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Author Topic: All of John Green's works  (Read 927 times)


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All of John Green's works
« on: July 01, 2014, 02:10:03 AM »

I have officially read all the John Green books, including Let it Snow and will grayson will grayson.

John Green isn't a fantastic writer by any standards. He is, however, an incredible storyteller. He creates life for his characters. He shows ink and paper what it feels like to be a real person.
Yes, many of his characters are too good at something to be normal people. Hazel and Gus would have to be geniuses or something close to that to have some of the discussions and realizations they had. Collin was too good at being everything opposite of what he was described at being good at.
Might I add that the majority of his female characters, the (anti)heroines, if I may, are in essence the same person. Look at Margo Roth Spiegelman, Lindsey Lee Wells, and Alaska. They all have certain qualities that are the same. They are veey sassy, smart, independent and have a thrust for something more than what their residency is providing them. All very good characters, but basically the same. To say only the females are similar is not true. The men are rather close as well.
John Green has a sort of tone to his writing that makes it easy to read, yet enticing. At times, though, it gets repetative and during his collaborative books, I found myself almost wishing I could read faster so I could get to Maureen Johnson or David Leviathan.
It can also be said that John Green recycles many themes including and not limited to: infinity, great ambition and lust.
John Green may not be the most dynamic writer there is, but all of his books are worth a read. The reader does infact get something out of each, whether you like teenage love stories or stories of adventure. John Green knows teenagers. He is a brilliant man who has created a very solid world in which his characters live in.

Book Ranking-As seen by K.A.B.G:
Paper Towns
will grayson will grayson*
Looking for Alaska
Let it Snow*
The Fault in Our Stars
An Abundance of Katherines

*because these books feature more than just John Green, I only rated them on his work.

Best Characters (in no particular order) -As seen by K.A.B.G.
Hasan - An Abundance of Katherines
Isaac - The Fault in our Stars
Radar and Ben - Paper Towns
Tiny Cooper - will grayson will grayson

If you read all of that, good job. Please feel free to discuss, disagree or make me pies!
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Re: All of John Green's works
« Reply #1 on: July 01, 2014, 02:36:57 AM »

John writes with a formula which is why the characters are similar but I do think he goes for very different themes each time but they are themes that we can all relate to so that is why I like his books. I'll admit at times I was iffy about the book I was reading but without fail he had me at the end. Even Will Grayson had me at the end with just a single paragraph that was just so brilliant I couldn't not like it.

personally, I wouldn't rank Will Grayson, Will Grayson or Tiny Cooper that high...but that's just me.

my ranking would probably go:

looking for Alaska
Paper Towns
Will Grayson, WIll Grayson
An Abundance of Katherines
(I haven't read Let it Snow and I don't really plan to...)

as for characters (no order cause that's hard :P)

The colonel
Will Grayson (because I could relate to him more than any other JG character....)
and....Augustus :P can't help myself. I just love me some Gus Gus.


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