. However, you did also say keep posting below! Hopefully there are updates. I just finished another run through of the books and decided to look online for updates, but nothing last 2013 is showing up.

  6. Hi, it would be awesome if the uglies movie and following books came out! As soon as I read the first page I wanted it to become a movie! Sad though it costs so much money, but it could possibly make it up? I would also like to cast for Tally (if there is a movie) but I live in Australia and at the moment (2016) I am younger than 15-16. Could it be possible? As I am kinda taller than most people…? Would really like if you could reply?


  7. I think the actors and or actresses should not be famous because in the book they are described as “normal” people and having well known actresses or actors would defeat the purpose of a movie due to the fact that they are already in the audiences view as “perfect”. Giving locals and or foreigners the option to take a role would be a great opportunity for them and for the director as it portrays them as open-minded individuals. For example for Tally you should find someone who is actually 16 and that fits her personality in real life therefore the character is already experienced in acting as that character. Although I do agree with the point made above to have Dr. Cable as a well known actress. I know that other 16 year old girls like me would love to be apart of the film and would easily jump at the opportunity. And If I were given this tremendous opportunity it would be amazing I would love to play tally because I feel as if I could easily relate to her.

  8. I love how this series was shaped and I would just like to commend you on that. You are my favorite author and have been this since I read Uglies for the first time at the age of ten, but certainly not my last. Tally’s arc as a character is astounding which is the primary reason in which I love her character so much. I have a deep fondness for the Uglies collection and can’t wait to hear new details about this soon-to-be motion picture. I hope to hear about casting calls as well because this would not only launch my career as an actress and performer, but it would give me a chance to become Tally Youngblood. Every thespian has an ultimate dream role they hope to pursue one day. Mine just so happens to be Tally Youngblood.

  9. I wish there was more information of this. It’s my absolute favorite set of books.
    Shay and I are like the same person. I would do anything to have an opportunity

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