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Title: How would you direct
Post by: Luna Lovegood on January 26, 2014, 04:05:09 PM
How would you direct the 1st scene in the Uglies movie?

If it were me, I would start the movie off with Tally saying 'good nigh room' taking off the ring, having the screen go black, and then her lighting up a device and sneaking out. Though all the while and until she gets to New Pretty Town, she's inner monologing with these lines. "In life, there are a very few people we care about, even less that deserve that care, and the amount that deserve love, well that's just microscopic. That's why when you find that person who deserves not only your friendship, but your love too you want the world for them, and why, when they finally turn 16, become beautiful, are given the world and leave you, you secretly resent them for abandoning you for never coming and visiting. For years of mutual loyalty going up in smoke . . . . Even though you know they're only doing it because it's costume, because they've grown up and you haven't'" Tally then pulls out a compact and when she opens it, it shows a holographic image of Peris and her, then speaks out loud. "Lucky for you Peris, I'm just the right mix of resentful and loyal." Tally then smirk and goes into NPT where a raging party is going on. 

At least that's how I would do the opening scene if it was decided that there would be inner monolog in the movie. So tell me, what's your creative vision for the film?       
Title: Re: How would you direct
Post by: Straif on January 27, 2014, 05:32:00 PM
Honestly this sounds pretty similar to what I was thinking...
Title: Re: How would you direct
Post by: Luna Lovegood on January 28, 2014, 02:13:11 AM
Yes, but inner monolog is a cheap way to go, which is why I'm trying to figure out another way that the movie could start.
Title: Re: How would you direct
Post by: Luna Lovegood on January 28, 2014, 05:22:08 AM
Anyway, as for another way to start it off with minimal inner monolog would be to start it off with Peris getting ready to go get his surgery on his 16th and have Tally and Peris talking at his last Ugly party, which would go something like this.

Tally: HAPPY BIRTHDAY PERIS!" Runs up and gives Peris a hug, he hugs back, then Tally takes a step back and stares at him, in a slightly creepy way
Peris: Uh, Squint what are you doing?"
Tally: Just looking at you for the last time, nose."
Peris rolls his eyes and slaps Tally across the back of her head. "Tally, It's my birthday. I'm not dying!"
Tally: "Ow, I know that! It's just, after today, I won't see you for a long time, and then the next time I do, you'll be Prettie, and no longer Uglie. And how will we even recognize each other after the surgery?"
Peris rolls his eyes again.: "First of all Squint. I am the most stunning Uglie earth. So except for the nose, I probably won't be that different looking."
Tally rolls her eyes and starts to frown. " Uh, no Peris, you're just as ugly as me. No one's pretty until the surge. They'll stretch and break your face until it's unrecognizable. Until you're beautiful. " 
Peris smirks. "Stretching and breaking? Wow, now that's an ominous way to put it, looks like someones afraid to grow up and become beautiful."
Tally: AM NOT!" She then swats at Peris's head. "It's just, I'm afraid of, of losing you, once you leave me, I'll have no friends."
Peris runs a hand through his hair: Ugh, Tally I really told you to make more friends than just me when we started school, I know I'm great but--" Peris is cut off by Tally punching him.
Tally: But it's too late now. I'll be 16 in three month! And then we'll both be Pretty and we won't recognize each other!"
Peris grabs Tally by the shoulder: "Then how about. After I'm walking again and my bones have mended. I'll come see you so you won't be so lonely, and so you'll know what to look for once you get your surge and are allowed into New Pretty Town?"
Tally looks at him. "But no one comes back to Uglieville once they're Prettie."
Peris: "Yes, but not everyone has a little Squint to look after."
Tally: "So you promise you'll come back and see me?" Tally then holds out her hand with the car on it.
Peris grabs her hand with his matching scar hand. "And when have I ever broken a promise to you?"

And then it would ff to Tally standing at the brink of NPT looking at the picture of her and Peris mentioned in my other vision of the opening scene of the movie and say. "It's been nearly two months, and you haven't come back to me. You did the unthinkable. You broke a promise to you best friend. So I'll have to do the unthinkable too." Tally then steps into New Pretty town, pulls the hood to her hoodie up and is engulfed in fireworks and some pop song until she finds Peris abode.   

In this version, I think it's truer to Tally's character because she's not much of a thinker, but more of a doer, and I think before he became Prettie Peris was really sarcastic, because i can't think of any other reason he would spend so much time with Tally.