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Author Topic: Is it possible to have a WWII and possible a WWIII in the Leviathan Series...  (Read 7629 times)


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Clanker talk.

So it could be german?


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It IS german


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Its a triology I think so the next book would have Deryn and Alek when their forty! I don't think thats going to happen. Anyway he doesn't need to do both the wars I like the Leviathan series as a triology! :)


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So italy and jap could be clanker

That's a problem-Italy and Japan are Darwinist countries, so why would they team up with the most Clanker of the Clanker countries?
No, really-I'm curious. Thoughts?



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maybe clankers will be the good guys,being that I think the USSR and the USA would be clankers


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Have you read Behemoth yet? There USA is described as mixing CLanker and Darwinist tech. Also, Russia has fighting bears, implying they are Darwinist.
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Time for some history.
In the real world the WWI Central Powers, aka Axis were Germany, Austria-Hungary and Italy. The Entente, aka the Allies, UK, France and Russia payed Italy off to switch sides and fight against the Axis in 1915 and promised Trento, Trieste, Gorizia and Gradisca, Istria and northern Dalmatia from Austria-Hungary as well as parts of the Ottoman Empire. Prior to this, Italy had been neutral. So what happened?
Well, following WWI and the Russian Revolution, there was a lot of turmoil and anarchy across Europe, Italy included. Fearing a Russian styled Revolution, the liberal establishment started to endorse the National Fascist Party, led by Benito Mussolini. In October of 1922, the fascists attempted a coup -- the Marcia su Roma "March on Rome" -- which was supported by King Victor Emmanuel III.
Mussolini then gained power, supported Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan, invaded Ethiopia (thus leading to Italy's withdrawal from the League of Nations), strongly supported Franco during the Spanish Civil War and in 1939, invaded and occupied Albania. Italy would eventually enter WWII on the Axis side and completely suck ass. July, 1943 would see the collapse of Fascism in Italy and the fall of Mussolini. Italy would remain a battle ground for the rest of the war. In April of 1945, Mussolini was executed by firing squad (along with his mistress) and strung up, upside down, on a meat hook.

Then there's Japan. So why did Japan side with Germany after it had been allies with England? Simple and can be summed up in five things: Yellow Peril, expansionism, Japanese militarism, economy and oil.
The west, unfortunately, has always been afraid of Asia. In the eighties, there was the scare that Japan was going to take over the world (probably with giant mecha and whiny, angsty, teenagers with crazy, spiky hair). The current fear is that China shall take over the world (if you ever heard of the Korean War, it was a similar fear, with Soviet backing, back in the 50's. Just happened to have coincided with Joseph McCarthy's Communist Witch Hunt). And frick, Yellow peril has been around way longer than that.
Then there's the fact that many Japanese wanted a pan-Asian empire. Something that the European powers didn't like, especially because a lot of independence movements in the various colonies, IE India, Burma and Malaysia, were backed by the Japanese.
Japanese militarism was another turn off for the west due to Japan's utter ruthlessness, especially to the Chinese. Ever heard of the Rape of Nanking?
Then there were the economic factors, mostly the fact that the Japanese home islands were (and still are) very small, mountainous and over crowded. This meant that Japan had to import a lot of materials, something that the Japanese gov't was hoping to rectify via imperial expansion.
And finally oil. Basically, the same reason why the US went into Iraq, the second time. The Rape of Nanking had so horrified the US gov't  that Roosevelt was about to set up an oil embargo (kinda like the trade embargo currently placed on Cuba by the US). Japan was also facing dwindling domestic reserves, so they executed a plan drawn up by Osami Nagano and Isoroku Yamamoto. This would lead to the attack on Pearl Harbor and the entry of the US into WWII on the side of the allies.  

So what could this mean for the Leviathan universe? Well, we're not guaranteed the repetition of our world's history. Westerfeld has managed to keep the Ottoman Empire out of WWI and maybe avoid most of the turmoil we're seeing in the Middle East. For all we know, the allies manage to keep Italy out of the war or get them on the Darwinist side (I think countries like Italy and Spain are Darwinist is mostly due to lack of natural resources. If they had lots of oil and iron, then they would probably be Clanker nations). But for all we know, WWII will be against the Soviet Union.
My theory, and one would probably see this crop up in my fanfic cannon, is that: Trotsky becomes head of the USSR, the Ottoman Empire (now the Ottoman Republic), joins the Allies after the Axis try to get at their oil, Valkyrie plot is successful, thus the Yalta conference happens earlier and eastern Europe gets free elections (Trotsky still fixes them to go Communist). Alek gets a second chance at ruling Austria-Hungary because NATO wants a west friendly buffer state against the Soviets, along with a sorta-military dictatorship under Erwin Rommel in Germany (the west has supported dictatorships that were friendly to the it before; look at the banana republics in Central/South America and the Pahlavi dynasty in Iran before the Islamic Revolution in the 1970s/1980s).
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