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Title: Maidens and spiders
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The Five Maidens Sutra

Mercury, Maiden of Journeys
Once, there was a saffron maiden...
...who was given providence over going, doing, travel, and the results from it.
Many Men wanted her for their own.
One by one, they approached her,
And she fled by the quickest route she found.
She says: "You still have a long way to go. I would keep moving."
Men cannot help who drives them.

Venus, Maiden of Serenity
Once, there was a sapphire maiden...
...who was given providence over all things which make life worth living.
Some Men say she cares most about the world,
Some Men say she cares most about Heaven,
Some Men say she cares most about herself.
She says: "Someone as pretty as you will always be wanted."
Love is smiling at your troubles.

Mars, Maiden of Battles
Once, there was a crimson maiden...
...who was given providence over war, strife, conflict, fighting, and struggle.
She struck an iron wall, and it shattered her hand.
She slew the thing she feared the most, and conquered the land that feared her.
Fate depends on how you face your battles, not whether you win or lose.
She says: "The stars hold only one more battle for you. This is not that battle."
Survival is control.

Jupiter, Maiden of Secrets

Saturn, Maiden of Endings
Once, there was a violet maiden...
...who was tasked to cut each thread of Fate at Jupiter's direction.
Her death is a merciful one, giving way to new life:
An apple falling from the tree. A boy becoming a man. A beast, slain by fearful villagers.
Each ending allows for a new beginning.
She says: "No being can escape my duty."
There’s always an ending.

OKAY dramatic sutra opening aside [which I didn't write btw so props to the author] this rp will be about playing the servants of five goddesses who rule fate in a fantasy, somewhat animistic world. Who's in?
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I'll join and end my strike
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How dare you but also welcome.
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This rp takes place on a flat world, afloat in a sea of chaos that constantly gnaws at its edges. What keeps the chaos at bay you don't ask? Why fate of course! Fate is the cause of effect. It's what makes a woodcutters axe make a tree fall down, but what happens when her axe makes the tree fall, say, up? And purple? You get a FATE ERROR, chaos spills from the error and things start getting more and more chaotic around it. A fate error left unchecked can drag entire kingdoms into chaos, and it's the will of the beings that dwell in that horrid primordial sea to drag all the world back down into its depths!
So why haven't they succeeded yet?
Because The Bureau of Destiny won't allow it that's why!
We're gonna play a bunch of characters called Sidereals, the chosen servants of the Five Maidens, tasked with holding chaos at bay by ensuring the plans of Heaven come to fruition* and also sometimes killing demons, or at least giving them cease and desist notices.
But Maidens?? Who are they???????? The Maidens are five very spooky lady goddesses who run the Bureau of Destiny, some say they're not actually separate gods at all and are actually a hivemind, the embodiment of inevitability itself. Others say that they're something even stranger, that they appeared before the titans at the creation of the world and claimed the titans would one day create them, but then they betrayed them and bound them before they could. No one knows for sure. Except for maybe Jupiter. You can ask her if you want, but she'll just smile.
Each one of the Maidens runs her aspect of reality by dispatching Sidereals to do their jobs for the*REDACTED BY THE MAIDEN OF SECRETS* to do their will in the world. The Maidens have a hundred Sidereals between them, 20 for each Maiden. While all the Sidereals have their own tasks to do they usually get assigned missions in groups, to cover each others weaknesses and watch each others backs, even as the Maidens claim they do for each other.

MERCURY is the Maiden of Journeys. Her color is yellow, especially saffron, and she's in charge of all coming and going on the earth and in the heavens. Her planet is the most wayward, darting to and fro across the heavens like a blowfly, and often just as irritatingly, especially for the astrologers whose kings behead them when they fail to predict her movements. Mercury is a trickster and a wanderer, and her house is the Golden Barque of Heaven, a mile long ship that sails from one end of Heaven to the other every day. Her forms are many, like any of the Maidens, but when in human appearance her skin is usually either the color of copper or coffee, her hair is anywhere from the white of sun-bleached bone to the yellow of waving corn, and her clothing ranges from swimsuits to ponchos to capes to caps and a hundred other eclectic ornaments based on where she's been, but everything she wears is always as open to sun, wind and admiring eyes as possible.
Mercury selects her Sidereals from among the nomads, the horse-lords of the grass seas of the southeast, the catamaran peoples of the western seas, the icewalkers of the far north, the refugees of the wars in the east. Wherever people are in motion, Mercury will predestine a child to be born with yellow eyes and dreams full of stars and to one day Journey away from their people, almost certainly never to return.
"It's the Journey that matters, not the destination!"- Mercury, way too often, everyone groans.

