Dr. Cable Reveal

The voting was fierce and furious, and David won in the end. (I think so, anyway. Counting is hard.) And yet there is a prize for second place, Dr. Cable-lovers, and this is it!

So here in all her full-page glory is Dr. Cable from Shay’s Story, the manga adaptation of Uglies!

And don’t forget to click here for the BIG version!

Hope you like her. I think she’s the right mix of pretty, intimidating, and older than all the other characters. (She’s been around a while, after all.) Of course, it would be cool if we could hear her razor voice too . . .

Can you figure out where this scene is?

48 thoughts on “Dr. Cable Reveal

  1. She’s awesome! She looks really close to how I imagined her. I’m loving seeing all the characters come to life!

  2. She looks awesome, though I thought her hair would be darker. The only weird thing is the amount of skin she’s showing – lots of leg and what looks like a bit of cleavage there. O.o I suppose that’s a manga requirement, but still…

  3. Zomg that’s awesome! NOT what I expected for Dr. Cable at all, but awesome. I’m so excited for the manga to come out!

  4. thats ok, i find counting hard too! i was once docked a whole letter grade because i counted incorrectly on a math test

    And I love Dr. Cable, I always had a hard time deciding what she would look like in my head, and this seems to be a great balance of pretty cruelness!

  5. @6: My thoughts exactly. If you include not being as TERRIFYING as expected. Very good, though. 🙂
    @7: It does look like the library in the Smoke.

  6. @7,11: Wait, no. She says “The rest of them slipped away, all but you and Zane.” So it’s before the Smoke. I think it’s in the Special Circumstances building and the reason Shay “chickened out” from going to the Smoke the first time. :]

  7. It looks okay… I always pictured Dr. Cable to be more angular and scary-like… but, hey, that’s books for you! I haven’t read much Uglies… I must read all of them before the manga! @9 part 2: I agree completely.

  8. Im gonna say
    since shay looks pretty beat up, and Dr. Cable is talking about others “slipping away”! AND how for Davids reveal it looked like he and Shay looked like they were either in Smoke or at the ruins, I think that this takes place sorta at the 3/4 point of the book and the Specials captured Zane and Shay as the crims were traveling to Smoke. Dr. Cable was just finished interviewing Zane and wanted to question Shay.

  9. She definitely isn’t as scary as I was expecting, but they are still supposed to be pretty, I guess.
    Plus, she isn’t a cutter, so she wouldn’t look as scary as they would.
    And in manga, everyone’s cute, so I guess it would be really difficult to make her look genuinely scary.

  10. Aaahhhh, fantastic! She actually looks exactly how I pictured her while reading the books, though maybe a bit younger; but then, with all the surgical options available, I suppose that makes sense.

    So, so excited for Shay’s Story. I really can’t wait!

  11. I’m a bit disappointed 🙁
    I imagined her to be taller, have a sharper chin, shaper cheekbones and sharper gaze… The brows are good though.

    Meh~ This ain’t gonna put me off reading the entire thing though 🙂

    She’s too sexy ._.

    But I’m satisfied for now–next view of Cable–movie version! ;D

  13. amazing – after the raid on the Smoke?
    so excited!!! can’t wait to have the whole thing!!!

    @Scott-la —> Are you doing any press in NYC for Shay’s Story?

  14. NNNOOOOOO!!!!! it’s so wrong, so indescribably wrong…. she’s not pretty at all or scary at all or sexy at all…. or any of the things that Dr. C is supposed to be. Her height is right. That is seriously i…. **cries** you need to redo the whole book now. **cries harder and looks around for somthing sharp** she’s not nearly icy enough.

  15. ok… maybe she’s sexy enough… but she should maybe look a bit younger… i mean do the specials only look scary because of their age? this manga so far… is making me rethink all my favourite characters:
    i used to be meh on shay, and know i like her. i used to LOVE Dr c but now i lost respect.

  16. I am in two minds really. I think it’s good in some ways but I don’t think she’s scary enough. She just looks a bit like your typical evil Doctor. Which she isn’t. But I am completely biased so….
    And the sexiness? I imagine her to be super-hot but that’s just me. I am not sure she would be that openly sexy, if you what I mean? But then again, she could be.
    I am still in love with her though. All negative comments accepted in advance.

  17. I wish she had been scarier… I was looking forward to the coal black wolf eyes. And I think we should have seen her last week. Curses David fans! You should have waited and gotten him on Valentines Day! But Cable is still awsome. She just is.

  18. I agree with most of the people that have commented so far; I thought she’d look scarier. It looks amazing either way, except for something about her lips. The lips just bother me….

  19. Scott-la the book looks awesome. but I have to ask how does Shay know enough about how to get to the Smoke to leave Tally a note before David takes Shay there?

  20. Dr. C still creeps me out…. And I still blame her for everything XD
    … Yes Reenie, we’re still friends even though you associate with the evil one 😉
    Seriously though, everything is Cable’s fault. *straight face.*

  21. I have always pictured Nicole Kidman as the perfect Dr. Cable, you know? I guess her portrayal of Mrs. Coulter in the Golden Compass was too perfect 🙂
    I so wish she looked like that here 🙁 and if Uglies were (is?) ever made into a movie, I would like to see Nicole playing Dr. Cable ^^

  22. K, so I feel a need to comment on the reveal of my fave character, even if it’s too late…


    First of all, I agree with everone else: NOT SCARY ENOUGH. Secondly: In my own strange mind, I think of her as being extremely sexy. But I also picture her dressing like a frump! My Dr. Cable would never be caught dead wearing such a ridiculous ensemble as that! A super-tight shiny mini? Really? And the ‘do? Waaayy too casual. Dr. Cable never has a single hair out of place!

    Enough with my rant. I think the scene takes place in the ugly-dorm library. (They DO have libraries, if you remember…)

  23. Thank you very much! I really liked the book! And pictures, too cool! I love you :)) Make friends with me on Twitter, please!

  24. Agreed. I expected her to be MORE scary but still, I’m not completely disappointed.

    Oooh….I can’t wait to get my hands on this~~!! damn…

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