Afterworlds Cover Revealed!

Tomorrow (Friday) at about 2PM EST in the US, the cover of Afterworlds will be revealed on Entertainment Weekly’s web site!





I’ve already seen the cover, of course, and it’s quite awesome! The best thing is, it gets better once you’ve read the book. Like, there are meanings in this cover, which are subtle and cool.

The cover will appear on this blog shortly thereafter. Actually, it might be a couple of hours, because it’ll be super early here in New Zealand. (I saw a kiwi bird today. They are hilarious.)

Also tomorrow, but at 5PM EST, I’m doing an “Ask Me Anything” at Reddit, the front page of the internet. It’s most of the authors represented in Humble Bundle 3 (which you can still go buy right now by clicking here! Eleven books for $13!) So that’s me, Holly Black, Dia Reeves, Justine Larbalestier, and many more.


My day tomorrow will be busy, so I’m going to bed now. Here is a picture out my hotel window:


Elves are everywhere.

22 thoughts on “Afterworlds Cover Revealed!

  1. Of course, I’ll be on an airplane at 2 PM. Go figure. All the same, I can’t wait to see the cover! πŸ˜€

    And kiwi birds are adorable! I have one as my wallpaper…

  2. I’m so confused about this–the time zones are throwing me of…the post says the cover will be revealed tomorrow, that is, friday, but today is friday, and this was posted 8 hours ago, when today was still today, not yesterday.

    guess I’ll check back today (Friday) at 2 and tomorrow (Saturday) at 2. cannot over-visit the Westersphere i suppose.

  3. Beautiful! I definitely plan to get this book(who am I kidding, I decided to get this book the moment it was first announced) when it comes out.

    Say hi to the elves for me, Scott!

  4. What part of New Zealand are you in, Scott?

    I can’t stop laughing how people are calling them “kiwi birds” HAHA. That’s like saying a seagull bird!

  5. Zac-la-

    “I can’t stop laughing how people are calling them β€œkiwi birds” HAHA. That’s like saying a seagull bird!”

    Yes, but I didn’t want the Americans to think I meant New Zealanders of the human persuasion.

    We were in Christchurch, and now are in Queenstown. Leaving today, though. It’s so beautiful here!

  6. Wow! The cover looks awesome, I cannot wait to read the book!! πŸ™‚

    I am quite confused about the time zones as well, I am traveling right now and just got to New York (yay!), which has a two hour difference from Monterrey, and now I’m reading this post and it says so many different things…..too much for my head after getting up at 2:30 AM.

    Enjoy your travels, Scott-la!

  7. I’m proud to announce that I have purchased the Humble Bundle and now have TEN new fabulous titles on my kindle (I would’ve paid $15 and gotten Homeland too, but I’m not an audiobook person)! I’ve wanted to read several of these for a while, and can’t wait to get started! πŸ˜€

  8. @11 True!

    I wonder if there were any earthquakes while you were in Christchurch πŸ˜› Queenstown is an amazing place!

    @13 COOL!

  9. Zac-la-
    We just missed that earthquake in ChCh, having left 24 hours before. It was only 4.0, but it would have been pretty trippy,

  10. With only half a day to spare, I got the humble bundle. To be or not to be is already looking awesome!

  11. @14&15: Christchurch still gets a lot of earthquakes? Is that normal, or….? I remember a few years ago they had one or two really big ones. :/ It was around the time of one in Chile, too, I think. Oh, to be in the Ring of Fire. ^^’
    ….Is it bad that all I know about Queenstown comes from Lord of the Rings bonus features? Which I watch just as much as I watch the movies, which is to say a lot. >_<

    @13: Awesome! I would, but I'm still debating whether it's worth getting some books I already have….

  12. This cover is pretty rad–love the watercolour!

    Also, anyone know anything about a page count or, preferably, a word count?

  13. @21
    Thanks, I’m not familar with her works (heard they’re great, though) but further research tells me that they’re quite sizable novels. Around 500 pages? I wish i could write a novel that long…

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