JUPITER is the Maiden of Secrets. Her color is green, especially dark emerald, and she's in charge of all things secret and hidden in the world, including *REDACTED* and *REDACTED*. Her planet is the most subtle, oftentimes seeming to vanish from the sky completely only to reappear from another direction entirely. Trying to predict her movements is usually utterly futile, often to the dismay of astrologers whose queens roast them alive for failing to unlock the secrets of her movements. Jupiter is a trickster and a soothsayer. Others assume: She knows. What she knows is what's difficult to figure out however, as eye contact with her is extremely uncomfortable, everyone who attempts it gets the feeling she can see right into their mind, something she doesn't alleviate by somehow always smiling JUST as they start thinking that.
Her house is the Forbidding Manse of Ivy, a grey-stone building swamped in ivy that squats like a toad on a lily pad. The Manse is filled with art, sculptures and music that always seems to MEAN SOMETHING but no one can ever QUITE figure out WHAT. You can ask Jupiter if you want, but she usually just smiles. It still never hurts to ask though as she has a tendency to suddenly divulge incredibly rare information at the drop of a hat, but rarely explains why.
Jupiter, in human form anyway, has the pale skin of a librarian or TOTAL NERDBURGE-*REDACTED* bookworm, as in many ways she's both those things. She carries books filled with knowledge it'd kill you just to know and coffee it'd kill you to drink too much of [so normal but excellent coffee then?]. She often wears eye-patches, blindfolds or thick black glasses but no one knows why. You can ask her, but she'll probably just smile. Her clothes are usually thick and woolen, and usually cover almost everything but her face [and sometimes even that], while her hair is filled with bells that she uses to call her sisters and distract you from what her hands are doing.
Jupiter selects her Sidereals from among the *REDACTED*, the *REDACTED* and the people who are *DOUBLE REDACTED*. I could actually tell you why, but if I did I'd probably get *REDACTED*.
";]" - Jupiter.

MARS is the Maiden of BATTLES. She is a red-haired, red-eyed and red-blooded goddess of strategy, slaughter and soldiers, who worship her as their mother and friend, and is in charge of all collisions of causes and all acts of violence in the world. Mars's color is red and her planet is the most belligerent and militaristic, swaggering across the heavens like a brigadier on a parade ground, much to the displeasure of the astrologers who are drawn and quartered for informing their presidents that their causes are not supported by Mars.
Mars is a general, a strategist and a front-line fighter all rolled into one. She's equally likely to delegate a Sidereal to a mission behind enemy lines as she is to go in their place, and can often be found drilling the Chosen of all of her Sisters in advanced combat tactics or even just exercise routines. Mars's home is the Crimson Panoply of Victory, a giant fortress of red steel and red brick surrounded by camps and battlefields.
Mars herself appears as a redheaded woman, always attired in some form of armament. A spear, quiver, shield, banner and gauntlet are rare far from her reach.
Mars selects her Sidereals from among the generals, the forgotten soldiers, the brilliant but overlooked tacticians and the frothing berserks. All have their uses, and none uses them more efficiently than her.
"*Enthusiastic war cries*" - Mars.

AAAAND I gotta sleep I'll post again in the morning! There's two more maidens.

*The Maidens can't do it they're FAR too busy with absolutely TOTALLY IMPORTANT WORK. Totally. Would they lie to you? Would I lie to you??[?] I think not.
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Can I comment in the meantime that I cannot read the yellow text like at all
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I've actually been having the same problems so for totally unrelated reasons redacted by the maiden of secrets the department of journeys will be replacing their yellow ink with orange.
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VENUS is the Maiden of Serenity. Her color is blue, especially turquoise and sapphire, and she's in charge of managing, limiting, dispersing and enjoying the things that make life worth living for mortals, gods and demons alike. Her planet is the most beautiful, a gleaming sapphire of oceanic hues that draws the eye and the stars around it like magnets. Many an astrological prediction has been ruined by giving her presence in the sky too much weight. Venus is a lover, a lover of people, a lover of beauty, a lover of art and music, but her partners have strangely been few considering her purview, leading many to believe that she knows something about love she isn't telling, or perhaps that temperance sweetens the wine.
She once loved a mortal, and eventually he chose her, but he ran from her upon their arriving in heaven. She doesn't know why, and neither does anyone else.
Her house is the Cerulean Lute of Harmony, inspired by and named after the first tavern erected by humans, as a monument to their ingenuity. The Lute is a colossal building of every shade of blue, and filled with just about everything lovely you could possibly imagine, and many things you couldn't.
Venus appears as an astonishingly beautiful woman with long blue hair, so beautiful in fact that most people completely ignore whatever it is she's wearing at the time, no matter how fashionable [or otherwise] it may be [she's grateful for this on days when she's had to get ready in a hurry]. Though few miss the beautiful woven prayer strips that orbit her at all times.
Venus selects her Sidereals from among those who know love and loss, joy and pain, suffering and bliss. As a result, she recruits from the widest pool of candidates among all of her sisters, almost anyone can be a Sidereal of Serenity, though there can never be more than 20 at a time.
"It's TRUE LOVE" - Venus

