Goliath Art Reveal

Okay, here we are only a couple of days late, a sneak preview of some art from Goliath!

Click here for a zoomable version. You can zoom it up REAL BIG.

In other news, there’s a new book out now called The Steampunk Bible. It has interviews and art from a bunch of steampunk authors and artists, including three pages about me and Leviathan.

Here’s what it looks like:

Click here to read more about it.

More blogging soon. Thanks for your patience!

84 thoughts on “Goliath Art Reveal

    I’m soexcited about what this might be….. a badger thing? And who are the two characters here? alek? deryn? newkirk?

  2. Awesome picture! Can’t wait to read about this great action scene, and I’m dead curious to know who the people are. One has to be Deryn, but I am a bit unsure on the top person with the glider.

    Also, Steampunk Bible! I must search for this next time I visit a bookstore. ^^

  3. There’s a large airship in the top left corner. Hard to tell, but it doesn’t seem of Darwinist design (not the underside of the Leviathan at any rate). I love all the new Clanker tech being shown! Finally, something to wet my appetite for godless machines! Much better than godless beasties. ‘Cept the lori (lorises?) especially Bovril. I just can’t wait to learn about the Glider/ Ornothopter/ Flying machine!

    The ‘package’ appears to be an elephant of some sort, that is, unless that is just a part of the bear I’m looking at. In any case, there is a big loop just begging to get hooked by the Clankers!

    Am I the only one who realises that the ‘knife’ on the boots is actually a strap? Ooh! The one with the hoock is hoocked to the airship above and as is the hoock itself while the flyboy with his Clanker device is left to his own devices. So sad.

  4. Happy Birthday! Mine is in 25 days! (memorial day) Last year I looked up interesting facts about my birthday date and it turns out Joan of Arc was burned at the stake on my birthday date however long ago that was. Though today is also Cinco de Mayo (the fifth of may) in Mexico, like an independence day, or somethin.

  5. It’s your birthday? Cool. I would give you a cake, but we all know I’d be lying :D.

    Anywhooms…..hi everyone.

  6. @Puddles:

    Poor little Luke’s breakdown was what sent me over the edge. *sniff* But…Layton hatless in the snow….*Sobs*

    Currently however, I seem to fixated on that green-haired guy from Pokemon Black/White. Hope this isn’t as weird as my obsession with Dimitri Allen from Unwound Future….

  7. @Puddles:

    Poor little Luke’s breakdown was what sent me over the edge. *sniff* But…Layton hatless in the snow….*Sobs*

    Currently however, I seem to be fixated on that green-haired guy from Pokemon Black/White. Hope this isn’t as weird as my obsession with Dimitri Allen from Unwound Future….

  8. @ Wordmaster…I KNOW!!!!!!! My sister walked in and went “Wow, so he doesn’t have a tumor.” I could have thrown something at her but I couldn’t see too well because I was crying so hard. πŸ™
    To be honest, Dimitri Allen kinda creeped me out. But Clive was awesome….
    @ Raouge, no problem!
    @ Mr. Westerfeld: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! (again)
    @ everyone else, Happy Cinco De Mayo!

  9. Whoa, wait, what? It’s Scott-la’s birthday? How do you people find out this stuff?! Anyways, happy birthday, Scott! πŸ˜‰

    @all who mentioned el cinco de mayo: It’s not actually a Mexican holiday. ^^; It signifies a victory over the French by the Mexicans in some war I forgot the name of (just watch it be something like the French-Mexican War), but I don’t think it’s even celebrated in Mexico. If it is, it’s on a much smaller scale than here in the U.S. (This is from the experience of being in a Spanish class for three years now.) ALSO-it’s not Mexican independence day! That’s September 16th, 1810. ^^

  10. Guys, Deryn’s not the only person in the world with a knife in their boot. Or with the balls to go near that beastie.

  11. What!! Cinco de Mayo not a real mexican holiday! My spanish teachers a big fat liar.

    @TheWordMaster: Green hair… are you talkin’ about N? Why did they make his name only one letter, makes me confused. And when your at the ferris wheel and he asks you to ride it with him, it really creeped me out.

  12. @alice: Yeah, I seem to have a thing for N. I think they made his name only one letter to make it sound more mysterious (or because it was easy to translate from Japanese to English). I thought that the Ferris Wheel was kinda odd, but I think he takes you up so he can explain his role in everything that’s going on. Remember, he grew up alone, so his social skills are kinda out there.

    @puddles: Dimitri is cool because he’s the first character in that entire game that actually SOBS (Layton and Luke cry later.). I actually got a little teary when he found Claire….

    BTW, did you think that whole thing with Claire time-traveling/dying/being alive/going back in time thing was weird? I had to basically sum it up for my friend by saying this.

    “Claire traveled through time to the Unwound Future present. She met Layton, and helped him. She couldn’t stay in the future, so she was pulled back to the moment the time machine exploded. Then she died.”

  13. Hey Scott-la, I saw this awesome piece of steampunk tech and thought of the elephant walkers in Istanbul.

    I love those covers, mainly because they look a bit more like the UK ones I love (the most) – I confess I never liked the older US ones, because I usually don’t like actual people on my book covers, if that makes sense. I like illustrations or possibly fantasy photos or obscured ones (like that back shot) but also I enjoy the freedom to imagine things for myself, too.

  14. it looks awsome cant wait till it comes out im going to read the hole sires and cant wait till they make a movie of the books

  15. OMG If Derren tells Alex she’s a girl Alex should totally give her a chance, they’d be so cool together!!!!

  16. luv this series!!!!!!!!!!!! can’t wait for Goliath!!!!!!!!! hope alek finds out about deryn. I want more of the loris animal thingies in the book too!

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