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Powers that don't be
« on: July 20, 2018, 12:30:53 AM »

Hello, hi, hello. In this game you're gonna get to play a deity or at the very least a superhero doesn't that sound fab? Of course it does. It'll be a shared character cause and it'll be the same sort of voting on decisions thing I've got going on in most of my rps.

Do you want to play a god?

Or a goddess?

And which degree of power do you want to posess?


Terrestrial gods are physical beings, much like mortals they occupy [usually] physical bodies as their default states. Their powers are the 'weakest' in terms of raw power but more individually focused, and overall they're much better at directly interacting with physical people and places than the other gods. Terrestrial gods can have children with compatible mortals, known as demigods or hemitheoi, who sometimes inherit some of their parent's powers.
Choosing to play as a terrestrial god or goddess lets you pick SIX MINOR THEMES.


Aetherial gods are beings that are still capable of taking physical form through various means but are naturally immaterial. Unlike terrestrial gods they have few difficulties when it comes to becoming and acting in an aetherial state, however they usually lack the power-level of a Celestial in those areas. Aetherial gods are often capable of having children with mortals, should their chosen avatars make it possible, but doing so is more difficult for them, as is having children in general.
Choosing to play as an aetherial god or goddess lets you pick TWO MAJOR THEMES and THREE MINOR THEMES.


The big cheeses, the big kahunas and a lot of other things that start with 'big'. Celestials are the stompers of the metaphysical world, usually only interacting with the physical world in explosive, dramatic ways as it costs them a great deal of effort to get there in the first place. Celestials are often the founders or destroyers of pantheons, as their enormous strength in the metaphysical world gives them an edge over most single deities in that area. Having children is extremely rare for all but fertility and craft gods at this level, as such extremely potent life essence is difficult to pass on into a new being, often costing the parent some of their strength.
Choosing to play as a celestial god or goddess lets you pick FOUR MAJOR THEMES and TWO MINOR THEMES.



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Re: Powers that don't be
« Reply #1 on: July 20, 2018, 06:05:14 AM »

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Re: Powers that don't be
« Reply #2 on: July 20, 2018, 01:50:57 PM »

[Would you like the character to be a god or a goddess though?]

For a terrestrial deity, while the realms of the divine are not beyond their reach, the world is their home.
Your physicality is your strength and your weakness. While your powers are limited and more personal in scope you don't find yourself reduced as other spirits do in avatar form.
Because you aren't in avatar form; you are fully physical and fully divine at once.

As a terrestrial, any themes you choose will be granted in a more limited form,  but on the plus side, you can choose more of them than any other gods!
Choose six themes from the list below.

HEALTH. Health gives you control over fertility and well-being. You can control sickness and health, bless children or cause sterility, reduce the toll of aging or reduce mortals to senility in the blink of an eye. You can ensure children are born healthy and smiling, deformed or even superhuman. You can shape human beings to your whims, increasing or decreasing their physical and mental strengths and weaknesses as you see fit, and even add or remove mutations.

DEATH. Life ends. It's sad but true. As the Terrestrial God of death you are a reaper and a necromancer. You can hold death at bay, banish the undead and maybe even bend the lines between life and death, or you can ensure life ends on time [or early], raise the undead and recline on a mountain of stolen grave goods.

THE SUN. As a God of the sun you will be a paragon of warmth and vigor. Your presence will calm and comfort, empowering and encouraging your allies and shaming your enemies. Fire will leap from your fingertips and cold will be a thing of the past. You will be able to bless allies with longevity and strength, while banishing your enemies from your light.

NATURE. This theme grants you authority over plant and animal life. No beast or poison can harm you, no wilderness can weary you. You can command monsters, choke your foes with vines or raise elementals to your service. The powers of shape shifting, animal creation and monster rearing will be within arms reach, while agriculture will be child's play.

WEATHER. The winds themselves will bow before you. Clouds will be your paint and the sky your canvas. Rain, drought and lightning will be at your disposal. You will be capable of shielding a settlement from blizzards or burying one in snow. Thunder will be your hammer, but be warned; you cannot wield large scale weather events too far from lands in which you are recognized as king/queen, though you will always be able to control it within your immediate vicinity.

TRICKERY: Deception, jokes, cunning and misdirection will be your tools. You'll bear the power to create illusions, to vanish into thin air, to create hideaways and alibis with a snap of your fingers. Even the most binding of divine contracts will be little more than suggestions to you, and any foolish enough to presume to understand your motives could have quite another thing coming.

WISDOM. With wisdom as your weapon knowledge and brilliance will fill your mind to bursting. You will be a genius in all mental fields, capable of remarkable designs and breakthroughs. Those you choose to teach will accelerate rapidly in any fields of culture, science and reason you choose to guide them in.

