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  1. I keep thinking of this pic and giggling at the WORST possible times…like in band when we’re getting chewed out by Mr.Christian because we suck. 😀 People go “WTF crazy girl??” if you suddenly grin like a dork at random times, just FYI. I partly blame Gaia and her awesome comment, especially. “Mind the shrapnel!” OMGLOL.

  2. It seems that Deryn is being kinda nervous. Maybe he saw the blade. Alek is objecting, by crashing through the wall in a giant walker. Volger has obviously seen this happen before and is kinda…well…being Volger. Barlow is trying to keep Volger from acting Volger, and failing.

    And Bovril is just running off somewhere random.

    epic picture is epic.

  3. Actually, I think that Lilit knew Deryn was a girl when she kissed her in Behemoth, because of the _Mr._ Sharp instead of Mr Sharp in the quote.

    I dunno.

  4. Dude, are you trolling us? XD As insanely hilarious as this would be, what messed-up plot-line would lead to this? Besides, aren’t they supposed to be in Japan in Goliath? XD

    My opinion of how epic this series just went up over 9000 points XD

  5. Best. Wedding. Ever.

    With that said, time for seriousness. I saw this and was pretty much beside myself with laughter. If this isn’t an April Fool’s joke, I can’t WAIT to find out the context for this scene!

    Ah, gosh Scott. I’m currently rereading Leviathan *cough*forthethirdtime*cough* and honestly, it seems to get better each time I read it. I could go on and on about your writing (you know, the COMPLETE MASTERY of words and whatnot) but I’m sure it’s nothing you haven’t heard before, so I’ll just stop here…..



  6. Alek: darn it i left my eyepatch in austria!!!!
    volger:WHY??? WHY HIM?? (epic facepalm)
    deryn: aleks behind me in a pirate walker isnt he.
    lillit: yup. dont worry sugarplum, ill take care of it (pulls crazy girl kinfe)
    deryn: isnt he cute when he runs to the rescue at a really awkward time?!!!

  7. OK this would have been an awesome additioin to goliath can you tell us the story behind it scott-la? Please PRETTY PRETTY PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Check again. The increase is not significant at all. You should check the growth rate of immagration from many, many other countries. Russian increase or volume is not significant at all. It doesn’t support what you say or your intention.

  9. This seems like Alyx crashes Deryns strange wedding. Dont overthink this people. ITs just Alek crashing Deryns mysterous wedding

  10. Oh, *!!! Well, Scott, now that i’m seeing this knowing it’s an April Fools, i’m calming down a bit, but at first i was scared to death, like that skull-and-crossbones on the walker. Super awesome action scene, Mr.Thompson. i think if you combine all the previous responses, plus more freaking out, you get mine.

  11. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I love this pic! 😀 This is totally random but my name is not Joseph. That’s just my, um pen name.(that’s what it’s called, right?) ANYWAY, I love this pic!!!! Alek looks awesome! I’ve always loved his hat. Barlow dosen’t look like herself. Neither does Lillit. Yes, I KNOW im being a critic. :p I am a huge supporter of Varlow and would just like to say that the REAL Nora Darwin Barlow had a husband, but the FICTIONAL Nora Darwin Barlow dosen’t have to have one. So live on, Varlow!

  12. Oh yeah this doesnt have anything to do with the pic but NOBODY APPRECIATES LEVIATHAN!!!! 🙁 All my friends have read Uglies but haven’t even HEARD of Leviathan!!! WHAT IS WRONG WITH THE WORLD that everyone has time for beautiful surgically altered people but not epic cross-dressing midshipmen, really handsome Austrian princes and bossy but awesome female boffins? I need to form a “Leviathan Awareness Group”!

  13. One more thing! I just realized that the abbreviation for “Leviathan Awareness Group” is LAG! As in, “Deryn and Alek always are ahead while Newkirk LAGs behind!” teehee. 😀 sorry Newkirk!

  14. wow…..Wow. if i hadn’t read the books already, i would be utterly confused and being the fangirl otaku i am, i merely just checked the books, about five times to make sure i didn’t miss anything.

  15. Alek:”Never fear! Alek is here! I shall save you, Deryn! I mean Dlyan!”
    Deryn:”Blisters, PLEASE tell me that’s not who I think it is?”
    Lillit:”Yes, it is, but don’t worry, I’ll take care of it”*smiles maliciously and pulls out knife*
    Deryn:”No! Well, maybe.”
    Bovril:”Lillit Sharp! Teehee!”
    Count Volger: “That’s it- I’ve finally gone mad.”
    Dr.Barlow:”Now now,dear, we all know you’re not crazy.(Though that Alek may be…)*shakes head sadly*

  16. Wow I saw this and… Well I can’t say I understand this any better than the next fanboy (ya dat be right foo) and after reading over what seemed to be a hundred different post (maybe I did idk) and listing to the song nausicaa requiem I came to this conclusion…

    First this whole thing is off but the name made me think and here comes crazy explanation…

    Deryn is kidnapped by a German spy dressed as lillith who is there to kill Alek but grabs the wrong one but does not see their flaw, Deryn who was discovered shortly before this thinks it some type of elaborate ruse to full the British admirality into thinking Deryn is Dylan and letting them pass. Now finding out about this from a loyal contact Volger ‘instructs’ Alek to ‘discreetly’ rescue Deryn from the spy. Alek over reacting brakes into a near by German base dressed as a officer, allowing him to steal a walker (calling it a ravenger because it needs cool nik name).so any how the ravenger plows helterskelt throw the streets giving a good amount of soldiers reason to guard the church. Now barging throw the church doors wielding Vulgers sword commanding a ravenger manned by his loyal subjects he trys to go for the spy while vulger curses himself for letting Alek gain his sword ( which he dearly misses) and for not explaining what discreetly means he face palms so he can’t view the event that follows. The.spy no rushed trys to draw her weapon while Deryn is still trying to wrap her head around the events taking place.

    Maybe ol right a fan fic for this (actual story not pic. Also if I do it will not follow the main characters.in any way. If you like this stop by fanfiction.net and sent me gatejumper-13 a pm weather I should or not. Warning will probily be clanker based because I’m more familiar with steam punk than bio punk (though I have been touch and go on both subjects))

  17. Referring to number 4: Bovril is not floating, he is running for his life. Deryn is not holding a disembodied arm, she is holding a white glove… Oh, and yes, alek does look badass.

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