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Author Topic: The Witcher RP  (Read 2159 times)


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Re: The Witcher RP
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Name: Ahearn
Age: looks to be about 25
Race/ Class: half-elf/peasant
Appearance: he has dirty blonde hair that reaches his neck that he keeps braided to stay off his face. He has dark brown eyes and is average height. He has less pronounced elvish features, but enough to keep him outcasted from the human society.
Personality: he is rather closed off, particularly to strangers. He would rather stay away from humans altogether, as he does better being around animals.
Backstory/ Other: He was born to a human father and elf mother, but his father had never been around and his mother had abandoned him in the town in the hopes his heritage would be covered up so he didn't know her either aside from the note she'd left for him in his mother-tongue, which he had never learned. He now works at the livery, making a quiet life for himself within the stable.

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