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Conversations / Re: What are you doing, RIGHT NOW?
« Last post by |ĸιrα| on Today at 02:14:44 AM »
Im obsessively looking at craigslist ads for my exact same car and sending them to my parents instead of doing my reading for my next class lmao
Off-Topic / Re: Last Post Thread
« Last post by Ghost44 on Today at 01:50:11 AM »
The edgiest of lords
Off-Topic / Re: CONFESSIONS.
« Last post by Panzercrappitastica on Today at 01:34:25 AM »
On the flip side I also have anxiety and for me meds very much were the answer Į\_(ツ)_/Į Iíd recommend seeing a therapist; patient confidentiality means they legally canít tell anyone else (unless ordered to by a court but thatís like real unlikely), so no one in has to know if you donít want them to, and therapy is wonderful and helpful and a therapist can help you decide if meds are right for you!
Off-Topic / Re: Rants
« Last post by |ĸιrα| on Today at 01:32:52 AM »
I am so ANGRY right now. This girl in my class that I have not been able to stand since day 1 of this semester is in my group for our final group project and she is just. The absolute worst. To start with, she is a major know-it-all and doesn't seem to care that she is? The very first day of class we were joking that the professor would start off lecture having expected us to do these readings and she turns and goes "well there are readings for today on the syllabus that you all should have done" and we were like "oh, did you do them?" and she goes "yeah." and turns back around. I just laughed and said I've had this professor before and she wouldn't expect us to have done them. And she didn't lmao it was just a syllabus day, as expected.
Then she's been like alright-ish except for a few know-it-all comments up until last Tuesday I think.
Last Tuesday we had our rough draft for our group project due. I completely forgot about it until the morning of, so I sat down and edited what another girl in our group had done and added pictures and stuff to it. The other two girls, including Miss Know-it-all literally didn't even open the google document. I was livid, so I didn't include either of their names on it when I turned it into our professor. Also none of them showed up that day and we were supposed to have a discussion and stuff about our projects. And I told the professor that neither of them had helped with it, and that the other girl (her name's Haley) had done most of it.
Flash forward to today. First time this chick comes to class for a quiz we have. She's sitting next to me, talking about how no one in her group did anything and Haley was the only one that worked on stuff and blahblahblah and I just leaned forward and was like "are you talking about OUR group project?" and she goes "oh, yeah..." and I was like "Yeah, no one came to class except for me so I edited the document and turned it in to Connie" (our professor) and she was like "...oh..." and I was like yeah that's right. Don't talk squat about me when I'm right next to you and know full well you didn't do ANYTHING for the project at all.
Then we went inside to take our quiz.
After the quiz she was again outside and I was talking to her friend about some of the work we have coming up and I was just saying I was annoyed that our professor has a really big project for us due and she hasn't talked about it very much in class and she goes "well it's on the syllabus" and I was like "yeah, but it should be talked about in class more if it's this important" and she then continues to argue with me and says "um well she did talk about it before spring break, so don't act like you haven't known about it" and I was like "yeah no" and I just walked away.
I am literally so livid I am leaving her SCATHING reviews when it comes to the group assessment for this group project. She is the worst person I have ever had to deal with in an academic setting I cannot stand her.
Role-Playing / Re: The Great Fangsby
« Last post by kristina-la on Today at 12:13:35 AM »
Thomas was too consumed with worry to dwell to much on Charlesís smile, though it pleased him to think that maybe Charles was warming up to least somewhat. He slid into the cab after Charles and shut the door behind him, eager to get going.
Role-Playing / Re: The Great Fangsby
« Last post by |ĸιrα| on April 18, 2019, 11:34:11 PM »
"Don't think too hard about it," he said after getting in as well.
Off-Topic / Re: Last Post Thread
« Last post by GeeBeezy on April 18, 2019, 07:49:50 PM »
Okay if anyone is an edgelord in this thread it is me. :P well actually I guess I would be in Edge lady
in Edge lady

In Edge lady? I think you mean in EdgeVille :D
Off-Topic / Re: CONFESSIONS.
« Last post by GeeBeezy on April 18, 2019, 07:48:22 PM »
I also have a positive confession!!

I haven't been around here much because I have been trying to distance myself from technology and be more immersed in ~real life~ which has been a blessing.  I got a flip phone which is wayyy cheaper and makes me able to actually spend time making art and taking care of myself and being around people I care about and I just generally feel so much lighter and so much more present, partially because of the technology thing and partially just because I think I'm learning to actually just do what I want and be freeeee.  Good stuff.

On the flip side though I am kind of sad right now because I've been reminiscing on my past friendships that have corroded and I just really miss a lot of people and really wish that they could have stayed in my life.  It's strange to think of someone as your family and then it all just falls apart and you can't be there for each other anymore, at least not in the same way.  It's not that I necessarily want these people back in my life, I'm just still conflicted about what to do with all my love for them.

DUDE I'VE BEEN TRYING THE SAME THING I haven't gotten to the point of making ~R~E~A~L~A~R~T~ yet but I pray that it is SOON BECAUSE I HUNGER FOR THIS SENSE OF ACCOMPLISHMENT AT MAKING BEAUTY. You're an inspiration. ;D

Idk why right now specifically but Iím hella fucking stressed and itís really disorienting and thereís so much to get done in the next year aaaaaaaah

Are you surviving my dude? D: I'm praying everything works out for the best and you get some peace in your life.

Confession: I have been in such a state for the past week it's driving me crazy and I don't know how to feel anymore like everything suddenly got very good with lots of good news and then everything from there got super confusing and now it looks like I'm getting kinda lowkey everything I wanted but it also feels not real and like it's gonna go away in two seconds if I look the other way and so I'm also anxious? It's all over the place, but I can't admit that I'm anxious because if I do then it suddenly opens up this can of worms like OH WELL OBVIOUSLY YOU SHOULD GO ON MEDS but I don't need those to deal with this I just need to take a break for a little bit and step back except I can't because if I do I lose it all. Ugh.

DUDE I have also suffered with chronic anxiety and I Can Tell You Now meds are NOT the answer and I promise you things will get better soon. I'll be praying that you do, and if you wanna talk about anything my PM box is always open. :)

I get how you feel.

You okay Julia? :(
Off-Topic / Re: Spooky Halloween Thread (super spoopy)
« Last post by GeeBeezy on April 18, 2019, 04:03:43 PM »
Coraline scares me D: Not the girl the movie. I haven't seen the movie. Because it scares me.
Role-Playing / Re: The Great Fangsby
« Last post by MercyResurrected on April 18, 2019, 03:51:19 PM »
"If we weren't in such a dire time Charles, I would make more of a deal of you giving me a smile," Peggy told him and then got into the car, "To 24th Street. Corner of Gilbert," she told the driver, remembering the name of the roads from her fly over.
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