Russian (and Hungarian!) Cosplay Alert

Hey, I’ve been lazy again (in all things, not just blogging) but fortunately, I have lots of lovely photos from my travels to show you. Posting photos is a bit easier than writing actual words, after all.

First, however, here’s some cool Russian cosplay for you.

These folks are doing Leviathan, complete with a plush hydrogen sniffer!

This first set are from Hungary, in fact. Got these emails while I was in Brazil and didn’t keep track. They’re from the Hungarian Steampunk and Anachronist Society, and you can see more pics on my Hungarian publisher’s FB page here, here, and here. (Thank you, Lorant in the comments! And thanks to Ad Astra, my publisher in Hungary.)


I like Deryn’s and Alek’s many leather accessories. Great boots, too.

They did this shoot in a cool old steampunk-ish warehouse, which you can see some of here:


I don’t know if there’s something going on in Russia, but around the same time, I also got some Russian Midnighters cosplay. Here’s Melissa:


And Dess:


And all three of the girls:


And a different Jessica (from a different group? This all came in on the same day. What’s going on in Russia? Some sort of Westerfeldian cosplay convention?):


Anyway, I love all these character interpretations. Well done, Ruskies. [And HUngarians!]

More photos soon. (See, Scott? That wasn’t so hard. You can DO this.)

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  1. And what about Russian springs, YES YES YES I HATE IT!!11 the first half(march and april) when snow is melting
    but than three-five weeks of wet and mess pass and we have nice light green and sun and warm wheather :3

  2. *the third message xDD*

    And summer is mostly very hot, and the automn is beautiful till the snow starts (in november) xDD (it’s like when it melt)
    but than winter again and no mess on the roads, everything white, clean and beautiful so i love winters *-*

  3. @50, 51, and 52 great description of the seasons! wow, that really does get cold. and i thought 12 F was freezing my rear end off… X( -29 sounds really not fun. i’d be toast out there.

  4. @47, i couldn’t get the link to work either. not on my iPod, or the computer… i think your trailer has stage fright. πŸ˜‰

  5. To all that worked on the cosplay outfits, great job! I think that it is awesome at the amount of thought, and effort that was required to put forth such fantastic results, for I can hardly call myself an artist. To all of those who were pictured; the characters were exactly how I would have imagined them. Keep up the good work, and thanks for sharing! Bonam Fortuna in futuram! (Latin: good luck in the future).

  6. Soo many comments.
    Okay, somewhere in there was something about speaking “American English”. As far as I’m concerned THERE’S NO SUCH THING. This is one of the things that get me most worked up. In the US, English is the official language, not “American English”. Sure, we pronouce and spell a few words differently than in other parts of the world who speak English, but we can still understand each other. If you compared a comment here written by someone from England and a comment here written by someone in the U.S., you would see no difference unless they wrote something like “favourite colour” and “favorite color”. The only significant differences are accents and regional slang. And there are accents and regional slang within the U.S. itself. You don’t here people saying “yeah, I speak New England English,” or “I speak Texan English.” Sorry to rant at you, but seriously, nothing gets me more worked up than the idea of “speaking American English”.

  7. @ 50, 51 and 52- That sounds like the season where I live. A few weeks ago it was like -20 out and I had to wait for the bus in -20 degree weather at 5:30 in the morning. Fun fun fun. πŸ˜‰

  8. @50-52 (Rina): Wow! That sounds cold! I would actually love to experience that. XD I think we Californians have a rather limited outlook on the seasons, since we rarely get below 25 or above 100 here. Our winters never do much but rain. Once we had a tiny bit of snow, but it was like a few flakes and it melted when the sun rose. The only time I’ve seen it actually snow is in the Sierra Mountains and in movies….(Movies? XD I need to get out of the US someday.) (In the Bay Area anyway; I don’t know about up north or south, but if it did snow in California, I think it would be further north.)

    Also, this was a conversation from a long time ago (does anyone remember this but me?), but we were speculating about how much it would snow in Glasgow versus Vienna (because I have both cities on my weater app). We thought Glasgow was sure to snow because of how far north it was (and I seconded that because it snows at Hogwarts which is further north, but still). We weren’t sure about Vienna because it’s further south and has the lowest altitude in Austria (I think). I am here to inform you it has been snowing all winter in Vienna and (to my knowledge) this is the first day it has snowed in Glasgow.

    ‘Kay back to Algebra II….

  9. i was flipping through Leviathan, Behemoth, and Goliath today AND GOSH DARN IT THEY ARE STILL AMAZING.
    i missed them.

  10. Snow day today! Yay!
    Strange thing is, I woke up earlier this morning than I would’ve if I had school. I think I’ll teach myself something on the piano (:
    Have a lovely day everyone!

  11. So awesome that you had snow, here we had like 20ΒΊ (Celsius) here, all sun. It was cool for basketball practice. Somehow I nailed every shot! That never happens to me.

    I’m feeling happy πŸ™‚

  12. @63, can i com mob wherever you live that’s so warm? i’m done with these New England winters. we’re getting the cold at my place, but i’d say less than a three-inch total of snow for the season. there was literally two millimeters on the ground yesterday.

    by the way good for you at practice! i never score. but i get hit a lot.

  13. @64- you should be getting some, isn’t there like a huge snow storm passing over the great lakes?
    I like New England winters. And West Coast winters. And Mid-West Winters. I think I basically just like winters. Lol

  14. @64 – haha, yeah, it’s nice here when it’s like this, or in autumn. But spring starts to get really hot, and you can’t imagine summer! It’s kind of a desertic area where I live (Monterrey, Mexico), so in the summer we can go up to 45 degrees!!! (celsius…I suck at converting to Farenheit) I hate it that you just got out of the shower and still you’re covered in sweat!
    I would like to see snow sometime…

  15. @65 there’s supposed to be some snow, but i don’t happen to think it’ll be much. it’s very cold and dry here, not much moisture at all.

