Nano Tip # 15: Take a Day Off

That’s right, NaNoWriMo-ers, take at least one day off this month. About now is good, because we’re halfway through November and your brain needs a rest.

So take a day off and do nothing!

I know I just did.

20 thoughts on “Nano Tip # 15: Take a Day Off

  1. That would be a GREAT IDEA… If I wasn’t still 4,000 words behind after writing 4,000 today. I’ve taken many days off this month already…

  2. Lol, ditto Michelle, except I’m more like 15k behind.

    Chugachugachugachuga… I think I can I think I can I think I can…

    (Too bad I can’t count words from other projects! Then I’d only be like 10k behind. I mean, “only”…)

  3. I took a day off last week but that was because of a huge headache and I’ve had to play catch up ever since. But I finally hit 25,000 words tonight so I think it all worked out.

  4. This is the worst advice ever. I’ve had too many days off, due to homework overloads, family stuff, sickness and laziness. I need a “get off your butt (but not literally because then you won’t be sitting at your laptop anymore)” post, one with lots of motivation. At least I’ve been writing the past few days. Feels so good when it’s going right. Just gotta keep it up…

  5. I’m really a fan of writing every day – even if “writing” is a word, and all I did to the word was correct the spelling – only because it really works to keep me in that mindset of actually writing. But, I won’t say that’s the way for every writer. And some of those “one word corrected spelling” days are really, really needed especially during Nano when my whole brain is just fried from the thought of adding the task of writing a novel with the rest of my crazy life.

    Though, the downside is that sometimes that one day becomes way many more days and then it’s much more difficult to get back into the swing of things. (I just came off a six day “break” and while it didn’t faze me, I think others would have just thrown in the towel after that long.)

  6. I am so behind…
    but I keep finding a new book to read… and I moved… and I got sidetracked with a dif idea.

    I fail at this…

  7. does it count if i take the day off b/c my 2 year old is puking his guts out? i did that about a week ago. . .

  8. OMGosh! So good to know that my complete meltdown yesterday was justified. I’ve hit that point where I am immensely disappointed with my story. The idea in my head is still a good one, but it isn’t translating to my keyboard. Logically I’m ok with that. It happened last year too because Nano produces a lot of “telling” from me–which does nothing for me. At least this year I can remember the sludge of last year’s efforts and how different those words are after a year of hard revising work. I’m actually very excited about last year’s effort now.

    So, I woke up this morning telling myself “tell it now, show it later.” If I can just get the bones of the story on paper I can flesh it out later…must keep typing…must keep typing.

    Good luck all!

  9. AHHH! I’ve taken too many days off! I’m only 12% done with my novel, but that’s okay because I’ve already decided that it’s going to be a 60-day project. I still feel guilty though…

  10. Hey. I newly found that I enjoy writing (and reading) stories a lot. I have my first book going well, but I have a little bit of writers block.

    One thing, for me, that usually works to get rid of it is read something. It helps me think of new ideas and move on. So, when i take my day off I think I’ll read.

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