German Behemoth

I’m liking this German cover of Behemoth, which follows the original flavor Leviathan cover rather faithfully:


According to Google Translate, Im Labyrinth der Macht means “In the labyrinth of power.” Pretty good tag line for the book.

Comes out from CBJ in Germany on April 24, 2011.

Note that this isn’t what the US cover would have looked like if the redux hadn’t happened. This is:


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106 thoughts on “German Behemoth

  1. The german cover and original are amazing. I dont like the new one at all, its just kind of funky looking, and it doesnt match keith’s illustrations or your dicriptions of the charactors at all, which really bugs me. Anyways, whats the point of making a new cover if the original cover was allredy done, and they dont match the first book’s cover? also, i find that covers with a picture of the person are not as attractive to people looking for a book, unless it is just a silhouette.

  2. I like this cover much better than the one with Deryn/Alek on them. The ones without have a certain characteristic to them, a certain spark of life. Also it’s continuous with the Leviathan’s cover, which is only the Clanker’s crest. *sigh* I agree with Vrinja, the Germans are lucky to have such a cool cover, not that I’m – for lack of better word – dissing the artists of the official cover for the US. The official is still good, but not, shall I say, characteristic?

  3. This sucks! I have the cover with Deryn on it! Why can’t there be just one cover like most books!?!?

  4. I am so sad that they never published with the original US cover 🙁 so sad. That cover is gorgeous. Any chance the publishers can be convinced to do a special edition like with Lauren Oliver’s Delirium? Hint hint >.> <.<

  5. The original covers were better. I don’t hate the new ones, it’s just not as awesome. Why did they change it?

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