    @66 wow 45 celsius is a bit much… snow is fun, until you have to shovel out your stairs covered in two-foot-deep snow.
    beware snow can look like mashed potatoes falling from the sky especially when you just woke up and you’re still sleepy and half-dreaming. trust me, i know from experience. XD

  16. @66 45 Celsius is pretty hot. Last summer we had many days that were really hot, 110 degrees Fahrenheit (43 Celsius), but it was so humid it felt like 120 Fahrenheit (49 Celsius). On the other extreme, this winter, actually, this last week, we’ve gotten to 25 degrees below zero (-31 in Celsius).
    It’s just so great to live in Minnesota, we get all kinds weather here!

  17. @67 -I read that and practically burst out laughing….I almost woke up my mom.

    @68 -Yeah , I know how that feels…only here it’s not humid, it’s as dry as you can get. It’s like 45ΒΊ but with the hot air, it feels like 10 degrees more, and the worst thing is that, when it actually rains, the city is drowning in mud and the sun’s still shining.

    Hey, I wonder what’s up with Scott. I would like to think he’s working on his new book (hint, hint), but I don’t know.

  18. @69 it would be nice to know what he’s up too. Remember how, a long time ago, he’d post every week? πŸ™‚

  19. I do remember. Those were the good times… πŸ™‚
    My theory is that he went underground so that no one would steal his stories. But sadly there’s no internet down there πŸ˜›

  20. yeah. remember Fan art friday?
    he never missed a friday.
    fan art friday fortnightly is not okay.

    And remember the art reveals from Goliath?

  21. Oi! Middy Me! I saw that Behemoth trailer you made. ‘Twas awesome. Awesome song, awesome book! Please make trailers for Leviathan and Goliath. You do trailers well. If you don’t mind me suggesting another song, I think one should have “How Will I Ever Be Simple Again” by (you guessed it) Richard Thompson. It’s a beautiful song. Look it up, if you please, Mister Customs Man. (Sorry, just felt like throwing in a Bob Dylan reference!)

  22. Um, Sergeant Pepper, Arlo Guthrie wrote the song you’re thinking of (I believe it’s called “Comin’ Into Los Angeles”), not Bob Dylan. Sorry, don’t mean to turn this into a music forum, but I just felt the need to correct you on that.

  23. Hello again, Sergeant Pepper! Thanks! I’m glad you liked it, and as a matter of fact, I do have a Goliath trailer (I used “Make This Go On Forever”, by Snow Patrol)
    I’ll try to post it soon. I’ll look up the Richard Thompson song as soon as I have time!

    @74- What’s up, Dude?? You know, somehow you only come into the comments here when we talk about music, do you do that on purpose?

    @72 – And the videos he posted, and the photos, and just his general comments that were so funny.
    SCOTT!!!!!, we miss you!

  24. @75, totally! Scott! we need your posts! too much suspense is not a good thing!

    also, i couldn’t get the video to download on my computer. it kept freezing. is this just some weird Mac thing, or did other people have this problem?

  25. Middy Me: No, I can’t say that it is on purpose. I just have a one-track mind (pun intended) πŸ™‚

  26. Haha, cool, Dude. Hey, did you look up othe Civil Twilight songs? If not, I recommend Fire Escape, Highway Of Fallen Kings and Trouble πŸ™‚

    @79-hmmm…it’s weird that you had a problem, I actually uploaded the video from a Mac. Yeah, I’m sorry. I know a bit about computers, but I can’t think of anything here πŸ™

    I just got back from the eye doctor. It’s SO frustrating, those drops they give you. Now I can’t stand sunlight (I feel like a vampire) and I see worse if I put my glasses on! What’s up with that?

  27. @78: No, I haven’t. But I will. Mark my words! Because then, you can use them against me in a court of law. πŸ™‚

    “Trouble”, huh? That reminds me of a song with the same title by a great band called The Spring Standards. I suggest you look them up. Pretty much whatever you find will be awesome… With the notable exception of a certain video of them playing on Conan O’Brian. I can honestly say that that is their only song that I consider to be crap. Of course, now that I’ve said that, you’re probably going to watch it. And I can’t blame you. Usually when people tell you not to do something, it’s just more of an incentive. Right?

    But anyway, what was this post about again?

  28. @79 – Well, I just looked it up, and I have to say, these Spring Standards are pretty good, though perhaps not my style. Anyway, I loved “Trouble” and “Bells And Whistles”.
    And yes, you got me. I watched the Conan O’Brian video. (At least I think it was the right one. They play “Here We Go”, right?) It’s not so crappy, for me, but I guess it’s a different style from their other songs.

    Now for a suggestion of my own. I just downloaded this great app. Band Of The Day. It’s like a calendar where every day there’s a new band, and you can listen to their songs and watch their videos. There is some amazing music there.
    Try looking up Said The Whale and Apollo Run. Awesome bands.

  29. You know how a few weeks back someone on here said to look up the music video to Aberdeen by Cage The Elephant? Well, I did then I kinda forgot, until the other day when I was watching a baking show and someone made a cute little monster to put on a cake, so of course it reminded me of the cute little mister in the music video. Of all people, I told my mom (who happens to be an artist), and she drives herself crazy thinking about it and tells me to find the video for her. We watched the first 20 seconds then decided it was too sad. One thing lead to another, and now there is a little replica of that monster on my kitchen table. His name is Brindle. Lol

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