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Author Topic: Goliath Fanfic: Play With Fire  (Read 14410 times)


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Goliath Fanfic: Play With Fire
« on: May 25, 2011, 12:03:02 PM »

Hey! It's Falconsong, with my fanfic. It's getting...really long, and it's lying scattered. I think it would be better if I'd made a giant collection and put stuff on here instead of all over the fanfic board
So here's the giant collection!

NOTE: I will POST EVERYTHING in the FRONT PAGE. So check the front page every once in a while.


The Leviathan was lazily soaring over the Pacific Ocean, on the way to Japan. It was very warm for an October day, and if that was normal in Asia, Alek didn't know. He looked around his room, which, fortunately, he was still allowed out of. Dylan was somewhere up on topside, doing his duties with Newkirk.

"Fine day, isn't it, Bovril?" Alek asked, tickling Bovril on his neck fur.

"Japan! Mr. Sharp!" Bovril giggled madly. Alek sighed. Bovril will never stop saying that.

Alek felt the need to stretch his legs, and took Bovril with him on the topside. The crewmen passing by him were giving him suspicious glares, but said nothing. It was very warm and sunny on the topside, and Alek could see what he thought was Japan ahead. He was looking for Dylan, and he couldn't see him.

When he finally found Dylan, he was lying on his back, taking a nap, snoring. Alek almost laughed, his friend's facial expression was most amusing. It made him look almost...childish.

Alek noticed Dylan's sketchpad near him, so he assumed he was drawing before. He picked up the sketchpad and leafed through it. Dylan's drawings were very good and lifelike, although it was mostly beasties and machines. There was one of Bovril too, and Alek grinned, because Bovril looked adorable in this picture.

Then suddenly, he noticed a picture that wasn't  part of the sketchpad. It looked hastily stuffed in. It was a picture of a fat cat, the drawing obviously childish. It looked enough like a cat, yet it wasn't the intricate drawings that Dylan made. Alek noticed a name scrawled in cursive at the bottom. It looked something like "Deryn Amelia Sharp". Who was this 'Deryn'? Dylan's cousin, or sister?

Then he noticed Dylan starting to stir.

Alek looked guiltily at the sketchpad in his hand. He should've asked his friends permission first before looking at it. Maybe it was private.

Dylan blinked his gray-green (Yeah, let's just assume it's that colour, alright? XD) eyes, looking very sleepy. His sandy blonde hair stuck up and he still looked confused. "Hi, there, your princeliness." Dylan yawned sleepily.

"You too, Dylan." Alek said. "I see you're sleeping on the job!"

"Lies!" Dylan yelped. "I already finished all by barking duties, and I was just taking a nap!"

"Er...I looked at your drawings..." Alek started awkwardly. "I hope you didn't mind."

"Nah, it's alright." Dylan shrugged.

Alek took the picture of the very fat cat and waved it. "Is this one of your sister's or cousin's drawings? Because it's signed 'Deryn' on here."

Dylan looked a bit horrified, and took the cat away from his hand. "Sure...uh...D-Deryn's mu-my c-c-cousin..." Dylan stammered, looking a bit nervous. "She...uh...gave it to me before she left. She's only seven years old."

Alek raised an eyebrow, wondering why Dylan was so nervous about something so casual. "Embarrassed?"

"I guess." Dylan grumbled. "I can't believe I kept something like this..." The young airman smiled sheepishly.

"I think it's rather sweet your cousin drew it for you." Alek said.

"Yes, sure." Then Dylan's eyes brightened. "Remember my auntie's cat I told you about, the one that was very fat, and couldn't get on it's own feet?"

Alek laughed. "It's this one?"

Dylan smiled. "Aye!"

They both heard a voice yelling "land ho!" Alek and Dylan both ran towards the front of the ship, looking down. They were already over Japan.

"We'll be there in about two hours, I reckon." Dylan commented.

"Where are we going?" Alek asked.

"A little town near Tokyo, since there's much more space there." Dylan replied. "Don't know anything more."

"I wonder what Japan will be like?"

"Aye, so do I."


"Now, boys, look sharp." Dr. Barlow chided them as Deryn, Newkirk and Alek slumped. Deryn felt hot and stiff in her dress uniform.

"Barking spiders, it's hot out here!" Newkirk exclaimed.

"Aye, that's because Japan's more near the south than Europe, right?" Deryn said.

"Yes, Dylan." Dr. Barlow said. "Now, we're almost at the Center of Fabrication and Training."

"What is this place called?" Alek asked.

"It's Sagamihara." Dr. Barlow replied. "Close to Tokyo, but not too close, and a lot of space for the beasties to roam."

The Leviathan just landed in Japan, in the middle of their airship landing port. But the Leviathan crew still had to walk half a mile to get to the Center. It was barking warm for October, around 65 degrees!  The whole crew was invited, so they had to take the Clankers too.

"Japan." Bovril chimed, then giggled. Deryn scratched the loris's wee head from where it clung from her shoulder.

Deryn couldn't believe she was on the other side of the world. They'd come a long way from Britain. And the native folks here were the strangest that Deryn had seen before. Even the Turks weren't this strange. Generally short, skin with a golden tone, and the blackest hair and eyes that she'd ever seen. The Japanese had strange features. All of them had slanted eyes, small mouths, and big noses. With their looks, Deryn kept thinking they looked like mischievious cats or sly foxes.

"The Japanese sure look strange!" Newkirk said.

"Now, now, Newkirk. Be nice." Dr. Barlow scolded. "We probably look strange to them too."

"Never thought about it that way..." Alek commented. "So what is the Center of Fabrication and Training?"

"It's where boffins fabricate new species, and train the young ones." Dr. Barlow said.

Right now, people walking down the street in this outskirt of town were giving them looks. All curious, Deryn thought. Maybe they just want to know what we are, and why there's so many of us. Then Deryn caught a small figure hiding in the shadows. Whether boy or girl, she couldn't tell. But when she looked again, it was already gone.

Deryn looked for the small, slim figure in the shadows again. She craned her neck around Newkirk...and there it was! It was a black-clad boy wearing flight goggles, an odd riding hat, and a scarf. Barely anything was uncovered. He must've been barking hot. He walked casually down the road and appeared quite undaunted to be walking around in such a strange outfit. The natives here were giving him no notice. The black-clothed youth disappeared inside a building in the Center.

"I wonder who that is..." Alek muttered.

"Probably one of the trainers." Dr. Barlow said.

"Wasn't he a tad bit young?" Deryn asked.

"Who knows?" Dr. Barlow said. "He was entire covered, and wasn't all that short."

Just as they neared the Center, a tall, Asian man with glasses and a suit approached them.

"Hello, Dr.Barlow; welcome to the Center of Fabrication and Training." The man greeted politely. Then he gave a little bow. Deryn noticed that the man had a strange accent, probably Japanese.

"Thank you, Dr. Sato." Dr Barlow also bowed back. The captain and the other officers were greeted by Dr Sato in the same way.

"Please follow me to the arena." He said, and gestured towards a large stadium near where the black-clad boy had gone.

"Japan sure" Alek muttered to Deryn.

"Aye it is, but you should see Scotland!" Deryn said. But it was true. Japan was very green. They were surrounded by green mountains, and there seemed to be small evergreen shrubs everywhere she looked.

The arena was a large, dirt filled stadium. There were several targets in the middle of it. Deryn, Newkirk, Alek, and Dr Barlow all sat in the front seats. The seats were on flat ground surrounding the stadium.

"I  wonder what they're going to show us?" Deryn asked.

"Oh, a few of their newly fabricated beasties, certainly." Replied an unfamiliar voice. Deryn looked up to see a golden haired boy with blue eyes, wearing a white tunic-like shirt like the natives. Probably to blend in. Deryn thought. But the poor boy stuck out like a sore thumb. He was carrying a sketchpad and a pencil case. "Mind if I sit here?"

"No, go ahead." Deryn replied. Then, she heard the sound of several loud whistles blowing in unison. The crew of the Leviathan looked alarmed. But the blonde boy just looked calm, turning his eyes to the sky and simply said:"look up!"

Then, several flying figures flew in a V pattern right in the sky where she was staring at. The flying figures zipped over the stadium, and flew right over her head! They were GRIFFINS!

"Why in the blazes did I leave all of my drawing tools at the Leviathan?!" Deryn complained.

"Here, borrow some of mine." The blonde boy beside her ripped out a page and gave her several pencils.

"Thank" Deryn did not know the boy's name

"Julian." He introduced himself, and went back to drawing.

The griffins were magnificent, and Deryn saw a black-clad figure on its back!

" Is he the same one?" Deryn muttered to Alek.

"Maybe, but it would be impossible to tell." Alek said.

The griffins landed, and the boy on the lead griffin scrambled down. He took off his scarf and put a whistle to his mouth. The griffins flew in patterns to the sound. Everyone was in awe. Even more flying figures joined, and they looked like horses with wings. They also flew in patterns.

"Pegasus!" Alek breathed. Even he, the Clanker was in awe of the fabs.

The Pegasus flew for a while, until they disappeared into a door next to the stadium. Then, the trainer inside motioned them to all be quiet, and once they were silent, he took out some sort of flute and blew into it. Strangely haunting melody floewed out.

Then, a night-purple snake with raven- like wings on it's side slithered out. it had ten wings.'Without stopping playing the trainer stepped out of the way of a target and the snake-thing sprayed vicious poison.

The target MELTED. It looked like metal. The trainer stopped playing and scratched the thing on it's head. He motioned clapping, and everyone did.

The trainer stopped scratching the snake-thing's head, and the thing rubbed its head on the trainer, strangely intimate and cat-like. The trainer laughed, and pushed it away. It slithered back where it came from.

"And that," Dr Sato announced. "Is our welcoming presentation!" everyone cheered and started to sparse.

" That was amazing!" Alek yelped.

"Aye! It was!" Deryn exclaimed.

"S-s-ure" Newkirk stammered. Deryn rolled her eyes. She  caught sight of the griffin rider.

No jacket, no goggles, no cap.

Deryn now knew why the rider was wearing so much. Not only because of the cold air in high altitudes, but to cover that face shape and figure.

The rider was a girl.

"Dylan, what's wrong?" Alek asked, when hearing her sharp intake of breath. Deryn was just about to tell him of the trainer, until she caught Julian's eyes, they were pleading and he was shaking his head.

"Err...nothing. Just thought I saw a snake.." Deryn lied.

Julian nodded. "there are lots of snakes around here, most of them poisonous. Wouldn't be surprised if one did get into the stadium."

Alek and Newkirk looked nervous and hurried out.

"Now, was that thing about snakes actually true?" Deryn muttered to Julian.

"Oh, yes. I wasn't fibbing." the boy said. "Thank you for not telling your friend."

"But why? There wasn't anything bad about it...right?" Deryn was confused.

"There are many female trainers," Julian admitted. "Not uncommon, but it doesn't mean that they're allowed to train the ones for military use."

"So it's all a secret?" Deryn asked. "Then why do they let a young girl train griffins?"