SATURN is the Maiden of Endings. Her color is purple and her duty is to bring things to their proper Ends.
Her planet is the most feared, none wish for Saturn to feature prominently in their predictions.
Saturn is a prophet and a reaper, always calm, always stern, always certain that, no matter what else, there will ALWAYS be an Ending. Always.
Her house is the Violet Bier of Sorrows, a grim building that always smells of funeral smoke and is always festooned with the purple banners of Endings.
Saturn appears with her weapon in hand, usually a sword, scythe or axe, and wears purple, often of a similar shade to her hair and eyes [she's in charge of death that doesn't mean she doesn't know color coordination] and usually accompanied by the smell of incense.
Saturn usually picks her Sidereals from among the dying, the sick, those in pain. In return, she ends their suffering, for now, on the understanding that she WILL come for them later. Her Sidereals are a grim bunch, here a widow robbed of painful memories, there a funereal slave rescued from the tomb they were left to suffocate in with their master.
"There's always an ending."

AAAAND that's the end of the premise! Basically we're gonna be playing Sidereals.

SO. Charsheet time. [Also this world is pretty much like, bronze to iron agey, but with you know, added Fantasy. So your character can be from pretty much any sort of culture you like. Wanna be a blacksmith? A hoplite? A geisha? A thief? All good!

Appearance [Bonus points for Good Fashion]:
Backstory [all ya gotta do is involve the theme of your Maiden in some way other than that ur gucchi]:
Powers [theme em after your Maiden, but besides that pretty much go nuts. Flex your Percy Jackson muscles if you want, heck you can even play a demigod I'm not your mom.]:
Resplendent Destinies:

ALSO. BEFORE I FORGET. To do their work the Sidereals are pulled out of fate at the moment they awaken to their powers. What does this mean? They're basically invisible to mortal life. Unless they draw attention to themselves humans will just walk around them, not even questioning their appearance and mentally explaining away any minor displays of power, forgetting the Sidereal soon after they fade from view. To interact with humans in any meaningful way [such as delivering messages they want the human to actually REMEMBER] they don artificial, magical appearances called Resplendent Destinies [cause heaven is ostentatious about naming]. Anything a Sidereal does while wearing a Resplendent Destiny will be remembered, but be remembered as something their fictitious character did, not them.


Name: Erma Thrice-great
Age: 21
Appearance: Short blonde hair, white skin, yellow eyes [like all Sidereals of Journeys], tall and lanky, wears a yellow, Greek-style dress, golden sandals with wings on the sides, golden bracers/gauntlets with matching wings and a helmet in the shape of a [you guessed it] winged, broad brimmed hat.
Maiden: Mercury
Backstory: Erma was always fast, way too fast, almost too fast for a human being, until one day she was. No ones gotten her to stay in one place long enough to elaborate beyond that, or if they have they aren't telling.
Personality: Erma's big on getting the job done. Mostly because she has a lot of work to do, as the Sidereal who's basically been eternally assigned with delivery duty she's had to learn to meet deadlines. She's so prompt and punctual in fact that she earned her last name by getting Jupiter's hot chocolate to her exactly when she started to want it, but before she'd even thought to ask for it,  Jupiter only named two of the three 'great' qualities she named her for, those being her foresight and punctuality, we don't know what her third was, Jupiter just smiled when asked.
Powers: Speed. She's really really freaking fast. Her shoes let her outrun almost anyone on land, her bracers let her run on water and fire [one for each arm, she won't say which does which] and her helmet lets her run on clouds and mist.
Resplendent Destinies: Impersonates a male god [who doesn't actually exist] named Hermes Trismegistus to act as a courier and peacemaker between several quarreling factions of earthly gods, each of whom assumes she works for one of the other pantheons. She got in a little trouble in this identity over a few incidents involving heavenly cattle and a certain watchman with a hundred eyes, but she's pretty sure consequences are for slow people.

