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Darkness of War (Roleplay) Characters
« on: December 11, 2016, 07:54:59 AM »

Here, I will be doing your standard Role-play character list. (I will kill of Deryn at some point!)
Full name (Middle is recommended):
Nickname (If any):
Appearance(If you want!):
Past/Your History:
Job :
Likes :
Dislikes :
Romantic Preferences (What does your character like to see in someone they might like? (optional)):
Current Place of Residence :
Possession's?(/ War machines)
Full name (Middle is recommended): Viktor Ziegfried Kucherzov
Nickname (If any):
Age: 50
Gender (No discrimination!): Male
Appearance(If you want!):
Wears a greatcoat and top hat
Viktor is a curious man, and often will go at great lengths to find out more. He never takes no for an answer, and resolves conflicts with words. He likes arguing, and is a stout Atheist.
He dislikes fabrications, but realizes their necessity. He often lobbies in congress for laws and is very political. He is uncannily smart.
He is driven by a realization that he may die one day, and that is his greatest fear. He always cooperates when he's captured, and does everything to stay alive.
Past/Your History: Viktor was born in Brooklyn, New York in 1865. His family owned the largest Milling company in the Baltic states, and he had a good childhood. He was schooled a lot, and soon was accepted into Columbia University. There he studied many Astronomical things. After that he went into a career of war science.
He joined the National Bureau of War Science and worked with many great scientists, such as Einstein, whom he traveled with to Tunguska and collaborated with on a paper. He started working on many secret projects in the Bureau, and soon became an advisor to the top leaders of the US.
He has a lot of family, and hails from many Eastern European countries. His family is large, and spread out across Europe and America.
He was raised Jewish, and converted to Atheism early He still knows the difference between fabricated and non fabricated meats, because they are not Kosher.
He joined man debate and intellect groups across the nation.
Family (This goes with the Past/Your History): Brother and nephew in Brooklyn, Sister in Brooklyn. Many siblings in Europe. Adores his brother and nephew.
Job  Advisor to the National Security Council on Sciences.
Likes :Books, people with intellect, new science, new technology. Food, science fiction.
He likes most things, especially life.
Dislikes : Some fabs.
Romantic Preferences (What does your character like to see in someone they might like? (optional)): Asexual, he doesn't want to have any.
Current Place of Residence : Washington, D.C.
Possession's? (Secret)