"They wouldn't if she just wasn't so good with them." Julian sighed. "It's a bit of a secret here at the center, and if anyone else found out, it would be a bit of a disgrace. They might never let her train with the fabs ever again."

Deryn understood. Wasn't all she ever wanted to do was to be in the air? "Don't worry, I won't tell."

"Thank you." Julian looked relieved. "You don't know how much this means to her."

But I do, Deryn thought. But of course she wasn't going to say that. "But Julian; who exactly is she and who exactly are you?

Julian smiled. "That's irrelevant. You'll find out later anyways. Goodbye." With that he left.

Barking spiders, was everyone this secretive?

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Re: Goliath Fanfic: Play With Fire
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Alek was truly bored. The tour was amazing, seeing all those fabricated beasts. But now, they just sat there and did nothing. Dylan was intently listening into what Dr. Barlow was saying, but Newkirk looked asleep on his feet.

There were several boffins; Dr. Barlow, Dr. Sato, Dr. Starling, Dr. Adams, Dr. Bellamont, and Dr. Yang. The male boffins were all dressed in pristine suits.

"Bored?" Dr. Sato said, startling Alek out of his daze, looking at the dust swirling in the light.

"Um...yes...sorry." Alek was embarrased.

"Well don't worry, the other teenagers will be here soon." Dr. Sato said. "I asked them to introduce themselves to you three."

"Oh, um, thank you." Alek said.

"Oh, look, here they come!" Dr. Sato looked towards the door, and two Japanese teenagers walked in.

One was a girl, dressed in a very slim, almost skintight , long white dress with cherry blossom patterns. She was all smiles, her hair slightly wavey and style in a bun. Her eyes were round and slanted slightly, like a kitten. She was even pretty by European standards. The innocent, content air she had reminded Alek of well...a kitten.

The boy, on contrast, was wearing a black suit, and the two must've been related. They looked very much alike, even though the boy had none of the girl's soft features. His features were similar to the Japanese girl's, but sharper. If the girl was a kitten, then this boy was a tiger.

"These are my two children." Dr. Sato said, proudly. "I'll leave you be now." He then rejoined the other scientists.
"Hi, I'm Clara." The Japanese girl greeted. "And this is my brother Peter." Peter nodded, coolly. The girl had the same soft accent as her father, and Alek thought it was probably a Japanese accent.
"I'm Alek." Alek said.

"Midshipman Dylan Sharp, at your service!" Dylan grinned, Alek rolled his eyes, while smiling, at his friend's introduction.

Clara smiled. Peter just looked as impassive as ever. "And...who are you?" Clara asked, her question directed at Newkirk.

"'m...err...Newkirk. Nichollas Newkirk! [Okay, he has no first name so I made it up!]" Newkirk stammered. He looked a little too eager. Alek caught Dylan's eyes as he raised an eyebrow, and Alek grinned.

"The others should be here now..." Peter frowned, looking at his watch.

"Peter, calm down. You know Julian and James had to finish writing up something for my father, Louise is God knows where, and...." Clara trailed off, and shook her head.

As if on cue, two boys, and another girl walked in. Alek recognized one of them as the blonde haired boy who sat near them during the welcoming show. Except now he was wearing a suit.

The other boy was wearing a dead black suit, and had short light brown hair. He had a sharp jawline and sarcastic blue eyes that looked impatient right now.

The girl...well, she took Alek's breath away. She was startlingly lovely, with curly blond hair in ringlets, and that was styled so part of it was tied, and the other part was flowing. She looked like a beautiful, perfect porcelain doll, with rose-petal coloured cheeks, and china-white skin. Her skin was flawless, she had round, kind blue eyes, the daintiest fingers Alek had ever seen, a small nose, and a cute, small mouth. She was wearing a white, ruffled, silk dress. Alek couldn't help stare at her.

"What took you so long?" Peter asked coldly. Was he always like this? Alek thought. Then he must be insufferable. "Okay, James and Julian, I understand, but Louise? Where were you? Styling your hair?"

"As a matter of fact I was. You need to prepare yourselves for visitors."  With this, Louise smiled shyly under her long lashes at Alek. He blushed. Dylan rolled his eyes extravagantly.

"Now where's that--" Peter began, but was interrupted by the sound of a door opening.

Another Asian girl walked in, except this one was really...bold. She walked with none of the softness that the other Asian girls Alek had seen so far, no ladylike fashion. All eyes were turned on her, and even Alek couldn't deny that she was striking. She was also wearing the same type of dress that Clara was wearing, except in black with a pink peony design. If she noticed all eyes were on her, she appeared quite unaffected, or she was just used to this. Her features were like Clara's except, even sharper and crueler than Peter's. What would've been beautifu, exotic featuresl; lustrous straight black hair left open, a heart-shaped face, cupid's bow mouth, and slanted cat eyes, were destroyed by the cruel demeanor she had on her face. The wolf-like look scared Alek a bit, and she had the blackest eyes he had ever seen.

"You're late." Peter growled. Alek was startled. Peter was cold, but politely so, but now he was just being openly rude.

"Yes, fashionably so." The girl retorted, raising her head up even higher and holding Peter's gaze. By the way those two were glaring at each other, Alek knew there was no lost love between them.

Clara and and the blonde haired girl cringed, the brown haired boy rolled his eyes and looked at the ceiling, and Julian shifted closer to the girl.

"Well, now we're all here, let's reintroduce ourselves..." Clara suggestive.

"I'm Louise Bellamont." The blonde haired girl greeted shyly.

"James Starling." The boy looked bored.

"I'm Julian Adams, but I think you already met me." Julian smiled.

"The name's Yang Fei Lin, if you can't remember that, call me Diana, if you can't remember that, call me Fei [pronoucned like fay, just so you guys know]." The wolf-like girl said casually.

"Um...I'm Alek..." Alek introduced himself again awkwardly. He noticed Dylan staring thoughtfully at the wolf-like girl, as if he recognized her.

"If with all these names, what are we supposed to call you?" Dylan asked the girl.

"Oh, I prefer Fei." She replied.

"And Dylan and that's Newkirk." Dylan pointed to Newkirk who was still staring at Clara.

"So, who are you people?" Newkirk asked.

"Children of those scientists over there." Fei pointed to the boffins standing together, talking.

"Wait...those scientists look familiar..." Then Dylan's jaw's dropped. "You mean, those are the boffins? The ones that created some of the most famous fabricated beasts? Including our ship?"

"Yes." James replied. Newkirk's and Dylans' jaws dropped, Dylan's even wider.

"NOt again..." Julian groaned. "This is why I didn't tell them before..."

"Well, it was nice meeting you, but I gotta go." Fei said, and turned around.

"Already?" Clara was suprised. "But you just--" She stopped suddenly. "Never mind, go."

Alek was surprised about the sudden change.

"You're playing with fire." Peter said coolly to Fei. A spark of anger came to his eyes and Fei's, and even good-natured Julian seemed annoyed. But Alek didn't understand.

"No, you're the one playing with fire, when you play with me in this game." Fei hissed back. Everyone else except the ones that came from Leviathan all looked at each other nervously.

"Remember, the ones that play with fire will only get burned." Peter growled

"Oh, I play with fire, but I'm not afraid of getting burned." With that she stalked away.

Alek was left in a state of confusion, but he knew this fight was the beginning of a war between those two.

"...and then I was there, and everyone was happy." Louise chattered happily to Alek about her story that he wasn't really paying attention to. Alek found it hard to pay attention to any long stories.

"That's interesting." Alek lied, even thought it was a bit boring.

"I know, and--" Louise was cut off by a loud crash.

"What was that?" Alek was startled.

"Oh, nothing, probably the fabs being trained." Louise said, not at all worried.

"Oh, they normally make that much noise?"


"Oh, a little frightening...isn't it?"

"Only if you're not used to it." Louise smiled at him, her beauty taking her breath away. The way her golden hair shimmered in the light, the way that her eyes shone, in all their sky coloured gloriousness, and the way the silk of her pink dress shifted when she moved around.

"Who normally trains them then?" Alek asked.

Louise's smile disappeared. "Trainers. And for the problematic ones, Fei."

Alek was surprised. "Her?"

Louise sighed. "Female trainers aren't that uncommon, but for military fabs, they are."

"Oh, that's great to know..." Alek was cut off by Louise's rant on Fei.

Louise wouldn't stop talking. "Do you know how annoying she is? She's so rude, and unladylike. Seriously, she can't stop interfering with  my life. Me and Julian were together once, and she came between us. She's ruthless! She killed my pet dog! And you know how oh, so sorry everyone is to her? Everybody's sympathetic for her because her mother died, but does anyone not really talk a year after their mother died." She gave Alek a exasperated look. "I mean, my mother died too, at childbirth. Take my advice, Alek, stay away from her. She's dangerous."

"All right, I have no intention of going near her." Alek said truthfully.

"That's good to know," Louise sighed.  "I got to go, my father's expecting me for lessons." She left and waved goodbye to Alek

Alek sighed, thinking of how his past days were spent. No work, and lots of freedom. Most of the time he was around Louise, and sometimes Clara, but only because she was teaching him about music. He didn't see much of Dylan, and when he did, he was always drawing with Julian. He just sat on the bench under a strange evergreen tree, for now.

"I love it how people talk about you, but they don't know you're there." An amused voice sounded from behind Alek. Fei's. Alek was startled and looked up to see her jump out of a tree. What she was wearing were riding boots and pants, a dark green shirt with a leather harness that looked a lot like the ones the Darwinists used on Leviathan.

"Wha--How did you get there."Alek stammered.

She rolled her wolf-like black eyes. "Please, I was there the entire time." Alek's jaw dropped. "And also, total lies she said about me. I did not come between her and Julian, she came between Julian and me. She couldn't stand the attention he was giving me. He was my partner in crime, so to speak, we got into a lot of trouble together." She grinned. "And Julian and Louise were never together, she's lying and being melodramatic. Don't trust her. She's an idiot. Ben dan, in my native tongue, Mandarin. Baka in the language in this country. Idiote in her native tounge, French. In yours, I believe is Dummkopf?" Alek's jaw dropped even further. "I'm curious to why a Clanker is on the Leviathan. But I won't pry. Just be careful of Louise."

"Okay, she told me to be careful of you, and you tell me to be careful of her, who should i listen to?" Alek snapped, but grateful of the sudden change in topic.

"I know you're a Clanker, but I won't pry." Fei said. Alek was relieved. "You're probably there for engine help, those aren't Darwinist engines. Too much smoke." Alek nodded. "More or less," he replied, since she had actually given him the truth.

"But seriously, stay away from Louise." Fei said again.

"Okay, she told me to be careful of you, and now you're telling me to be careful of her." Alek said, annoyed. "Who am I suppose to listen to?"

"Both, either, one of us, or neither of us." Fei suggested. "But what I mean do I explain this? She looks like the perfect, porcelain doll right? And she seems all innocent with those gorgeous blue eyes." Alek blinked, his exact thoughts. "The way she looks, it attracts you, her blonde hair, her blue eyes, they're to die for, am I correct?"


