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Author Topic: A long way home RP  (Read 7517 times)


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Re: A long way home RP
« Reply #180 on: May 04, 2017, 11:57:09 AM »

Name:Rick Folly
Species: Chapagura(humanoid fish creature)
Appearance: All black, with 6 gills, and yellow eyes. I don't want to be menacing!
Job if applicable: Scout
misc: I have a signature weapon. it is a harpoon-like staff, which is used for combat on my planet

 no one knows what my planet was called, or anything other about my race other than I am the only surviving member  of an explosion caused by two space idiots named ford prefect and Arthur dent that destroyed my entire planet

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Re: A long way home RP
« Reply #181 on: May 04, 2017, 11:53:49 PM »

This is a year old, the RP died.
If you want to start a new one similar to this one you can do that .
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