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Author Topic: Rants  (Read 26655 times)


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Re: Rants
« Reply #705 on: July 06, 2018, 03:37:44 PM »

No i can do whatever I want

That is objectively untrue you comma-spurning harpy.

My friend and I kind of have a suicide pact that ends up with our intermingled ashes being launched into space so aliens can find it, clone both of us into one being that will be our child named Sebastian.

Cremated remains are just inorganic bone fragments and donít contain any DNA. Iíd rethink your suicide pact if I were you.

Is that the only reason why she should rethink her suicide pact?

Punctuate your sentences woman, I cannot understand you otherwise.
The comma should be a semicolon here. I caNnOT unDErSTaNd yOu oTHerWiSe.

I cannot understand your horrendous caPitalization you BarBarian.

Aliens can figure it out. I have faith in them *blows kiss at the sky*

Aliens: What are we.

I believe in them

I don't. They'll never amount to anything, ANYTHING.

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