"That's a yes. She may be beautiful, she's still a poisonous snake. And however beautiful a poisonous snake will be, it'll always be a poisonous snake."

"What's that suppose to mean?"

"Tell me, Alek. Do you trust a poisonous snake?"


"Exactly." Fei shook her head. "She's just there with you right now until she runs off with another illegible young man. She doesn't love, just posess."

"How do you know so much then?" Alek snapped.

Fei looked up. "Believe me. I know her more than she'll admit. We all grew up together. James, Julian, Louise, and me."

"Why do you hate her so much?"

"I don't hate her. I just don't want one of her followers to fall into her false trap."


"You know it's true." She closed her eyes and rubbed her temples.

"What was going on with you and Peter the other night?" Alek asked.

"Okay, I could bore you with a long story, but I'm not." Fei said. "He really, really likes me, I don't like him back. Enough?"

Alek nodded. "Then what's with the whole play with fire thing?"

"I was...a dangerous kid." Fei grinned. "I actually played with fire, not to mention beating boys up."

"Oh, um..."

"So, the whole play with fire thing started with me and Julian." Fei said. "We lighted some wood on fire when we were children. He kept chasing after me, and I said 'playing with me is like playing with fire', and so it all started."


"You seem like an interesting person, Alek." Fei said. "And I assume you'll be there when we tour the Leviathan."

"Sure..." Alek said.

"I'll enjoy meeting my future home in the sky." Fei said. "Bye, got to go!" And she ran through the courtyard to another building.

Alek heard about a boffin and his children going on the Leviathan but...oh no.

Looks like the girl wasn't to be avoided.
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Re: Goliath Fanfic: Play With Fire
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"Barking spiders!" Deryn groaned. "Not again." She and Julian were improving their artistic skills. Julian was a barking insane artist, he was doing oil painting right now. Julian just corrected, yet again, on the anatomy of a barking cat. Deryn thought she could things that simple perfectly by now, but she guessed she was wrong.

"Sorry, Dylan, but the jaw was too big, eyes not slanted enough, the muzzle misplaced, and the fur too short." Julian said. "Also, you should darken it more here, here, and here." He then corrected them.

"And I thought Mr. Rigby was strict." Deryn complained.

"Art requires exactness." Julian said seriously.

Nowadays, Deryn didn't have much to do, and it was a bit of a break for the Leviathan's crew members. Dr. Barlow and the other boffins had stuff to do, and it gave Deryn lots of spare time. She didn't see Newkirk much, who was probably stalking Clara, and Alek was going puppy-like over Louise. Deryn wasn't too worried about Louise, Alek knew he couldn't stay here and be with Louise. Deryn did sometimes talk to James about the beasties fabricated in the Center, since he was the most knowledgeable about them. Fei she tried to avoid, but she wasn't that bad, offering them horseback riding lessons, she just scared Deryn. Deryn knew that Fei was the trainer that she saw that first day. But she just seemed to...know too much. Julian she was always around, looking at his art, and getting art lessons from him.

"Can I see your sketchbook?" Deryn asked Julian.

"Of course." Julian replied. And Deryn leafed through his sketchbook.

They were mostly pictures of beasties, but a few pictures of people. Clara, Peter, his father, James, and Fei were the most common ones. Then Deryn saw something that caught her eye, it was water colour, and a painting of a younger James, and two other teenagers. But James looked...Happy in this, not like the sarcastic, closed and secretive way he looked now.

"Julian, what's this picture?" Deryn said.

Julian looked away from the sketching of the yard he was doing to look up. "Oh, that was James when he was fifteen, with his other triplet siblings."

Deryn stared. "Fifteen? Wait, how old is he now? And you?"

Julian laughed. "James is eighteen now, I'm sixteen, Fei's fourteen, Clara's also eighteen, Peter and Louise are fifteen."

"You drew this when you were thirteen?" Deryn was amazed. it was a very lifelike picture.


"What happened to his siblings?"

Julian fell somber. Deryn wished she hadn't asked. "Well," Julian began akwardly. "That was James before he joined the Royal Air Navy."

"He was in the Air Navy?!"

"A midshipman too, in fact, just like you."  


"Yes. And his brother Leonard, is in the navy right now." Julian pointed to the blond haired boy  with blue eyes standing in the middle, grinning. "His sister, Ivy, was a nurse working in the army in the trenches." Julian then pointed to another brown-black haired young girl with a sweet smile and blue-green eyes.

"Wait, was?" Deryn said.

"Yes, she was recently killed when a shell landed where she was working." Julian said softly. "James's mother is dead too, from influenza several years ago."

"Oh, my." Was all Deryn could say.

"He's not the only one with a only one parent." Julian sighed. "Louise's mother died at childbirth. Clara and Peter still have their mother, but Fei's was killed right in front of her eyes."

Deryn gasped. "How?"

"They were in Hong Kong once." Julian eyed Deryn. "Mind you, the whole Chinese and British alliance is kind of edgy. They forced a treaty onto the Chinese and pretty much bullied them after China lost the second Opium War. Hong Kong was British 'owned' since then. There was a protest, and it turned into a riot, and then guns fired off..." Julian looked at the ground. "You've seen the scar on Fei's cheek? Tiny, yes, but that came from the bullet that hit her mother."

"She must hate us." Deryn said softly. She never even knew about the Opium Wars.

"No she doesn't blame you. She's fair, she won't blame you for something you didn't do." Julian said. "I've known her since I was nine, we pratically grew up together. She stayed with us for two years because her father had to travel, and her father and mine are good friends."

"What's this picture? You didn't draw it did you?" Deryn asked. It was two children, probably Julian and Fei, holding hands and laughing. They looked young.

"Oh, my mother did, before she divorced with my father." Julian said flatly. "I got to go." He left

No wonder everyone was so sad, everyone seemed to be missing a parent. Deryn remembered for next time never talk about their parents again.

Deryn ran quickly, trying to find Dr. Barlow to give her an urgent message. She didn't see anyone at the turn in the building, and knocked into James, and fell straight on her bun.

"Ow, barking spiders!" Deryn yelped. Then she glanced at James painfully holding his elbow, and papers scattered everywhere. " James."

"Watch where you're going will you?" He hissed at her and scrambled to get the paper. "I worked an hour trying to sort out all this, now I'll have to do it again!"

"Oh, um...I'll help." Deryn volunteered. She picked up several things that was so barking complicated and all boffin-speak, and also several anatomy drawings of  the beasties. "Julian's work?"

"Yes. Very talented artist." James said, reading all the boffin-speak titled paper.

"You can actually read that?" Deryn asked.

James gave her an exasperated look. "Of course. I'm a doctor, and a boffin in training, don't you forget." He went back to sorting.

Deryn felt embarrased, and then Julian walked in where she and James were hunched over, sorting the papers. "Well, this is quite a mess..." Julian sighed, and picked up papers along with them. "So, sorted by what manner?"

"Chronology, species, and origin of fabrication." James replied, almost boredly.

" you're all boffins in training?" Deryn said.

"Of course we are!" James snapped. "Even though Louise might look like an idiot, Julian's a gifted artist, and Fei's an amazing musician, we're all still scientist in the making."

"Don't bite her head off." Julian soothed.

"She was the one that scattered all of these in the first place." James grumbled. "Give me those papers, I'm gone." He stalked away into a small room down the hall. Ironically enough, the sound of fast, angry notes played high on an instrument, maybe the violin, resonated through the hallway they were standing in.

"Is he always this grumpy?" Deryn sighed. James's manner was indespicable. He was rude, but at least open about it and not pretending to like you while he doesn't.

"Yes, always." Julian groaned. "He's not the only one that's grumpy today." He listened to the fast angry notes.

"Who's thatg playing?"


"Wow, she's good."

"Indeed she is." Julian sighed. "Better stay out of her way for now, until she calms down, and don't let her keep a grudge on you, and never cross her."

"Uh...why?" Deryn asked nervously.

"She'll always get back at you." Julian sighed, again. "Once, Louise and her friends thought it was fun pelting her cat with rocks and killed it. Fei decided to go and poison all of Louise's friends, and her pets."

"Uh...." Deryn trailed off. "How exactly?"

"Put rat poison in their food, told them there was poison, and they didn't believe her." Julian said. "Clever isn't it? Died by the owner's hand, not her's."

Deryn shivered. Fei did sound dangerous. "I'll remember that."

"And don't bring up anything about airships in front of James." Julian said. "Bad memories for him."

"But what exactly happened?" Deryn said. "He always seems so...angry at the world."

"He wasn't like that, not until his sister died." Julian looked sad. "What happened was that one day they were checking altitude. A midshipman was being stupid and fired an air gun in the wrong direction. James ducked, but his friend was blinded when it ricocheted off a winch and hit him in the eye. He was really upset. And not to mention, a week ago, his sister died when shrapnel hit her. And not to mention he's stressed about his brother in the army."

"A lot to take on." Deryn said softly.

"Yes, it is." Julian looked serious. "War wound people, but not all wounds are visible. The ones that aren't hurts the most. Most people don't notice it." Then he gave her a hard look. "But good artists, always notice every single detail. Have a good day, Dylan." He left

Deryn was left cold, and couldn't help wondering if Julian knew more than what he was saying.


Deryn stood in her dress uniform, welcoming the Center's boffins on their tour of the Leviathan. She was pure dead bored. She did nothing except answer a few stray questions. She thought it was funny, the way the boffin's children behaved. Julian was either running everywhere, taking photographs, drawing, or trying to sketch a messenger lizard. James was taking notes, and looked in deep concentration. Louise and Clara looked mildly, yet politely interested. Peter was glaring at Fei the whole time. Fei was running around, getting into people's ways, with a small, strange falcon that Deryn had never seen before perched on a leather patch on her shirt. Even though she wasn't wearing her trainer's outfit, she was still running around in a loose, shapeless shirt, and equally loose and shapeless pants. The shirt looked like two pieces of cloth stitched together with sleeves, very unflattering. But no one was giving her a second glance, since they were all told that this type of clothing was quite common for women. Alek and Newkirk looked a bit bewildered at the sight of a girl wearing pants. Deryn sighed. Fei wasn't the only who wore the pants around here.

"Deryn." Alek whispered to her. "The Count wants to see you."

"Alright." Deryn sighed. What could the sneaky-beak Count want with her?

So Deryn walked down the hall, into the Count's stateroom. She made sure no one followed her on the way. The barking Count knew her secret, and she wasn't too keen to find out what he wanted from her this time.

Deryn rapped on the door, and Volger invited her in.

"What do you want this time, Count?" Deryn said, rudely as she dared to be with Volger

"So rude, but I guess that comes with serving on this mad airship." Volger said.

"Just tell!"

The Count looked evenly at her, his fingers laced together, and set onto the table. "I shall think, Mr. Sharp, that it would be good for Alek if you stayed away from him.