Name: Xiahou
Age: 34
Appearance: Wears red lacquered armor over black chainmail, leather and black and red quilted padding, along with a black, demon-leather eye patch and a pheonix-crested helmet. She's tall, about six foot and has black hair about a foot long, worn in a braid.
Maiden: Mars
Backstory: Xiahou was a career soldier her entire life, literally born on the battlefield and was never far from one often. However, for the most part she despised fighting and always sought to bring every battle to as swift an Ending as possible, yet never did so at the cost of disobeying orders. During one battle, her last as a mortal woman, an arrow struck her in the eye. She drew the arrow out of her head, bringing her eye with it, before declaring before all present that as it was made of the flesh of her mother and father it'd be a failure to display filial piety if she allowed for any of it to go to waste. However before she could eat her eye, and as she raised it overhead, a red-feathered raven swooped down and gobbled it up. At that moment she vanished from the eyes of all warriors on the battlefield, and vanished from the eyes of Fate itself, [thought not however, from the eyes of ravens] finally fulfilling her destiny and becoming the newest Sidereal of Battles.
Personality: Xiahou is a consummate soldier, and tries to relate pretty much everything she does to some form of military action [it helps her cope]. She is also extremely loyal and extremely dutiful, but has found that increasingly hard to be while also being as deceptive as her job seems to require. She's conflicted about this.
Powers: Xiahou has been hunting for the raven that took her eye ever since she lost it, as a result she's made quite a few friends among the ravens, a few of whom can be found accompanying her pretty much anywhere, even to the boardrooms of Heaven and the fight clubs of hell, and whose eyes she can see through by closing her good eye. Besides these and a few other minor magics, she possesses a throwing spear with a blade forged from meteorite ore. This spear is absurdly sharp and returns to her hand at her command. With appropriate, three-times approved permission [the paperwork is a nightmare] she can cast her spear into the sky and have it fall back down as the meteor it once was, hitting like a bunker buster missile. Using this last power without permission results in one hell of an audit. Do you like being audited? She didn't the last time it happened, she tries to avoid getting audited now.
Resplendent Destinies: She's fond of a one-eyed soothsayer identity she sometimes busts out in camps before battles, warning the soldiers destined to die to leave while they still can, besides that she also takes the form of an old man, hooded and bearded, bearing a spear and a pair of ravens.

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Is there a rule that sidereals have to be female?
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Not at all! In fact here's one I meant to write but didn't.

Name: Caster Iblis
Age: 62
Appearance [Bonus points for Good Fashion]: A handsome but middle-aged man of middling height with black and white, badgery hair and nut-brown skin, usually dressed in exquisite blue and white suits. His eyes are each clear crystal balls that can be used for scrying, in fact he can't stop using them for this. He has no eyelids.
Maiden: Venus
Backstory [all ya gotta do is involve the theme of your Maiden in some way other than that ur gucchi]: Casper was chosen in his 50s after a terrible sorcery worked exactly as advertised, he'd always been a magician of some note, but this spell or artifact [he won't say which] caused him to forever see the world through visions of great pain and suffering. Venus selected him as her Sidereal far before he was born so that he could spare the world from the fulfillment of these visions.
Personality: A polite but serious man, often rather stressed by what he sees, even in his dreams. Despite this he often urges those he speaks to to follow specific courses of action, usually leading to some suffering, but far less than was possible.
Powers [theme em after your Maiden, but besides that pretty much go nuts. Flex your Percy Jackson muscles if you want, heck you can even play a demigod I'm not your mom.]: He can see multiple futures and can't stop, but can also use these to try and sift through possible futures to find the ones that benefit him most, this is not, of course an omnipotent power, especially where beings out of fate, such as the Sidereals or Maidens are concerned, and he cannot predict the doings of Chaos at all.
Resplendent Destinies: He usually appears almost identical to himself, though in such a sumptuous disguise that no one bothers remembering his face.

Buuuut either way I'm pretty sure no one's interested in this anymore so I wouldn't bother writing a charsheet dude.
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The ship rocked again and Calliope once more hit the floor.

"Dangnabbit This is starting to get old" She exclaimed.

She got up and ran to the bridge with the others to see what was attacking now.

"No, not Shadoin, but similar. Who are they?"