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Author Topic: what colour is Tallys hair as a pretty? other unanswered questions to ponder  (Read 2343 times)


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There are a number of questions i'd love to ponder as part of a group. here are 3 to get started

1.what colour is tallys hair when she is a pretty ?

2. how can the middle pretties still have kids when they have undergone such drastic surgery - every essence of their physical self has changed?

3.  Why are the ugilys and pretties kept away from home when they finish being littlies ?


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1. I always figured pretty Tally had the same hair color as ugly Tally, just less frizzy. I guess it would have made sense to change it, though; they do change so many other things.
2. I guess because the operation left their genes and reproductive systems alone. (There's a thought, though - what if instead of an operation they modified the genes of a generation and let them have "pretty" babies?)
3. Well, the pretties aren't actually kept away from home. That was adressed in the books; they're allowed to visit their family and they just don't. Because they're bubbleheads, probably. And my guess with the Uglies is that once they're old enough that they don't absolutely need their parents to be all parental, they're seperated so they won't run into pretties that they knew as uglies and realize that something's up. That's a really interesting question, though.

Also, welcome to the forum! ;D
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Hey, welcome to the forum! It's nice to have some discussion about Scott's books. I've missed it :)

1. In the manga, Tally has blond hair as a pretty. I don't think it's mentioned in the books. The Uglies series has very little specific descriptions about attributes like hair color, even though it is all about appearance.

2. Their genetic code and reproductive systems remain intact. The way pregnancies work in Tally's world is never covered in-depth (I think), so babies could be artificially conceived.

3. It's just a different stage of their life. They aren't kept away from home; rather, their home changes. They are allowed to visit their parents though, like Pan said. The separation of littlies/uglies/pretties allows for the kind of hive-mind thinking that allows the Pretty regime to exist. If they were all allowed to mix and mingle, then uglies would start to suspect, and pretties would be exposed to ugly ideas, which would defeat the point of the system.


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1. I think she should have red hair. That would definitely pretty.
2. The have pleasure gardens... (I leave the rest to you)
3. I think it is kinda like college or boarding school. You leave home, school, parents visit you and visa versa.
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from what I've heard before Tally has curly red hair as a pretty and silver eyes in case your wondering. It's never really been explained what the characters look like, but that's what I've heard and I just kinda stuck to it.
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