Hungarian Leviathan

The Hungarian edition of Leviathan is totally interesting. It seems to be a huge propaganda poster of Alek steaming along under its own power.

This image is mysterious to me, but cool also. I want to become a Hungarian teenager for, like, ten minutes, just to briefly feel what this means.

So how was your weekend?

122 thoughts on “Hungarian Leviathan

  1. I just got the new software update for my iPod and it’s FREAKING BEAUTIFUL! Am I the only one who thinks technology can be beautiful? Screw you PC lovers out there. APPLE PREVAILS.

  2. @96-And then the bug will spread to our oil and all our cars will break down and uglies will become REAL!!!! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

  3. Oh yeah, about the bug thing, everyone on IMVU (online chatting thing) is sick! EVERYONE!! So maybe you’re right…

  4. wow. just wow
    I feel that I know people on here too much
    aso, i’m kinda sick too

  5. And in twenty to thirty years, their will be an actual bug that is spread through the Internet, and it will be because someone here was inspired to create it.
    And we will all have you to blame for the destruction of our civilization.

  6. My apologies for my tone in comment #58. I didn’t realize there were multiple meanings of FTW, and only knew the version in #55. I obviously didn’t process the comment preceding 58 *facepalm*. Sorry if I offended anyone. Oh and what’s IMVU?

  7. MWWAHAHAHAHA!!! *lightning flashes in background* and i am actually interested in Bio-Engineering. but maybe being a little 12-year-old was to make you think i was innocent when i’m really a crazy old scientist and joining this site was just to spread my evil Bug to all of you and then proclaim my discovery and use it to suppress everyone and i shall rule the world!!! sadly, i’m not there yet. IF there even IS a computer Bug, i’m simply noticing it and taking credit for it. just realized i’m following the exact mind-path of Tesla in Goliath.

  8. bored and reading comments. @67 i pretty much know how you feel, actually. get this–there are now over the top melodramatic 7th grade girls who act like they’re already juniors or seniors or something like that. not that i do that, but it’s not just your age.

  9. 110- No, they’re not acting like juniors and seniors, they’re acting the way that they THINK juniors and seniors act. In reality, juniors and seniors act nothing like that.

    Trust me, I know about this sorta thing. 😉

  10. I was just doing my homework and listening to Pandora when this ad came on that said exactly the following:
    “Oh dear, it’s past 7 o’clock and you’re still at work listening to Pandora. Looks like you’re going to miss dinner with the family. Luckily craft makes home-style macaroni and cheese so you can have home-cooked meals anytime, anywhere…”
    First off, they shouldn’t make assumptions like that because I’d already eaten with my family at home. Secondly, can you imagine how awful it’d be to hear that ad just after your family died in a tragic accident and you’d recently become unemployed?

  11. @111, i suppose i’ll trust you, but this is a mixed school–it’s 7th thru 12th. and yeah, advertisers assume a lot.

  12. I want to strangle my english teacher, shoot my math teacher, behead my SS teacher, and stab my principal.
    Just saying.

    …..I don’t actually want to do that but I’m really pissed at all of them. The only teacher I actually like right now is my reading teacher.

  13. OHMIGOD Have any of you guys BEEN on Keith’s blog???? He is just super amazing and talented!!!! My favorite picture is of this scribe-automaton-thingy that is like just AWESOME! Keith, if you’re reading this, I WANT TO FOLLOW IN YOUR FOOTSTEPS!!!!!! YOU ARE MY HERO!!!!!!

  14. @115- I can relate to that feeling. Except I’m only happy with my english teacher right now. The others, I feel like hitting them on the head until they realize we are not 3 year-olds! (I’m in 8th grade)

    But something happened yesterday to my math teacher, she said she was with her son doing homework and noticed how he didn’t go out to play, watched TV, or even slept much because of homework. So she didn’t leave us any! I wish all the other teachers would get that same revelation.

  15. Since I’m too tired to read through all the preceding comments right now, I’ll just skip over that and get to what I want to say.
    DO IT.

  16. Since I’m so jealous: Why is the cover art for the not-English versions of the Leviathan series so much cooler than the English cover art? I would’ve picked the book out so much sooner if it had better cover art! (Because yes, I DO judge books by their covers unless I started reading it over someone’s shoulder.) But if this is the publishers’ fault, then I really can’t complain.
    Also: How does a grown man such as yourself, adopt teen culture, speech, and spelling? Does your audience have anything to do with that?

  17. Hi Scott, I am a 7th grade and I have read Leviathan and So Yesterday. They were my favorite books I have ever read. I am now going to read Midnighters for a book report! I would be flattered if you emailed back at this email adress: Thankyou so much for your time.

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