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Author Topic: Gods and Monsters  (Read 1442 times)


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Re: Gods and Monsters
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"Touchy," Astrid said with a smirk that Norah wanted to punch right off her ugly face, "You're realizing how hopeless this is, aren't you Elijah," she said with a laugh. Norah clenched her fists, her eyes fixed on Sadie's friend and her snarling Daemon; if she could just reach the door to let Maia out, they might have a chance to break for the apartment.
"We don't know anything! Get that through your head, or are you too stupid?" Norah said, voice raised. She rolled her shoulders and breathed in deeply, "Now Sophie," she whispered. Her Daemon launched at the Coyote face's with her talons and Norah made a quick grab for the door, managing to get it open as the two Daemon's fought.

“No matter how filthy something gets, you can always clean it right up”
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