Russian Covers Crush All Others

I give you the Russian cover of Peeps . . .

Post-apocalyptic streetscape? Check.

Rock and roll girlfriend? Check.

Parasite-positive kitteh? Check.

Baleful moon of balefulness? Bonus check!

That is all. See you on Friday for FAF.

116 thoughts on “Russian Covers Crush All Others

  1. Okay so I just saw the Sexy and I Know It music video and I think I may vomit very extravagantly all over anyone who dares ever sing that song in my presence ever again. Just a warning to you all.

  2. When I walk in the spot
    This is what I see
    Everybody stops and they’re starin at me
    I got a passion in my pants and I ain’t afraid to
    Show it, show it, show it

  3. I don’t understand why Russia has awesome covers and ours are marginal. You don’t judge a book by it’s cover, right?
    @Do you know what the word “warning” means? I may vomit extravagantly as well. Another warning. No hard feelings, I just don’t like the song.

  4. When and if I meet you Ginny-la, well… I don’t particularly like to vomit, but I’ll do something equally horrible! No, I won’t cuz I didn’t actually hear you sing it. It’s not even that I hate Sexy and I know that much, only sort. It’s just, that music video. Oh my god… that music video. That repulsive, disgusting music video…

  5. I’ve never seen the video, so I actually like the song. My parents won’t let me see the video.

  6. The song is okay. The video… well, they shouldn’t even allow the preview to be on itunes.

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