Fei stood at the strange man's door, her ears pressed against it. Her messenger falcon was cleaning its feathers. She loved the messenger falcons that was recently fabricated, only half a year ago. They were small, light, and looked like and had the speed of a peregrine falcon, hitting up to speeds of 300 km per hour on dive. She not only trained the bird to carry messages and small parcels, but to fly to several countries delivering newspapers to her from around the word. Also, they were her alarm system. If it starting bristling its feathers, and stopped, it means it sensed someone but went away. Since the falcons sensed so many things far away, bristling feathers meant nothing to her. Then, if someone was getting closer and closer, the falcon would nip her ear. Gently at first, but then harder and harder. Never enough to draw blood, her beasties loved her too much, and couldn't bare hurting her. But then again...that was all against the rules, to never get too attatched. But Fei couldn't help it, her way of gentleness with the beasties made them love her, not hate. They were companions, not things to be used. Well at least to her.

"...Do you want this time, Count?" Came Dylan's voice. Ah, he was a Count, explains...

"So rude, but I guess that comes with serving on this mad airship."  A man's voice came.

"Just tell!"

"I shall think, Mr. Sharp, that it would be good for Alek if you stayed away from him." The man said. Sarcasm on Mister, or maybe Fei just misheard that...stay away from Alek, but why? Are they not friends?

"Look, he doesn't even know who I really am! And why are you so worried about me getting too close to him, not Louise, or Clara, or Fei! He doesn't know!" Dylan's voice rose higher, and higher, finally hitting a pitch that made her falcon shiver slightly. Ah, he...well...she, Fei supposed, was confirming her suspicions.

"First of all, he's going to leave all of them here anyways. And you know how he keeps avoiding that little Asian girl." Hey! Who was he calling little? Well it was true, people never noticed her, because she was a girl, and she was...diminutive! Not little!

"Alright, but why?! He doesn't have to know! I could still be his friend!"

"The whole reason he came back to this airship was you."


"He could've escaped into Istanbul, but he came back because you convinced him." Nibble, nibble, went the falcon. Very gently, and it wasn't too agitated, so Fei ignored it.

"What did you expect him to do? Sit there and wait for death or something"

"No, but he still had a change to run."

"Forget it!"

Nible, nibble. A bit harder, still not agitated.

"Oh, Dylan? If you don't stay away from Alek, I'm sure the captain would want to hear a very, very, very interesting secret..."

"" Nibble nibble. A little pinch. Her falcon was getting agitated.


"Never mind! Well anyways, you know Fei and her father are coming on this ship?" Dylan said. Fei stiffened. Why did she bring this up?

"Ah, that bothersome little girl." Why you little Wan Ba Dan! Fei cursed at him in Mandarin. Actually pretty vulgar language that would be punishable by grounding.

"Not bothersome...she's very...cunning, and sly." Fei nodded, glad. Nibble, nibble, even harder. Ouch, she thought.

"Ah, I know she's going to be bothersome, that sly, clever, wolfish girl." How many times did she ever get compared to a cat, wolf, or fox? At least one hundred...

NIBBLE! It was hard enough to make her wince, her falcon was very agitated. She finally gave up, and stalked silently into the darkness of the abandoned hallway


Deryn sighed. Tears threatened to form in her eyes. Oh, not you, Midshipman Dylan Sharp, not you! She turned into her cabin opening the door. She peered in...she could swear she saw something...Then she turned on the lights, and found Fei sitting with her feet dangling from the top bunk, watching silently and intently as a hunting cat. Her falcon clung to her shoulder, nibbling her ear almost comically.

"What are you doing here?" Deryn was surprised to see her there. But not very, since the girl had the stealth of a...what was it that James used? A ninja.

"To talk." Fei said evenly. There was nothing threatening or malicious about her tone, but Deryn still suspected something....

"No thanks I don't think---"

"Oh, I'm sure you want to talk, Miss Sharp."

Deryn's blood turned cold.
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Re: Goliath Fanfic: Play With Fire
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Then the falcon on Fei's shoulder squawked loudly randomly, and Fei giggled, and scratch it's head fondly. Deryn was still agitated.

"Want to talk now?" Fei raised an eyebrow.

"Seems like I have no choice." Deryn growled

"Oh, no Dylan, you always have a choice to remain silent." Fei said seriously, a little bit sadly too.

"So can I?"

"Like I said, your choice."

Afterwards, the two of them sat in awkward silence, the only noise being the sound of the falcon's shuffling feathers.

"How did you know? That I was...well, you know." Deryn asked suddenly.

"I eavesdropped on your conversation with, the...count? Or something?" Fei responded, shamelessly. Even a bit casually.

"You eavesdropped. Without anyone finding out." Deryn said flatly.

"Yes, because my falcon here would warn me when someone was near." Fei said. "And I didn't suspect your real gender at first, someone else planted the idea into my head..."

"Who?" Deryn demanded.

"Isn't it obvious?" Fei asked. "Julian."

"How? I mea--"

"He's an artist, not an idiot." Fei cut Deryn off. "He's bound to notice things that others normally won't"

"And not to mention he's a barking genius." Deryn muttered. Why were they all so smart? "Your a clever boots, aren't you? Sneaking up on us like that."

"Yes, genius." Fei said sarcastically. Then her falcon looked alert, and a second later she was as alert as it was. And then the falcon clamed down and Fei dropped her guard. "Let's try to talk more quietly."

"What happened?" Deryn questioned

"Oh, it happens when my falcon senses something."  Fei waved her hand dismissively. "It gets a little too nervous sometimes, but it's a good indicator when someone's there."

"Strange...never seen one before." Deryn commented. The falcon had a black head, blue-gray back, and a white belly. It was even smaller than a crow, but larger than a robin.

"Oh, it was just fabricated a few months ago." Fei began. "It's a messenger falcon and can be used as a messenger for messages and small parcels, and as you can see here, my personal alarm system. It's bred specifically with the life strands of mostly peregrine falcon and American kestrel, but also other small raptors."

"Oh, um...what's it called then?"

"The species?"


"Artemis's Falcon." Then Fei rolled her eyes. Deryn felt a pang inside her. Artemis...her father's name. "They went overboard with Greek mythology names. The griffins were obviously named griffins, the horses with wings pegasus, the snake drakon, and another species of messenger birds Athena's owl."

"Aye, definitely." Deryn felt tired.

"I um...also know something else." Fei dropped her voice.

"What?" Deryn asked, sure it was nothing.

"That boy, Alek? He's the son of Franz Ferdinand, isn't he?" Fei asked. Deryn felt like she was hit by lightning.

"How--" Then Fei took a piece of newspaper from her pocket, and handed it to Deryn.

Sure enough, it was the newspaper that barking Eddie Malone wrote on Alek, and his photograph betraying who he was.

"You read papers from Istanbul?" Deryn asked stupidly, the only thing she could think of.

"Not normally." Fei mused. "This is an exception."

"I didn't think anyone on this side of the world knew about him." Deryn looked down at her hands.

"Hm, I think I'm the only one, besides Julian." Fei sighed. She climbed down from the top bunk and sat next to Deryn on the bottom one. "I tell Julian everything, and he does the same for me."

"How can you trust him?" Deryn asked suspiciously.

"Trust works both ways." Fei shrugged. "It takes two."

"But how did you get a hold of this?"

"When I learned that I was going to travel on the Leviathan with a few of the new fabricated species, I wanted to learn everything about it." Fei began. "I heard it was going to Constan--sorry Istanbul, and I sent a few messenger falcons to Istanbul to get me newspapers in English. The British embassy there gave me this paper." Fei tickled the falcon's chin. "You can imagine my surprise when I saw Alek in the flesh."

"Yes. But what are you going to do?" Deryn asked suddenly.

"What makes you think I'm doing anything?" Fei's eyes widened, although, Deryn thought, it made her look comedic. Small eyes and all...

"Then...why would you tell me this?"

"You'd rather me not tell you I know this, and keep it a secret?"

"Not really...But what are you going to do is my question!"

Fei glanced at the ceiling. "Now I'm certain of your secrets, I'm determined to keep it that way, more than ever."

"Why? We've never done anything good for you, why would you keep it a secret?" Deryn felt confused.

Fei looked her in the eye. Despite her short figure, her eyes and the expression on her face were decades older than they should've been. She hardly looked fourteen. "Because you respect me. No one's really done that before. So I thank you for that, for not crushing me down because I'm a girl and a different race. You wouldn't believe how many people to that. I'm just returning the favour."


"Look, I have to go." Fei looked out the door.

"Alright." She got up to go. "Wait." Fei turned around. "Can you fight?"

Fei looked down, maybe a bit embarrased. "No, I can't. Not properly, basic self-defense."


Fei walked down the to where her friends were standing. She never had many friends, and her first and best one was Julian, after that day...

She still remembered it. Short staccatos in the air. Chaotic symphony. Blooming crisom flowers. Eternally sleeping eyes. She shuddered. Don't think about it, she scolded herself, never think about it...And yet she always failed

"Honestly! Who does that!" She heard Louise screech. Peter explicitly rolled his eyes, she had to smile. Julian tapped his foot in rhythm, a sign of his impatience, and only Fei knew that. Clara cringed slightly, but she was trying to be polite. James was the rudest, putting his palm over his eyes, sighing audibly, and and shook his head. Fei almost laughed, but bit her tongue. Her falcon chortled slightly, because it knew she was happy. Poor Newkirk and Alek just arrived in time to see the melodrama.

"I bet she straigtens her hair!" Louise accused.

"No, it's really that straight." Julian said. "It always was, since the day I met her."

"Oh, really?" Louise snorted. "Then Clara, why is yours wavy?"

"My attempt at curling it. It refuses to." Clara rolled her eyes now.

By now Louise was repeating the same Fei rant all over again. About how unladylike, how dirty, gibberish. And she didn't even notice Fei was behind her. Fei raised an eyebrow and mimed, exaggeratingly, Louise talking behind her back. Clara was making rapid glancing motions to Louise to look behind her, and the boys were all trying not to laugh. Even polite Alek was biting his shivering lip in an attempt not to laugh. Well, except stoic Peter, he was expressionless.

"Oh, really now?" Fei interrupted. Louise mouth dropped open. Everyone burst out in laughter. Julian, James, Alek, and Newkirk had an outburst of laughter, Clara giggled politely, even Peter gave a grin, and to Fei. Fei looked away, not sure how to react. Fei may be a genius at math, science, music, and language arts, but how to deal with boys was a mystery that she cold never solve.

"Julian, can I talk to you?" Fei was serious now. "Outside."

"Yes, you can talk to me anytime. I'll be right outside." Julian answered, but in perfect mandarin. Julian smiled, and Fei had to smile because Julian was pretty much the personification of happiness and friendship.

"What was that?" Alek was confused.

"I believe, that he told her that he'll meet her outside in Mandarin." James responded, almost automatically. "Why don't you greet us in our languages?"

"Sorry, I only speek Gaelic, Mandarin, and English." Julian said. "Not French, Japanese, or Norwegian."

