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Author Topic: Tapestry (Riordanverse RP)  (Read 7715 times)


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Re: Tapestry (Riordanverse RP)
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(I'm very sorry that I pressured you into things when you had no time. However, your characters are both just as important as the others and I feel like leaving them out until you can jump back in wouldn't make sense with my plans for the rest of the RP. I wish you luck during your busy holidays, and I can assure you i understand why you feel stressed. I'm stressed too, with school work and family problems and relationship troubles and health issues, and the last thing i want to do is put stress on another person. So, when you're finally free from the crushing weight of holidays and school [not meant to be sarcastic, I'm being genuine, I just know it's hard to express through text], I'd be very grateful if you'd let us know. I'd personally prefer to start together rather than apart, and I understand that if no one else wants to do that, I have already performed shoddily and used a confusing and strenuous system to set up the roleplay, and feel that if I've caused too much stress and confusion, tapestry shouldn't go on. But i love this RP dearly and have become very invested in my characters and the future of the rp, so i hope you all understand and agree that for now a break we can all agree on and go through willingly together would be for the best. When everyone is ready to jump back in together, that is when I will start. I hope this RP can thrive free from stress so that we can all develop our characters and their story together! So, until we all are free once again, huzzah! And again, apologies for being stressful.)
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