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Author Topic: QUESTION FOR SCOTT IF I CAN'T MAKE THE NEXT MEETUP!! (short question, long post)  (Read 2227 times)


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  • So it's been a while huh?

Hello Scott-la :)

So... I finished Succession (the Risen Empire/Killing of worlds Duology) and while searching for more of your books (I was hoping for a third to be on the cards) I came across this…

“One day, I will be writing more in this universe (see the faq). But not right away. First there are the Midnighters and Uglies trilogies to finish, not to mention a few other books.”

So I sought out the faq… and this is what I found…

Q: When are you going to write more adult fiction?

A: I have five adult novels out, but I haven't written any since 2001. Will I ever return?

Well, here are the things I like about writing teen novels:

1) I get more fan mail. When adults read a cool book, they don't Google you, find your site, and then write to say they loved it. Not nearly as much, anyway. Which is sad.

2) Being a teen author means I can switch genres. Younger people are more eclectic readers. Yes, another gross generalization, but it's true. Most teens don't care whether something is fantasy or sf or a mystery or a non-fiction book about sharks; they just want to read something cool. I know too many adults who only read in one genre, or even one author!

3) Young Adult books have a longer life span. For some reason, bookstores get rid of adult titles as fast as possible. But books for teens and kids stick around on the shelves for longer. They have time to find their audience without having to go on Oprah.

4) Teens talk to each other about the books they like. There's a lot more communication among younger people about everything they like: books, music, clothes, whatever. This is great for authors, because it means (again) we don't have to go on Oprah to make a living. (Quick note: I'd love to go on Oprah if asked.)

5) The hand that rocks the cradle, rules the world. Um, did I really just type that?

6) Teen books make more money. For this one, I would like to publicly thanks J.K Rowling, every single day of her life.

So the answer is: Yes, I will write more adult books when I'm too humble to care about the lack of fan mail, compelled with a great sf idea, am guaranteed giant stacks of my books in every store, and am too rich to care about the money.

One day, but don't hold your breath or anything.”

Now I’m not disagreeing with any of those statements (in fact I think No.5 is particularly important ;)) however WE NEED MORE ADULT FICTION FROM YOU SCOTT-LA!!! It was Uglies that brought me to this site, but of all your books I’ve read, the best was Evolution’s Darling, next to that, Succession…

So basically, what I’m asking is, will you ever write another book to accompany Succession? Or indeed any other adult fiction book at all? :)

love and peace xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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Ooooh I like this question.
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I have a question, cuz idk if i'll be on:
Any updates on the uglies movie? :P
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I have a question, cuz idk if i'll be on:
Any updates on the uglies movie? :P

Yes, I want to ask that as well hehe

Wouldn't it be nice if there was some progress *sigh* :P