"Gaelic? Where are you from?" Alek asked.

"Canada, but my family is mostly Irish, but I think my grandfather's either British or American." Julian said.

"Canada?" Alek mused. "Not exactly the most commonly heard country."

"Not exactly, now, can we get going?" Fei interrupted. Then she turned to James. "You're Norwegian?"

"My mother is." James shrugged. "Father's Canadian"

"Alright." Fei turned, and Julian followed.

"What do you need to talk to me about?" Julian said, again in Mandarin.

"About Dylan, she's a girl, you were right.." Fei said directly. Their conversation had taken turn to Mandarin, but she still had to say names in English.

"You really don't waste words, do you?" Julian chortled.

"No." Fei grinned. "And I was right, that Alek is the archduke's son."

"Guess we're both geniuses." Julian laughed. Fei melted, he was always so cheerful and sweet and...she jolted herself out of it. He caught one of her silky black strands of hair that was floating in the breeze, and held it to his cheek.  At the same time, he stroked Fei's cheek. Fei melted again.

"You're leaving in a few days." Julian was a bit sad now. "First time you're leaving without me."

"Yes, there's a first for everything, and it's the first time that my father and yours are apart." Julian enveloped Fei into a hug as she thought about it. "Heck, they've been colleagues together for so long you know how to speak Mandarin."

"That was only because my father insisted on my learning of it." Julian said. "Mandarin is important if I need to communicate with you in secret."

Fei smiled this time. "Who knows where the wind will take me this time?"

"Far away, from Japan, Peter, and unfortunately me too." Julian sighed. He was sad, but he over exaggerated it with a whole poor kitten look on his face.

"Alright! I get it! You'll miss me!" Fei laughed, and snuggled in even closer.

"Will you?" Julian asked playfully.

"Of course! You big sha gua!" Fei responded sincerely. Sha gua, another form of idiot, but more endearing.

"And when you call me that, I know you're sincere." Julian joked. He released Fei and held her at arm's length. "Whatever will you be if you didn't call people idiost?"

"I don't know." Fei said. "I'd better get back."

"Alright." Julian said.

Fei couldn't help but notice triumphantly at Louise's jealous stare as she walked away.

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Re: Goliath Fanfic: Play With Fire
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Alek watch as the two midshipman rushed to get things off and on again to the Leviathan, sweat forming on their brows. The past few days were all used on to remove useless things off the Leviathan. The ship may handle a boffin, and his daughter and their miniscule amounts of luggage, but not three pegasus, a few falcons, one griffin, and a drakon. No way. Even though many boffins were staying in Japan, they may only be able to bring half that amount of beasties.

Fei was smart. She ordered a clean-up of the ship. Turns out there was so much useless junk, it was enough to fill all the beasties, but they were still getting rid of more things, just so the ship won't be overweight. Alek had to appreciate Fei's intelligence, even though he still didn't like him very much. But he had to admit that she was right about Louise.

Alek sighed. He hardly got a chance to talk to Dylan these past few days as well. It was almost as if Dylan was avoiding him. He'd see Alek walking up to him, but then he'd get flustered and turn away. Dylan was always with Julian, getting as much art instruction as he could from him before he left from Japan, and he seemed to spend a lot of time around Fei as well.

Alek was sick of the heat here, and as Dylan would put it, it was barking hot. How Fei ran around wearing black and thick clothing all the time was a mystery.

The two midshipman were almost done with moving the useless junk. Newkirk and Dylan plopped down into the shady area of grass and gasped deepling.

"Barking spiders!" Dylan exclaimed. "Who knew that the Leviathan had so much useless stuff?"

"Aye, hard to imagine." Newkirk panted.

"See? The ship weighs a lot less by now." Fei popped out of nowhere and joined the midshipmen's conversation. "I don't have a habit of being tidy, but I have a habit of not wasting space."

Fei had a very scary habit of popping out of nowhere, and dropping into other people's conversations. James joked that she was a ninja, whatever that was. But if ninjas had the skill of stealth and never being seen, then Fei was one. Alek shuddered at the thought of all the things that she might know.

Alek watched the midshipmen sparse, and he wanted to catch Dylan alone. "Dylan!" He called. "Come here."

Dylan gave his usual grin and jogged over. "Hi Alek, barking hot, isn' it?"

Alek laughed. "Just what I'd thought you'd say. But it is indeed barking hot." Dylan grinned.

"Next thing you know, you'll be talking like me!" Dylan exclaimed.

"Probably not, considering how much of a gentleman Alek is." Fei called out, Alek again jumped into the air, and Fei laughed. "Sorry, my friends and family are used to me sneaking behind them."

"Where did you come from?" Alek gasped, shocked.

Fei pointed to the small Japanese maple. "There." And she disappeared behind it to God-knows-where.

"She's a sneaky-beak, isn't she?" Dylan commented.

"She sure is," Alek sighed.

"Alek, I need to tell you something." Dylan was serious, and his face went more calm than usual.

"What?" Alek was a bit scared of what he might say.

"Fei...well, how should I put this?" Dylan scratched his pale blond head. "She...uh...knows...about, your, err, background."

"You mean she knows..." Alek trailed off, Dylan nodded.

"How?" Alek asked. 

"Newspaper." Dylan replied. "Don't worry, she won't tell."

"How do you know that she'll keep her promise?" Alek asked grimly.

"She hasn't told by now." Dylan pointed out. "She's known before we arrived."

"Oh." Alek relaxed, but he felt burdened with the trust for Fei. "She's not exactly trustworthy..."

"Hey, trust works both ways." Dylan shrugged. "At least that's what she told me. I know something that she'll do anything to protect as well."

"Really?" Alek brightened. "What?"

"Guess it's only fair that you know." The young airman sighed. "Remember the trainer, that first day?" Alek nodded. "That was Fei."

Alek's jaw dropped.

"Aye, I know, shocking." Dylan looked away. "Alek..." Dylan looked up again, his eyes filled with pain.

"What?" Alek was suddenly afraid of what Dylan was going to tell him now.

"I think...that it's best if we stay away from each other." Dylan sighed. "My friendship's not going to help you."

"God's wounds Dylan!" Alek swore. "What do you mean?"

"Exactly what I mean." Dylan turned his head away and sprinted away.

Alek felt like he lost his one and only friend. He never felt more alone in his life.

Four months later.
Feburary 5th, 1914
New York City, near the Waldorf-Astoria hotel
Background: Dylan stopped avoiding Alek when Volger stopped being paranoid. But she wants to tell Alek her secret, and has asked Fei to drop hints for him.

"Yes, exactly like that!" Fei exclaimed as Dylan blew a sequence of notes on a commanding flute for the griffins. Alek peeked in. Why were they inside his room?

"Umm..." Alek just mumbled, and the two of them waved at him. They were lying on blankets, on the floor, with their pillows and another blanket. Fei actually looked like fourteen, not older than she actually was, or maybe like a innocent little  girl, when clutching her pillow to her chest and laying her chin on top and looking up with wide eyes. wide as you can call an Asian's eyes...

"We thought we'd have a sleepover in here." Fei explained. "Since we're all going in on the raid anyways, and we're all friends and if something goes wrong..." Fei trailed off, eyes cast downwards. Alek nodded.

"Isn't this kind of awkward?" Alek asked.

"Nope!" Fei laid on her back and crossed her legs. "We're all friends, aren't we?"


"Oh, cheer up, princess." Fei snickered. Alek frowned. He hated when he called her that. He'd rather be called idiot.

"Wait, we're all going in to the hotel?" Dylan frowned. "I thought I was in on the raid to destroy Tesla's death ray." Alek nodded, agreeing to this. The Leviathan had arrived in New York city, outside of the Waldorf-Astoria hotel where Tesla was residing. The crew would be making a raid on midnight to destroy the death ray. And this was no place for a girl to go.

"I have to control the griffin and drakon." Fei explained. "I'm not actually raiding. I'm hiding in an abandoned dumbwaiter after the drakon melts the doors and the griffin carries me there, because it's more stealthy."

"What about me then?" Alek asked.

"You're coming with me." Fei said. "Since everyone will not be watching the prisoners, it's my duty to watch over you while we're both in hiding."

Alek sighed. Fei glanced at his face. "Yes, I know, ridiculous, by the times how much you helped the Leviathan. Well, at least Dylan says that." Fei glanced at Dylan, and he grinned.

"Fei, to fly! Fly!" Bovril chattered from his perch on Alek's cot.

"How does he know that?" Fei had a look of surprise on her face.

"Know what?" Alek tipped his head in confusion.

"My name, literally means the verb fly in Mandarin." Fei said.

"How 'bout we all get some shut-eye, we're waking up pretty early, at 2 in the morning." Dylan suggested.

"You two do that, I just woke up from a five hour nap." Fei said.

"Good idea." Alek climbed onto his cot. "Are you sure you two are okay on the floor?" But his question was mostly for FEi, but she would be insulted if she was treated like she was inferior to males.

"No, real men sleep on the floor." Fei grinned and winked at Dylan. "Right Dylan?"

"Yup!" Dylan and Fei convulsed in laughter, in some joke that Alek didn't share.

"Mr Sharp!" Bovril cackled, and Fei glared at it. Bovril seemed to shrink back.

And so Dylan and Alek tried to sleep, and Fei was reading Origin of Species with the lamp on. Alek noticed her eyes looked less black, and more of a warm brown in the lamplight. She was rubbing the thin, diagonal slash of a scar, no bigger than her index finger width on her cheek, a habit Alek knew that she did when she was thinking. After several minutes of trying to sleep, Alek flipped over.

"I can't sleep!" Dylan exclaimed, also getting out of his blanket.

"Me neither!" Alek chimed in, as Fei sighed.

"How about I tell you a story?" Fei suggested.

"Are you serious?" Alek criticised, certain that Fei was being sarcastic.

"As a matter of fact, I am." Fei said seriously.

"Okay, then what?" Dylan rolled onto his stomach to face Fei.

"Liang Shan Bo Yu Zhu Yin Tai." Fei said, a stream of Chinese. "Or, the Butterfly Lovers, like the ancient Chinese version of Romeo and Juliet."

"Sure, why not?" Alek was skeptical.

"Or, Hua Mu Lan, the famous girl disguised as warrior in place of her father and was general of the army for twelve years?" Fei suggested. "Who happened to lead a troop of 1000 men and won against three thousand?" Fei was somehow pointedly looking at Dylan. Alek wondered why.

"First one definitely." Alek chirped.

"Okay...So, the story starts with Zhu Yin Tai, who lived with her family, who was rich, on a village on the Yellow River bank." Fei began. "She was a beautiful, and intelligent, and willful young woman. At that time, females weren't allowed to go to school, but she convinced her father to let her go, in disguise of a man."

"More woman disguised as men?" Alek rolled his eyes.

"Sh! I want to hear this!" Dylan hushed him.

