FAF (Dalek Week Edition)

Greetings from Sydney, home of the on-time Fan Art Friday!

Also useful for getting this post up on time is that July 8-14 was Dalek Week over at Deviant Art’s Alek-and-Deryn group. Each day of that week, the Alek-and-Deryners posted art based on themes like “Obsession,” “Parents,” or “The Roaring 20’s.” The results can be found by clicking here.

Here are a few examples (not the “winners” of the day, just some random ones I like):

One of the themes was “Blindfold,” which inspired a lot of cool art. Some had Deryn and Alek tied up, others with eye injuries or sleep masks, but this one by CMCanary was elegant and matched the colors of this blog beautifully:

Love the inky goodness of this art. And you can tell how ANNOYING Deryn would find this.

Another theme was “Roaring 20’s,” imagining what Dalek would get up to in the decade after the war. This decade was called “roaring” because everyone basically decided to have a big post-war party (until the Depression came along, of course).

I quite like akatsukicloud227’s flapper version of Deryn:

I also appreciate that Deryn is enjoying the Roaring Twenties more than Alek. (Oh, yes. I think she would.)

The “Obsessions” theme generated lots of cool pieces. This one from Peachdust imagines Alek growing obsessed with the new art form just starting up in 1914, moving pictures!

And you would totally take Bovril to the movies, right?

The theme entitled “Generations” also took people in lots of unexpected directions, like this piece from Jurodo:

According to the comment thread, that’s a young Deryn and Alek if they’d somehow met when their parents were still alive, and had gotten to hang out together. Which is totally awwww . . .

There was also a “Parents” theme. Most of the entries for this imagined Deryn and Alek as parents in the future, but this one by stkidd points out that both of them had non-biological parental figures in their lives, like Klopp and Jaspert:

Also very awwww . . ..

Overall, Dalek Week looks like a huge success to me. The randomness of the themes seems to have inspired a lot of non-canonical extrapolations, which is the kind of fan art that I find most interesting. I love it when readers go off in strange new directions with my characters.

Like, um, this Legend of Korra-crossover piece (also from Jurodo)!

Yip, yip, yo.

See you next week, if not before! Don’t worry, I’ll be posting more regularly now that I’m back home, and what with the Manual of Aeronautics coming out in . . . 25 days!


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  1. la la la it’s 11:05 and once again i will probably be up till midnight cause i am too hot to sleep la la la

  2. Is that correct, Ms.Ginny-la? WE SHALL SEE….
    1. What language do the fairies in Artemis Fowl speak?
    2. How long ago did humans become a dominant life form?
    3. True or False: Jellyfish were around before dinosaurs.
    4. A Riddle (oh, how I love a good riddle!):
    A knight confronts a huge, terrifying beast. The beast tells the knight; “HA! No man can kill me!” The knight says; “Is that so?” and promptly slays the beast. HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE?
    5. What is the name of the Dr. Who episode in which a girl named Jenny is involved?
    6. During which dynasty was the Great Wall of China built?

  3. 1. Gnomish
    2. 10,000 years ago
    3. True
    4. The knight was a girl. Watch some Lord of the Rings, geez!
    5. The Doctor’s Daughter
    6. The Qin Dynasty.

  4. Okay. So maybe you do know some stuff. BUT-one more thing. Heh heh heh.
    What is the most popular app right now?

  5. *fumes* OKAY SO YOU KNOW THAT. Who doesn’t? But now here’s a good little riddle…
    A castle, white gleaming walls
    Then inside, bright marble walls
    In a room a golden treasure does hide
    No doors in this castle but thrives steal the gold inside
    WHAT IS THIS??? >:)

  6. What an egg-celent nickname. Here’s more trivia, though! Muahahaha!!!
    1. Dewey is not only a decimal system, but also a ____
    2. What do you call a man who floats?
    3. It is believed that you will have eternal life if you are buried in a suit made of WHAT?
    4. What food BESIDES GARLIC can be used to stop a vampire?
    5. What is Katniss Everdeen’s mother’s name?

  7. Man, is that all you got?
    1. A cat.
    2. Bob.
    3. Jade.
    4. Rice.
    5. Suzanne Collins NEVER MENTIONS THE MOTHERS NAME. So there.

  8. @107- #5 Isn’t there an episode called “Rebel Flesh” or something with a girl named Jenny?

  9. 1) I’m gone for two weeks on vacation and this is all you have?!?!?!?!?! Sad! (faf).

    2) MM: You knocked me out?
    2b) By Newkirk, I mean, it was a cheap blow, but still!
    2c) NEWKIRK STOLE ZEUS! How dare you.

    3) Rigger uniform= awesome possum!

    4) Come on, all foreign covers are awesome!

    That is all.

  10. @119-Meh heh!
    @120-I dunno…but in the Doctor’s Daughter this girl doesn’t have a name do Donna names her.

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