Manual Reveal 3 (Clanker Uniforms)

Welcome to part 3 of the Manual of Aeronautics art reveal. As you may recall, the voting for part 2 was very close between the Stormwalker and the Clanker uniforms. The Stormwalker won by a hair, but second place counts!

So rather than vote again, let’s just get with the Clanker uniforms. I know from my mail that lots of you cosplayers have been waiting for these color versions, so you’ll be pleased by that, and by the detail on these. (Of course, they’re a lot more detailed in the book. Computer screens have about 100 pixels per inch, but printed paper is between 600 and 1600 pixels per inch.)

This reveal shows what Alek and Volger would typically wear into battle.

Alek is wearing a typical walker pilot’s uniform. Above the waist, it’s based on the historical Austrian cavalry officer’s uniform, but the trousers and knee padding are special for pilots. You would bang the crap out of your knees and shins working in a walker, Keith surmised, and designed accordingly. (Also, Keith told me that the pilot’s pickelhaube helmet has a special foldy-downy spike, so he won’t poke his crewmates).

Volger’s is more of a classic cavalry uniform, because he wasn’t really in an armored unit. (He just got stuck riding around in the Stormwalker.) Note his crazy flat-topped helmet, which is called a schapska. Schapskas are typically worn by cavalry units that used lances, though by 1914 most of them would have switched to rifles and swords (especially in the Leviathan universe, with armored walkers roaming around). Volger doesn’t actually wear his schapska in the book, because he never appears in full dress uniform.

As Amo points out in comment 5 below, there is one image where Volger appears in his schapska, in Chapter 15 of Behemoth. I stand corrected!

This page in the Manual itself will also show the walker crewman uniforms, such as Klopp, Hoffman, and Bauer would wear. And there’s another two-page spread with four Darwinist air-navy uniforms (sailors, riggers, officers, and midshipmen), complete with all their various patches and equipment.

Hope you like these, and keep up the cosplay!

You can pre-order the Manual from the usual online joints: Powell’s, Barnes & Noble, Amazon, or IndieBound. And it will be at your local bricks-and-mortar store on August 21.

42 thoughts on “Manual Reveal 3 (Clanker Uniforms)

  1. Love love love the uniforms. Now all my drawings will (hopefully) look more like they’re meant to.

  2. Love the uniforms. I am so excited for this ^.^. Also I keep dreaming of the series being made into animated feature films and wishing I had the power to make it happen. I probably need to sell my soul to make that happen o.o

  3. Question: When Alek and his crew are trying to escape the Leviathan in Behemoth, doesn’t the picture where they are at the fence show Volger in his schapska?

  4. Scott, that really isn’t fair…
    The release almost makes me look forward to August… *Sigh*

  5. Question: “Keep up the costly?” Or is it “cosplay”?

    The uniforms are superb! So much beautiful detailing! Keith has outdone himself. Volger especially looks like his usual dark self. Can’t wait to see them in the book!

  6. Scott, where does your ever so talented accomplice Keith live? could you get me some artistical lessons, please? the uniforms ROCK!

  7. Is it normal for one’s heart to start racing because they’re so excited? I think it is….only it’s never happened to me before. Until now. Barking bloody spiders, this is my favorite art reveal so far! I think I might actually be going starry-eyed….over piloting and cavalry uniforms….
    You know, I recently had a discussion with my old history teacher (because we’re both such nerds) and somehow the bit of propaganda that the German armies used to impale babies on the spikes of those helmets came up….But I don’t remember how. I showed her some of the art reveals and illustrations in Goliath because I, of course, got talking with her an immediately started comparing fact to fiction with these books…. And I had Goliath because I carry it with me everywhere. Ja. I am a 24/7 babysitter of my copy. Because Deryn and Alek make me feel like I’m home. <3

  8. And, hey, I just noticed the copyright dates on this site! You’ve been using this site since the year I was born! That makes me stupidly happy….

  9. @12, same here!
    Oh my gosh, that’s almost exactly how I imagined their uniforms to be coloured!

  10. by the way, did anyone else watch that video? if so, or maybe Mr. Scott could explain himself please, WHAT was that about?

  11. @Midshipman K: I was born in ’97, too! Awesome! I noticed a while back, though, that this site is as old as I am.
    And I can’t comment without saying, oh my god these uniforms rock! They look awesome! Can’t wait for the manual!
    Also, has anyone else heard of The Map of Time? It’s a book (of course). It looked really cool and I couldn’t help but notice Scott reviewed it. I think I’m gonna read it no matter what, but just wondering what anyone thought of it if they read it.

  12. Oh. my. gosh. Alek’s expression is soooooooooooo amazing. It makes my heart go racing like it has never raced before. And the crackling of electicity Deryn talks about? I understand why the lass is so mooney-eyed over the prince. My hairs on my arms were crakcling like crazy!
    This just makes me want the Manual of Aeronautics to come out much much faster so I can drool all over Volger’s and Alek’s expressions…
    But for the moment I’m content with just staring at their faces online for hours on end until my charge on the laptop is dead.

  13. @12: Hey, me too! I never thought about that before.
    Awesome reveal! Keith is truly barking wicked! So is Scott, of course. No need to point that out.
    Schapska. An interesting word for a militant graduation hat.

  14. Alek looks very princly and handsome, plus, i love Volger’s red pants. And dude, does the count have dark brown hair? I always thought is was black!

    The detail is amazing in theses images.

  15. Kay yeah I’ve had a lesbian crush on Deryn for over a year <3 I can't wait to see her in full uniform <3 <3 <3 Since I have a thing for uniforms and all
    Hnnnng I can't wait for the Manual

  16. At my camp I used face paints to write LEVIATHAN FAN on my arm in big red capital letters and my friends were all like *roll eyes* WTF GET A LIFE…

  17. I’m practically vibrating with excitement right now!!!! For Halloween this year I’m going as Deryn and my friend is going as Alek(even though she is a girl). The manual is totally going to help

  18. OMG I just realized that Shay and Tally are in CA cause they talk about Death Valley in Specials!!!! I LIVE IN CA!!!! And yes, I AM READING SPECIALS!!! 😀 double the happiness!!!

  19. FINISHED SPECIALS. I cried when Zane died.
    …freedom has a way of destroying things. Even though there’s still one more book to go, I’m gonna miss Tally. I can’t say that I really liked the book, but I didn’t hate it. I think I liked Pretties better. Hm. My emotions are all mixed up right now. ?-?

  20. Oh, and also, I NEEEEEEEEED TO PRE ORDER THE MANUAL every thread of my being is screaming at me to (yeah I’m quoting Halt..I finished books 2 and 3!!!)

  21. Hopefully, I will have enough self-control not to spend all my money before the manual comes out. Argh!!! I wish it was August!! Love the uniforms… They make me so happy:)

  22. @28-Me too. After reading your comment I kept thinking if the Muppets movie where Animal is all like “In controooool.” 😀 I LOVE Animal!

  23. Awesome! That schapsa Volger’s wearing kind of looks like the cap you wear for graduation ceremonies. 🙂

  24. WHAT THE— was that video all about Scott? Um, from what I understand, it was a bunch of pretty Chinese/Japanese teenagers singing, swearing, wearing completely ridiculous outfits, and destroying stuff with clubs and guns. %_% If you don’t know, that %_% thing is my weirded out face. %_% %_% %_% %_%

  25. @35-I have no idea what that was about but my guess is that within a few days all the fans of that band will gladly inform you of its purpose and/or entertainment value…

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