"As I was saying, before princess here interrupted, she was disguised as a man to go to school." Fei continued. Alek rolled his eyes again. "There, on a pavillion outside of school, she met class mate and best friend Liang Shan Bo. They felt yuan fen, a type of prosperous meeting, and were quick friends. Now the problem was, Yin Tai fell in love with Shan Bo, but she didn't know how to tell him. And it had been THREE years since they met, and were roomates, but the idiot man did not have a SINGLE clue about her true nature." Fei stopped and glared at Alek this time, and Alek had a look of surprise on his face. Why would she be referring to him?

"So, Yin Tai tried dropping  hints to Shan Bo, such as comparing them to mandarin ducks." Fei saw the look of confusion on Alek and Dylan's faces, and she explained. "Mandarin ducks symbolize together forever in China. Mandarin ducks mate for life, and if one of their mate dies, they mourn themselves to death. So they are often in marriages, and can probably also be referred as a symbol of undying love.

"But of course, the IDIOT didn't take the hint, and he was still being stupid." Fei stopped to glare at Alek again. Alek felt hurt. "He finally realized when he dropped by her house, and found out that his years-long friend was female.

"Then, the two of them fell deeply in love, as though nothing could seperate them. But then, Zhu Yin Tai's father ordered her to marry a rich man, and she had no choice but to obey." Fei sighed, and Alek and Dylan were enticed at this point in the story.

"What happened?" dylan asked eagerly.

"Listen, will you?" Fei said irritably. "So when Liang Shang Bo heard of this, and he was working in the government as a scholar or something at that time, he became weak and frail, and died of heartbreak."

"Cheerful, isn't it?" Dylan muttered.

"Shush!" Fei was irritated yet again. "So, on the day of Zhu Yin Tai's marriage, a series of storms will not let her go to the place of marriage, and she ended up at Liang Shan Bo's grave. She was mourning, for him and their love, when the earth on his grave split in two and bright light streamed out. Zhu Yin Tai, without hesitation, jumped into the grave, and the earth closed up again, as if nothing happened. Then, two butterflies leaped out of the grave, the souls of Zhu Yin Tai and Liang Shan Bo, were reunited and never seperated again, living in love forever after." Fei made flapping motions with her hands, although the butterfly she was imitating looked more like a pigeon.

"That was...bittersweet." Alek commented.

"Aye, indeed." Dylan agreed.

"You'll sleep now?" Fei asked.

"Sure." Dylan replied, turning around and pulling up his blanked. "G'night."

"You too." Alek did the same.

Fei sang a strange lullaby in Chinese, but soothing nontheless as they both climbed into bed. Alek felt comfortable and soothed, and was fading away  to sleep with Fei's humming.

Alek closed his heavy lids, and slept.

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Re: Goliath Fanfic: Play With Fire
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"Alek! Wake up!" Alek blinked opened his eyes sleepily to find Dylan's face in the gloom of his room.

"Wha--" Then Alek remebered. Tesla raid. "I'll wake Fei up."

Alek walked over where Fei was sleeping. She was sleeping like a cat, and hugging the blanket to her chest. She looked so sweet and innocent, Alek felt a little regretful when he shook her awake.

"Lemme 'lone." Fei groaned, burying her head into the pillow further.

"Fei, wake up! RAID!" Alek shouted. And then Fei's black eyes snapped into attention.

"I'm up!" Fei jumped up and out the door. She slept in her riding clothes, and she was fully prepared. Alek unfortunately had to get dressed in the harness and riding pants and boots on his bed, which he had no idea how to put on. After few minutes of struggling, he was finally fully dressed.

Alek heard Fei and Dylan talking outside of his room. "As Confucius says it, three things cannot hide forever, the sun, the moon, and the truth." Fei murmured. "Dylan, someone's going to find out, sooner or later."

"Aye, but...not really ready, you know?" Dylan replied gruffly.

"What are you guys talking about?" Alek poked his head outside, to see them conversing. Dylan's face was in his hands, and Fei's was unreadable.

"Dylan about...uh...his um...age when he joined the army." Fei finally blurted out.[Fei's making a GOD I'M A BAD LIAR because I stutter face here but Alek, as usual, does not notice]  Alek was understanding, a truth was hard to get out.

"Really? Then Wha--" Fei cut Alek off by pulling on his arm and heading over ot the direction of the rookery.

"Come on, princess," Fei said. "We got to go."

So Alek and Fei boarded a griffin, with Fei on front, controlling the reins. Alek noticed the griffin's back was a lot like a horse's. What really made him nervous was the drakon flying beside them, and Alek wasn't sure that Fei could control it with only a little flute.

Alek felt the winter chill on his face as they slipped outside into the night. Both the griffin and drakon blended into the midnight sky. He couldn't help but feel a thrill of excitement. "This si amazing!" He commented in a whisper, and Fei looked back to grin.

Then, the griffin was hovering during a dark part of the hotel, and Fei played a sequence of notes. The drakon spat acid, and the glass melted. It slipped in, and the griffin did too. It landed right inside, and Alek's eyes widened at the hole the drakon made. Then Fei piped another sequence of notes on her flute, and the drakon and griffin flew off into the dark form of the Leviathan taht Alek could barely make out.

"Follow me." Fei whispered, grabbed Alek's forearm, and ran softly. Alek followed. She always looked every way before going across a hallway.

"You know where to go?" Alek breathed.

"Yes, i sneaked in here, unfortunately the caught me, and searched this place. Father wasn't pleased about it." Fei whispered back. "But, since they searched this place, they won't do it again. There's no safer place to hide than where the enemy's already searched."

Fei motioned stop, and she opened a little door, to which looked like a large cupboard. It was the dumbwaiter she told Alek about. They both climbed into the cramped space, forced against each other. Alek had to force the claustrophobia down. Fei sighed softly and closed her eyes. Alek tried to sleep, but after what felt like a few minutes, loud sounds filled the air. He recognized the sharp pinging of bullets, and the sound of gunshots. Fei whimpered a little when she heard the gunshots, and she kept shaking a little every single time the bullets flew. Alek felt sorry for her. Her mother died in front of her when she was shot, and the poor girl couldn't stand anything that sounded like gunshots. Loud noises, and thunder especially, terrified the young rider.

Fei shivered violently again, and Alek put an arm around her shoulder, and rubbed her back. She fell more still after that. Alek could only wonder what Dylan was doing right now, but he hoped that Dylan would make it out alive. He couldn't imagine what life would be like if the energetic young airman died in this raid.

Eventually, after forever, the gunshots stopped. It was silent for a few minutes, until the ringing klaxon of the Leviathan announced victory, and safety for the Alek and Fei to come out.

"I go out first, princess." Fei stopped Alek as he eagerly tried to scramble out of the cramped space.

"Why?" Alek questioned.

"Because I can fight." Fei replied. Alek hated admitting it, but what she considered 'self defense' many would say she fought better than them.

"I can fence!' Alek argued.

"Yeah? See any swords around here?" Fei pointed out.

"Alright." Alek gave in.

Fei climed out, looked both ways, and motioned for Alek to come out as well. She took Alek by the hand and put him into a storage closet, a little less cramped, in a more central part of the hotel.

"You stay here, no matter what, don't come after me." Fei growled, and handed Alek her flute. "If I don't come back in twenty minutes, blow as hard as you can into this flute, and one of my falcons will hear you, and crew will pick you up. Leave without me."

Alek's eyes widened, and he looked into Fei's dark ones. Fei's eyes were unreadable as usual, opaque and black as onyx. But her face was calm, determined, and the face of a soldier going off to war he knew he might die in. Then she grinned. "Don't worry, I'm preparing you for worst-case scenario. All of the German soldiers are either dead, unconcious, or prisoners." Alek calmed down, and Fei ran off, her footsteps nearly silent. Alek was nervous, his heart a trapped hummingbird in his chest. He heard Fei yelp and sob, and Alek, without thinking followed the sound.

Alek poked his head into one of the destroyed hotel suites. Fei looked smaller than usual, a German soldier looming over her. The soldier's face softened, and dropped his weapon, a long metal pole. "Oh, you're just a gi---" He never got to finish  his sentence in crude English, as Fei punched his nose and broke it, and knocked him out. The second soldier that came in from the bathroom wasn't much luckier, he ran to Fei, and she just stood there, and he ran straight into her fist, knocking him out as well. The third came out of nowhere, and took Fei by surprise. She was punched in the face, and was sprawled on her back. She jumped up, wincing, but producing a long dagger as long as her forearm from her hidden belt that Alek didn't even know was there. She slashed the air in front of the soldier. She made several lacerations on the German's arm before her blade was knocked out of her hands, and suffered several punches all over her body. She shileded her face and stomach and chest with her  arms. Alek wanted to help, but he was stuck frozen there. Fortunately, Fei's hands found the long metal pole the first German soldier dropped, and with lightning pace smacked it onto the German's head, with an ugly sound as the german fell back. Just for extra precautions, Fei took her dagger off the ground, and slapped it against the German's jaw. Hard. With a cracking sound. She stood panting, and she caught sight of Alek.

"I told you to stay in the closet!" She yelled in a hoarse voice. "And I was only pretending to be harmless so the Germans would think I was just some stupid girl."

"You look bad." Alek's eyes widened. Her left cheek had already bruised into an ugly yellow-ish green colour, her left wrist was swelling up, and she was bleeding on her right forearm.

"Yes, but I'm alright. I've had worse." She mumbled. "Damn it! I sprained my wrist" Alek rarely heard Fei swear, but he guessed she had a right to do it now. She pulled out bandages and secured her sprained wrist and the gash on her arm.  And then Alek caught the sight of a strangely familiar sandy blonde familiar. The tall skinny form..."DYLAN!' Alek cried and ran over to him by the window.

Dylan looked bad. Blood covered his front shirt, and he was a sickly white colour. Alek put a finger to his neck. A heartbeat, not that weak, but not as strong as usual.

"Alek, let's get him back to the Leviathan." Fei's voice was strained. Why? Alek wondered, because Fei was a good nurse, had bandaged hundreds of wounds of soldiers before, even extracted pieces of shrapnel once or twice, what did she have to be afraid of?

"You have antiseptic and bandages right? We can help him here." Alek grabbed a knife lying on the floor, and ripped through Dylan's shirt.

"Alek no!" Fei shouted, but it was too late. Alek had already cut away the shirt.

The was wrong. He forced his eyes away from the wound on his stomach, more up.! Why?! Alek fell on his bottom, and put his face in his hands. "No!" He screamed.

Fei limped over to Dylan, and checked the wound. "Oh good. The wound's shallow, but she's lost a lot of blood. She has a fever, and we have to carry her out of here." Fei murmured, but Alek hardly heard the words. kept ringing in his head. Fei bandaged the wound. "Alek?" Fei looked up, and the morning sun drifted into the window, highlighting the scar and giant bruise on her face. Fei's face was one of pleading, even her wolf-like, onyx-coloured eyes stretched wide.

