Fan Art Friday

Here’s a special XmE* edition of Fan Art Friday. Yes, it’s already Friday here in the eastern hemisphere, and summer down here in the southern! (I double win at life.)

It’s been awhile since I did a Fan Art Friday, and I know there are many of your efforts waiting in the queue. But I’m about to start working on the second draft of Goliath, so for this FAF I’m drawing my inspiration from all the fabulous Leviathan fan art out there, in particular the Deviant Art group known as the Leviathaneers!

So check these out.

Warning: If you haven’t finished Behemoth, the last piece is spoilery!

First up is the regal “Boffin and Count,” from KoniraThax:


Next is the dynamic and gritty “Hostage Situation,” by ComickerGirl.


The handy blog-badge: “Clanker Have Hearts Too,” by bnt800.


The mangalicious and shipper-tastic “Fly,” by WeasleyTwin.


And finally from Deviant, the quietly romantic “Sketching” by Irrel:


This is only a TINY FRACTION of the cool stuff at Leviathaneers. Go check out the rest!

And we’ll end with one last piece, not from Deviant but still fabulous. It’s the spoilery one, so if you haven’t read Behemoth . . .




eyes . . .

“Just Curious,” Allison B. Thomas.


Heh. So that’s it for me. I’m going back to being lazy now, and then working on the second draft of Goliath. Thanks to everyone for a great year of fannishness!

Happy holidays, and see you in 2011.

*Christmas Eve, duh.

42 thoughts on “Fan Art Friday

  1. YESS! 2nd comment! I love “Just Currious”. That part made me lugh so hard. It’s very “Much Ado About Nothing” I think. Or is it “All’s Well that Ends well”? Idk, i get them mixed up. :/

  2. It’s sooooo not fair you get to double win in life!!!!!!! It’s only the 23rd here!! Oh-well, I hop you have a merry Christmas!!!!!! Oh yes, do you think you could put your but into gear and get Goliath out!!!! I know that it omes out in a few months (more than that actually) but I have to read it…

  3. You posted some of my favorite fan art! c: I wish I was able to say, “Hey, that one’s mine!” But alas, I cannot~ I submitted my first Leviathan fanart only yesterday, so of course it wouldn’t be here. //cries
    It’s really awesome that you do stuff like this! :’D Keep it up!

  4. I’m a 60-years-old adult. I love the Leviathan series! They are definitely not just for young adults. Once Goliath is finished, bug them to not take so long to publish it! It’s one of maybe 2 Steampunk-type novels I like.

    Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and all that jazz!

  5. Ah, these amazing! I love the last three best. “Sketching” gives me a warm little feeling of “oh, how romantic!” and “Just Curious” is just plain AMAZING, I love their expressions! And I love the manganess of “Fly”. Happy holidays everyone!

  6. I love “Hostage Situation” xD Deryn looks so contemptuous…and “Boffin and Count” is SO AWESOME they look so real (:

  7. Hurry up? Are you serious? It takes time. Dont forget, with no details the book would suck. Think about it. Loved Behemoth. And “Just Curious” is a spoiler.

  8. “Boffin and Count” and “Just Curious are both really good! I think it’s awesome that you post fan art, and it really inspires me to draw some.

  9. “Boffin and Count” and “Just Curious are both really good! I think it’s awesome that you post fan art, and it really inspires me to draw some for Behemoth!

  10. Okay so the favortisism towards the art is as follows( at least I think I got them all):
    Bofin and count:2
    hostage situation:1
    clanker badge:1
    just curios:2
    really sorry if it’s off…

  11. yay Scott-la!! cool artz! but…

  12. SO awesome. I love fan art. You have the best fans Scott-la.
    Happy Late Christmas to all!

    And Happy New Year Westerlies!!!

  13. I just finished Leviathan, and I loved it! I’m now a fan. 🙂 Will get my copy of Behemoth soon, but that did not stop me from looking at the spoiler-tastic fan art. :S

  14. scott-la! sorry for double posting!!! but i remember you saying something about a *secret*….
    WHAT’S THE SECRET???!!!!!!! WON’T YA TELL US?????????/
    *does puppy-dog face* You most definatly cannot resist the puppy-dog face!!!!!

  15. mmmmm……I love fridays.And Zelda. But that has nothing to do with today.

    Gorgeous fan art,by the way. Some of the best I’ve seen for a book in a while (and I read a lot of books). It’s nice to see how much fans appreciate a series.

    Well,back to writing my books-and waiting for Skyward Sword. COME ON NINTENDO I’M SICK OF PLAYING KIRBY!

  16. Hey Scott!
    I saw something today that reminded me of Extras’ rating system:

    It talks about how UW Madison is the “most-talked about” college – or as they say, the most “branded” university.

    “It’s a measure of who’s talking about you online, based on Internet data, social media, blogs and the top 75,000 print and electronic media outlets.”

    Very much like Extras! Pretty cool, huh? I’m particularly jazzed about this since I go here xD But I thought it was cool, regardless!

  17. That looks awesome (and even more reason that the leviathan series can make for an excellent anime or an actual manga, don’t you think, scott). I know i’m piping in a little too late but are they’re any plans to write more stories set in the leviathan world (or maybe its the leviaverse, i dont know). cause I really love the settup of this world and if not a continuation than at least some standalone stories. any reply is very welcome:)

  18. @ brandon s.
    I think Scott said something about a fourth book in 2012 which is a rundown of beasties and machines and wars and stuff like that in the Leviathan trilogy (not a continued story or anything) and its supossed to have heaps of new drawings by Keith in it.
    But i may be wrong… i heard him say that a while back so things might have changed.

  19. @ Hayley:

    hmmmmm, i dont recal hearing anything about that, but it really sounds like a great idea. I’d be all for it, but then again, I’m up for anything Scott does. Especially with Keith. 😛

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  23. Haha im so glad i finished Behemoth yesterday… Knowing myself i would have looked at the last pic anyway! 🙂

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