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« on: April 19, 2011, 12:42:59 PM »

So, like, last week or something, I was watching the travel channel, and there was this race thing going on (I think it was called 'Idiot's race or something..), and people had to make these cart things and run around New York. The carts were supposed to be all decorative and fancy, and one of the carts was a 'Steampunk' inspired thing. It was pretty awesome! It actually won in the 'creative design' portion (I think), and I totally flipped out. My mom was very confused when I started jumping up and down screaming 'OMG STEAMPUNK! THAT'S STEAMPUNK AND IT WON! IT WON! IT WON! IT WON!!! IN YOUR FACES!!!!!!'

 .....Anyways I was wondering if anyone else ever sees things that have to do with Steampunk...
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