"Why! Why didn't she tell me? Why--And I told her everything! She couldn't tell me, don't tell me that!" Alek yelled at Fei just as she opened her mouth. "What a lying little...Why did I even trust my--" Alek was interrupted, by a slap on his cheek. He blinked stupidly as the stinging sensation went away.

"Better now?" Fei said with cold rage.

Alek stilled blinked, frozen there.

"I;ll take that as a yes." Fei growled. "I don't give a hoot if she lied to you. She lied to everyone, not just you! And if we don't get her back to  the hooting Leviathan on time, she'll die." Fei grabbed Alek's shirt and pulled him up, with surprising stand. Her eyes were even more cold than ever, and the rising sun's light turning them to an almost amber colour. "Understand?" Her face was thrust in front of his. Alek nodded. Even at her height, barely scraping by five feet one, she was still intimidating. "Good. You carry Dylan, and I'll watch for any idiots in our path." She muttered something like 'hooting foxes' but Alek wasn't sure if she said that 'shooting boxes'.

Alek carried Dylan, or whatever her name was, in his arm, and followed a limping Fei.

As Dylan would have put it, the world had gone completely barking spiders.

Fei put her hand on Dylan's forehead. She didn't know her real name, because she didn't want to accidentally blurt it out. Great gods in heaven, Dylan was burning up. Fei rubbed her sleep-starved eyes, and she tried to avoid mirrors these days. She knew how awful she must look with the several lacerations and bruises on her body.

But right now, her real concern was Dylan. She was brought into the Leviathan half-dead, and finding Dr. Barlow, and only Dr. Barlow to heal her was hard. And hiding the truth from Fei's father was even harder. She only brought Dylan's clothes up at the stomach and not above, so her father won't see the truth.

Why the hell didn't I stop Alek?! Fei cursed herself. Fei turned around for a minute, bandaging a wound, and his knife was already ripping though her shirt. There was no way to stop it. That dummkopft of a prince was refusing to visit Dylan, and Fei was tiring of watching over Dylan. But someone had to do it, but Fei hadn't slept for thirty-six hours. She was going to snap sometime soon if she kept this up. Her eyes were swollen from the sleep-deprivation, and the pain throughout her body was stinging like fire.

Dylan tossed, but she was still unconcious. She had been for three days. Her temperature of fatally high, and Fei and Dr. Barlow had done everything they could to help her.

"You are NOT going to die, you hear me?" Fei growled lowly in her throat. "I'm not letting a friend die, not this time" Fei dropped to the floor, and cradled her face with her hands. Too many friends, family, friendships, love, and people she cared about died, when they deserved to be alive. And she's seen people cry, when too many times, when their loved ones deserved to be alive. Her mother...Timmy...George...Helen...Ivy...Benjamin...Lucy...even James and her father in a way, she'd lost all of them to death or hate...or plain loneliness and heartbreak. But no, not this time. Dylan was NOT going to die.

She was stubborn, and so she will try her hardest to make it happen. "Stubborn as a mule, and twice as fiery," Julian teased her before. She wished he was here. Damn, damn, damn Julian! What I'd do to have you here, and near. Oh, I wish you were here. Fei could use her bit of sunshine in the dark, and her sunshine was Julian.

She loved him, she couldn't deny it, but if they were together they'd both be rediculed because of discrimination. Against her. Against her skin colour. As a girl. Her race, and herself as a person.

"This isn't fair!" Fei screamed, at no one in particular. "Why is it all unfair? Why does it hurt so much? Why did everyone around me have to die?"

Fei did something she didn't do for years, not since her mother's death. She let salty tears spill out of her eyes. She cried.

~~~A Day Later~~~

Fei was almost unable to keep her eyes open. Pinching herself had stopped working, and her sore body also wouldn't keep her awake. Forty eight or so hours without sleep. That's it, she was finding Alek to watch over Dylan.

Dylan's health had improved a bit. Her body temperature was out of the dangerous range, an average fever temperature, and the wound was showing no signs of infection. But her body was tired, and her it was still dangerous with a fever for so long...Fei's vision blurred, and she staggered, from both the hurt leg and dizziness.

"Alek, open up." Fei croaked, voice hoarse and tired as she felt.

Alek opened the door and eyes widened. "You look bad." He blurted out.

"No, I just haven't slept in four days, I look wonderful." Fei said sarcastically. Alek flinched.

"What are you doing here?" Alek asked, not hostilely, but curiously.

"I need you to watch Dylan for me be--" Fei was cut off when Alek grabbed her cut shoulder. Fei flinced, but said nothing at all.

"Don't ask me to do that!" Alek growled at her. "You know she--"

"I don't care if she lied to you!" Fei cried, suddenly filling with energy. "She might die, you know that? She was close to dying a few hours ago, and I was the only one watching her! I don't care! I honestly don't! She has a fever that refuses break, and there's risk of infection, viruses, and the gods know what else!"

"That bad?" Alek's eyes widened.

"Yes! And for four days, I haven't slept, watching over her. Would it kill you to spend A FEW HOURS of your precious time while I take a well-deserved NAP?" Fei yelled, and staggered, and almost fell, Alek steadied her.

"I'll do it, Fei, but only for you." Alek said coldly.

"She's your friend too." Fei glared at him.

"She lied." Alek refused to be swayed.

"I did too." Fei pointed out. "You did to me as well Alek, don't deny it."

"But I told her everything." Alek whispered, sadly.

"Yes, but that doesn't mean she has to tell you everything as well." Fei shot back

"How would you understand?" Alek snapped.

"I've had backstabbing friends that died later." Fei said flatly. "I don't care they lied to me and told me I was stupid, all I wanted was them back again. Alek, don't be like that, you could really lose Dylan." Fei's voice cracked at the end of the sentence. She closed her eyes.

"All right." Alek sighed. "I'll keep that in mind."

"Wake me up if there's any change." Fei yawned, and walked back to her cabin. She plopped onto the cot, and fell asleep in no time.

~~~One Hour Later~~~

"Fei! Fei!" Alek shook Fei, as she groaned. Fei felt more well-rested, but it felt like minutes, it was not enough.

"I don't know what's wrong with Dylan!" Alek looked panicked. "She's tossing, and turning and--"

"Shut up." Fei told him calmly, and ran down to Dylan's room.

"Barking spiders!" Dylan yelled in her sleep, then muttered something, turning the other way. Fei was worried about the wound opening up, but Dylan wasn't moving around too much. Fei's heart pounded, wondering what could be wrong. She was edging closer and closer to panic, but sent it away from her mind. She needed to remain clearheaded and icy calm. But that did not calm her pounding heart.

Pulse...still fine...wound...clean. Wait, why did she feel colder than usual. Fei put her hand on her own forehead, and then Dylan's. Dylan's was hotter, but hardly significant, Fei had a body temperature colder than others. That meant...

"Well, how is she?" Alek asked anxiously. He still matter how much he tries to deny it, Fei thought.

"Her fever broke," Fei breathed, relieved. She felt lightheaded. Whether it was because of the sudden relief, sleep deprivation, or stress, she saw blackness, and collapsed on the floor, fainted.
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Re: Goliath Fanfic: Play With Fire
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Deryn groaned. Her head hurt, her arms hurt, her back hurt, and her stomach was on fire..."Barking spiders! What happened?" She exclaimed as her head cleared out. She saw Fei standing there, a corner of her mouth kinked up in a half-smile.

"Hm...Let's see." Fei tapped her chin. "You went on a raid into the Waldorf-Astoria hotel to destroy the death-ray, you got wounded, me and Alek brought you back on the ship, and you've been out for about ten days." Fei then looked thoughtful. "No, not really...You've been in and out of it."

"Ten days?" Deryn tried to sit up, but Fei pushed her back.

"Oh, no, don't sit up without help," the young rider warned. "You don't want the wound on your stomach to open up again."

"Oh, barking spiders!" Deryn complained. "How many wounds do I have?"

"That's the only major one, but you're black and blue all over." Fei grinned, but winced, like it hurt her face. Then Deryn noticed the giant, rotten banana coloured bruise on her face. No wonder it hurt. "You've lost a lot of blood, got a high fever, and nearly died."

"Way to break the news." Deryn muttered. Then she looked at Fei again. She looked unheathily pale, her wrist was in bandages, her eyes were red, and she was walking with a slight limp. Deryn thought she saw blood on her clothes, and what was that on her arm?...

"Fei." Deryn started.


"Roll up your sleeves for me."

Fei looked a bit nervous as she rolled up the sleeves of her dark green shirt. Her arms were bruised, in various shades of pale green to a dark purple spotted with yellow. Deryn winced, at the sight of them.

"What happened?" Deryn asked softly.

"Oh, I picked a fight with three men and this was the result." Fei waved her hand dismissively like it was nothing. "This was the result of fighting the third one. The first two were easy to knock out, but i have bruises like this all over my body."

"Feeling okay?" Deryn said sympathetically.

"Yeah, felt better, but have definitely been worse." Fei did a half-smile again.

"Worse?' Deryn arched an eyebrow.

"Don't ask." Fei chuckled, then her face fell grim. "You were aware when I told you hyou had a stomach wound right?"

"Stomach--" Deryn's eyes widened. "Oh, my God."

"Yeah.." Fei flinched.

"So who knows?" Deryn breathed.

"Me, that arragont count, Dr. Barlow...and..." Fei flinched. "Alek." Deryn gasped. "I should've stopped him." Fei said wretchedly. "I could've, but I turned around for a minute and he was ripping your shirt apart with a knife, he didn't even listen to me. I'm sorry." The words 'I'm sorry' came out so awkwardly out of Fei's mouth. Deryn knew how hard it was for the stubborn girl to apologize, if she apologized at all.

"Fei, don't blame yourself." Deryn soothed. "You didn't make him rip my shirt apart...but is he...ah..."

"Angry? Mad? Hurt?" Fei finished for her. "Hell, he makes mad griffins seem tame, let's leave it at that."

Deryn closed her eyes to stop the tears. She should've told Alek sooner, or else she wouldn't be in this spot. But how? Every chance was ruined by Dr. Barlow or Newkirk, or the barking Germans...and Fei dropping many hints did not work as well. And besides, he'd run a mile from her. She sighed.

"Hey, you told me that the dummkopft of a prince would run a mile if he found out you were a girl." Fei shrugged, and she pretty much read Deryn's mind. She had the other annoying habit of doing that.

"True." Deryn sighed. There was a knock on the door. Fei covered Deryn up. She sneaked by the door suspiciously. She was obviously having a whispered conversation with the person outside, and finally let him in. Alek.

The look in his eyes was enough to break her heart. He looked cold, hurt, and furious. She seen that look before, but never seen it directed at her. She flinched, and groaned softly from the pain that racked her body when it happened. Even Bovril riding on his shoulder was once without words. Fei grabbed Alek's shoulder, and she gave him a look of warning that said: Control yourself. Alek slumped a bit at her, and sighed softly. Alek looked harshly at Deryn, catching her eyes in an unbreakable gaze.  Deryn's face flushed, and Fei was caught in the middle of their glare. Alek glared right over her head. She looked back and forth, helplessly between them, and she looked awkward.