ORDER. Justice and authority will be your sword and shield. You will gain the power to divinely enforce contracts and oaths. Your gaze will convict and expose the guilty and grant courage to the innocent. Your words will ring with conviction, rooted as they are in your divine authority to declare what is and isn't true. Your beliefs will become contagious, uniting your people behind you.

DEFENSE. One side of the coin that is War. Defense will grant you supernatural skill at turning aside enemies and arguments. Your shield, sword and even bare wrist will shatter blades and bolts, while your feet will carry you with unnerving speed to safeguard your allies.

OFFENSE. One side of the coin that is War. Offense will render you a monster in combat. Armor and walls alike will crumble beneath your fists and followers. You will strike your enemies with terror, feel your heart surge with the joy of riastrad and crush the thrones of kings beneath your sandals.

SEASONS. Each time you choose this theme you are granted dominion over a single season. During this season you gain total authority over the weather and natural phenomena associated with it. From spring you will gain the power to thaw ice giants and banish the storms of even an aethereal god, and during it you will be able to contest the snows of a celestial. From Autumn you gain authority over harvest and decay, reducing avatars to dried leaves and, during the season, being able to send even a celestial gods winds back to their kennels.

ENTERTAINMENT. You know how to party. At feasts and revels the first glass will be poured out in your name. You will be able to summon wine and music, tournaments will be held in your name, your followers will be warded from obesity and ennui and you will draw spirits of joy and excess like flies to honey.

CREATION. Crafting and artwork are your hammer and anvil. You gain brilliant skill at constructing homes, weapons, jewelry or any other goods you turn your hands to. You gain the power to inspire followers, friends and foes to create great and/or useful works of art and/or science, fulfilling the dual roles of artist and masterpiece as you turn even your own form into a useful tool or a work of high art.

THE MOON. Darkness will fill one hand and light the other. You will gain authority over stealth and secrecy, both to bestow on yourself and rob from your enemies. Hunting and waters will fall under your dominion, and the people who work by night will heap their love on your altars. Gravity will be yours to twist, as will the rise and fall of the seas.

PROPHECY: Fate and time will whisper their secrets to you. Destiny will grant you glimpses of the past, present and future, along with the power to change their course somewhat. But be wary; even the gods risk becoming stuck in the web of the Fates. You will be able to select at least one mortal to become your oracle, sharing your visions with them should you choose to do so, and allowing you to send messages over great distances.

[TO BE CONTINUED, there's a bunch more I've got to write up but let me know which ones catch your fancy so far!]



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Re: Powers that don't be
« Reply #3 on: July 21, 2018, 06:36:59 AM »

I will vote for two. Nature, and Entertainment.
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Re: Powers that don't be
« Reply #4 on: July 21, 2018, 02:25:05 PM »


EARTH. The earth theme gives you geokinetic control over rocks, soil, some forms of metal and gravity. You can be capable of lifting, toppling or moving buildings, throwing mountainsides and even creating volcanoes and mountains.

WATER. The water theme gives you hydrokinetic control over water and some control over the things in it. With this theme you'll be able to freeze rain in mid-air, cause tsunamis, raise or lower water levels and swim in some of the deepest oceans without injury.

FIRE. The fire theme gives you pyrokinetic control over burning matter. You'll be able to learn how to breathe and eat fire, shoot it off your fists and feet, burn buildings with a snap of your fingers and even transmute earth into lava. You'll also be able to cause and survive a wide range of explosions ranging from party sparklers to volcanic eruptions.

CHARISMA. The charisma theme will make it easy for you to become cool and popular. Getting people to like you will be easy, as will getting them to do as you please. The conviction in your words will shine like the sun, and few will even think to try and argue with you.

APPEARANCE. The appearance theme will put you in charge of beauty and horror. You'll gain the power to terrify, transfix or even kill people with a glance, send entire conversations with a facial expression and inspire art in your image. You'll also gain the power to alter the looks of others, blessing or cursing them with beautiful or frightening features, or even both.

HUNTING. The hunting theme gives you control over the pursuit, taming and killing of animals, people and even spirits. You'll gain proficiency and supplies of the necessary weapons and knowledge to track even the deadliest of prey. In time, you may even gain the power to create prey worthy of your efforts.

THE HOME. What life could be called good without a place to call one's own? The home theme covers the comfy aspects of daily living, ranging from cooking a meal with and for one's family, having enough supplies to survive a winter, hiding and defense from enemies and a wide range of other concepts. You'll have the power to calm squabbles and unite families, because honestly, as long as they're all safe together at home, how bad can things really be?

[TO BE CONTINUED there's a few more to go!]
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