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Author Topic: Tally, Shay and Dr. Cable as Heroines in the Movie  (Read 1553 times)


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Tally, Shay and Dr. Cable as Heroines in the Movie
« on: November 30, 2014, 07:00:09 AM »

Let me talk about an idea I just had.
If there really would be a movie (what I doubt meanwhile), I want it to be different to all those other yought-distopia-filmizations. And Uglies really is different to them, more deep and somehow clearer like the most others I think.
I think it would make the movie more suitable to this aproach, if it has a a bit different narrartive structure like HG, Divergent and so one: The story should be telled alternating from the POV of Tally, Shay and Cable, so that the watcher can decide for her/himself, on wich side she/he is. The events of Uglies and Shays Story should be telled parallel, although Shays Story happed chronologically before Uglies. And we should only see so much about Cable, that we can understand, why she act like she akts - how she tried to find smoke, how she talked with some of her people about that and similare things. Cable is also a so interesting character, because we dont know much about her. Never ever should the authors give her a Lovestory, that would be totally ruined her character (although it would be interesting), and Shay and Tally have enough hurly-burly with Love.
Overall the different parts should be sticked together on the same way like the different parts of ,Cloud Atlas'. But okay, Uglies should not get that kind of diffecult to understand.
What do you think about this idea?

I evan have some Idea how I would make the beginning of the movie:
Tally stands bevor her window and watches the catvomitsky, you can see New Pretty Town on the background. We see Tally from behind.
(Cables voice from off:) ,Humans are ugly for only a handful of years.'
(switch to the next scence:),1 461 days, to be exact'
Cable as a Ugly is guidet trought a hallway at the hospital by some doctor.
,But it forms them more than any other stage of live.'
Shay boards her hoverbord.
,Being ugly hurts, after all.'
The camera moves, so that you see Tally from the side.
,Its supposed to be hurt.'
Ugly Cable enters the operation room and gets greeded by some doctors.
,Staring enviously across the river.'
Tally looks across to New Pretty Town.
,Hating themselves.'
The camera moves, so that you see Tally from the front. Zoom on her face.
,It stings as much as the knife would, if they were ever awake from that'
Shay steers her hoverboard up and leaves Uglyville.
,And with that pain of being ugly comes their last chance of rebelling'
Tally sticks the automatic Heater under her blanket.
,Of proving that they are in some way... special'
Ugly Cable ascends the operation tank.
,Once they turn sixteen, the operation ends my interest in them'
,Too bad I cant see my operation. I think this would be really interesting.', Ugly Cable says.
,It's in these painful ugly days that I watch most carefully.
Tally climbs out of her window.
,Nurturning their ugly eccentricities'
Shay flies some difficult maneuvers.
This is why uglyville, like the rest of the city, is so idiot-proof'
Tally follows the shadows to leave Uglyville.
,Because the cleverest ones are always idiots.'
Shay jumps of her hoverbord to go to her meeting with Zane, Astrix and Ho.
,Every now and then.'
Ugly Cable gets her breathing mask on and you see how her eyes move fast, before she falls under anasthesia. The operation tank gets closed, the liquid gets poured and you see how the operation instruments move to ther space, as the operation begins, before the scence gets faded out.

,,Do you understand, liberty tends to dystroy things"(Tally Youngblood)