"Well...this is awkward." Fei said wryly.

"Of course it is." Alek said sardonically, but kept his eyes on Deryn. There wasn't much she could do, lying there.

"Hi." She croaked. Alek glared again, she flinched, and groaned again.

"Why?" Alek asked suddenly.

"What?" Deryn was confused.

"Why didn't you tell me?" Alek had a pleading and angry look on his face at the same time. "I told you everything. Why not for me? Why Dylan?"

"You'd said you'd run a mile!" Deryn accused, angry, she tried to sit up but Fei pushed her back.

"I thought I could trust you!" Alek yelled, waving his arms, she never seen him this angry. "Maybe Volger was right when I shouldn't make friends with you damned Darwinists!"

Deryn narrowed her eyes. "Now wait a minute--"

"All you did was lie!" Alek accused.

"Other than not telling you that...what I am, I never lied!" Deryn screamed back.

"Keep it down!" Fei warned. Then she directed a scornful look at Alek. "You know what? You're getting out of here." Fei dragged Alek away. "I need to talk to you." Fei looked at Deryn. "Try to keep still, and if anyone knocks, sound like you're sleeping."

Fei shut the door.

She could hear Fei yell something at Alek, but then it was quiet after that. But nothing would be right again. Alek's handsome face distorted into a glare was something she couldn't forget, his emerald eyes like twin flames, burning hatred into her. She wished she could do something about it.

Deryn put her hands on her face tears started flooding her eyes.

"Look, what's your problem? I thought we talked about this!" Fei shouted exasperatingly at Alek. "I told you to be gentler about it! Instead you just go out and yell accusations at her, and she you!" Fei's jaw and fingers clenched together tightly.

"Look, I can't help it, alright, Diana?" Alek told back, and purposely called her by her English name to annoy her.

"Don't call me that!" She hissed.

"Like you keep calling me 'princess'?" Alek growled.

"That was a joke!" She defended, lowering her voice. "Obviously my talk to you didn't help."

"No, it didn't" Alek glared at her.

Fei turned around and slammed her fist into the wall. And again.

"Wait! What are you doing?" Alek grabbed her arms. Her knuckles weren't even red, she was just wanting to make noise and rhytm, another one of her habits when she was angry. Fei gave him a bored look.

"Alright!" Fei threw up her hands in fustration. "You're angry. why?"

"She lied and--" Alek was cut off when Fei motioned silenced.

"No." Fei's onyx eyes looke dinto Alek's. "You're angry because Dylan didn't trust you enough to tell you."

Alek gasped, and realized Fei was right. He dropped into a chair, the only chair in Fei's bunk. Bovril made cooing noises, and he ruffled it's fur.

"Mr. Sharp." Bovril said sarcastically. Oh, now he knew what it meant.

Fei took her falcon onto her shoulder pad, and nodded at Bovril. "You should've listened to your loris more." She always called Bovril 'the loris', probably because of how she was never allowed to bond with her beasties, or else the beasties would be either tortured or killed. She never really got attached after that.

"Yes, I should've." Alek sadly tickled Bovril's neck fur, and it chortled in delight.

"And me." Fei glared.

"Wait what--"  Alek then stopped. "Oh, my goodness. Those stores, Butterfly Lovers, Mu Lan, Joan of Arc, all those female warriors or women in disguise--Those were all hints, weren't they?"

"Yay for the sha gua prince." Fei mumbled. "Figures out way late."

Alek couldn't help but smile. "Did you just call me sha gua?"

"Yes, I did." Fei grinned, that term for idiot was often used on closer friends, namingly, Julian and James.

"Am I your close friend?" Alek joked.

"Yes, you are." Fei hugged her knees as she sat on the floor. Alek felt guilty by taking the only chair. "Refusal, betrayal, or criticism from close friends hurt more than a strangers, doesn't it? The closer they are, they harder we fall."

Alek nodded sadly. "I agree." Then Alek considered something. The way Fei was cold around everyone and everything, not letting anyone get too close to her heart..."You're afraid to love, aren't you?"

Fei's eyes went misty, and Alek was startled. "Yes," she croaked. "I can't help it. Everyone I cared the most about were torn away from me." She again rubbed her slashed scar.

"Oh." Alek couldn't say anything else. "Did you know about Dylan?"

"Yes, mainly because I actually guessed, not because i actually saw." Fei looked at Alek witheringly. He threw his hands up in a sort of surrender. "But Alek, you were going to find out in some way, and your response is going to be the same." Alek tried to interject, but failed. "No, really. Whether because she told you or not, it was always going to be like this. But Alek, don't blame her. She just wanted to chase her dreams of flying. I would've done the same."

"But women are suppose to stay at home." Alek grumbled.

Fei gave Alek a comtemptuos glare. "What about me?"



"But, women are suppose to be ladies, to take care of children." Alek said.

"Why, I may ask?" Fei stretched her eyes wide...well, wider.

"Um...because you're suppose to?" Alek shrugged. "An men have more power?"

"And if we took that all away?" Fei questioned. "What if women were given the opportunity to do the same things? What then?"

"We'd be equal." Alek admitted.

Fei nodded. "Exactly. Me and Dylan both wanted to be equal and not be treated inferiorly to others. Don't be too angry at her, Alek. She just wanted to do what she wanted, and that young airman you see is exactly what she is."

Alek sighed. "yes...I know but..."

"Dylan was trying to protect you, believe it or not." Fei insisted. "She didn't want you to think that she would be better in you in some ways, that women could be better than men. She was protecting your feelings and pride too, and preserving trust, and protecting herself as well. But can you really blame her?"

"Go back, and talk to her, calmly." Fei suggested. "Nothing hurts more than your rejection."

"Alright." Alek rose from the chair, and placed Bovril on Fei's lap. "Take care of him."

"I will." Fei looked up.

Alek walked back to Dylan's cabin. I can do this, he told himself. He took a deep breath and walked in.

"I'm sorry." Alek blurted out, as  he walked in, and Dylan's eyes flooded with hope.

"Let's start this over: Hi." She grinned.

"You too." Alek grinned back. "I'm sorry, I overreacted."

Dylan shrugged, or at least tried. "I expected nothing less than anger from you, Alek."

Alek sighed. "I'm really sorry Dylan, I didn't mean it, I was angry because I thought that you thought I was untrustworthy."

"That's okay." She sighed, lying on her bed. Her gray-green eyes started to have more life in them, and colour was returning to her face.

"I can't keep calling you Dylan." Alek inisisted. "What's your name?"

"Deryn." She replied. Deryn. Deryn Sharp. The name rolled around in his mind. He liked the sound of it.

"It's pretty." Alek commented.

"Thanks." Deryn sighed. "I think you know that Fei knew before you...and so did the count."

Alek's jaw dropped. "He knew? Is that why he wanted you to avoid me?"

"Aye, paranoid, he was." Deryn muttered. "Barking spiders, everyone knew."

"Except me." Alek grumbled. "You know, with the sneaking around so much and putting pieces together, the feminism, Fei's reminding me of Lillit." Alek gasped. "Wait...Lillit! If you..."

"No! Please don't bring that up!" Deryn groaned, and her arm came out of her blanket, and slapped her forehead. "I didn't like her that way!"

Alek couldn't help it, he tried to stuff down the laughter, but came out as a snort. Deryn grinned. "Disgusting, i know."

"Yes, I agree." Alek grinned.

"But you know...Fei's special." Deryn said suddenly. "Yeah, she fights, feminist, sneaks around, clever...but Fei's just different you know? She doesn't seem her age, she's way too smart, and she's a bit...broken in ways, if you know what i mean."

"Yes, I do, she is anything but ordinairy." Alek agreed. "And she did have a hard past."

"Alek, can you do me a favour?" Deryn blushed for some reason.

"What?" Alek tipped his head.

"Well, I'm getting really uncomfortable lying here, I want to sit up." Deryn said. "I need someone to help me sit up...but I'm not wearing anything." Deryn blushed, and looked sheepish.

"Well, I've seen you shirtless before, so it's not like it'll bother me." Alek tried to sound understurbed.

But what Alek didn't notice as he came in, was that he forgot to fully close the door. The door slowly opened. As he helped Deryn sit up, he noticed a loud gasp. Newkirk, his mouth wide open. Staring at Deryn sitting.Before Alek could do anything, he was backing away.

Newkirk ran.
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Re: Goliath Fanfic: Play With Fire
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...And fell right on his face. He didn't notice Fei's foot sticking outside the door, and the result was Newkirk falling, and Fei planted a foot on Newkirk's upper back.

"Hello Newkirk." Fei greeted sweetly, with an angelic smile on her face. "What are you doing here? Visiting? Oh, why don't you come in?" Fei then forcefully dragged Newkirk back into Deryn's bunk and threw him in as he landed with a thud. She slammed the door shut Alek had honestly never seen Fei this scary before. She may had the smile of an angel on her face, but the cold fury that lighted her eyes scared Alek so much, that he wish he could huddle into a hole and hide.

"Well Newkirk?" Alek growled, putting on his best angry face.

"Um...hi..."Newkirk laughed nervously as Fei still plastered a smile on her face. Not really angelic anymore, but something like the victorious smile of a hunter who finally caught their prey. Fei never smiled with her mouth open, but now she did, showing her very sharp incisors. She looked like a grinning, bloodthirsty wolf.

"Newkirk," Fei said in the same sweet voice. Alek felt shivers creep up and down his spine, she was really scary. "You are never ever going to tell your captain right?"

"Uh...actually," Newkirk stuttered.

Fei grabbed Newkirk's hair and yanked. "Right?" She snarled, the smile still in place. Newkirk looked like he was going to wet his pants.

"Uh..." Newkirk was too nervous, he was gasping in hyperventalation by now.

"Fei stop scaring him." Deryn commanded. "Newkirk, please! This means everything to me! I wouldn't be here if this meant nothing but some stupid adventure!"

Fei let Newkirk go, and he sat beside Deryn. Newkirk didn't look nervous, until he glanced back and Fei smiled at him, he quickly turned his back to her. Alek almost laughed when Fei motioned choking, punching, slapping, and chopping motions behind his back.

"Alright Dylan, but you'd better explain." Newkirk looked at Deryn, sitting with pillows propping her up. She was now, thankfully covered.

"Well...I pretended to be a boy because I really, really wanted to fly." Deryn sighed. Newkirk was intentively listening to Deryn, and looking into her eyes. Alek felt a flash of..what was it?

"I understand." Newkirk nodded. Alek somehow felt a flash of fury to the midshipman. He wanted to punch him...but what was he feeling? Fei gave him eye contact, and kinked up an eyebrow. Alek shrugged.

"I didn't want anything more." Deryn's voice was more pleading now. "This is so important to me, it's everything! Please, Newirk, I really don't want to leave this ship!" Deryn's eyes were getting misty, was she going to cry?! "Please!" Deryn was now actually crying, with small sobbing noises. Fei tensed up, frozen, not sure what to do. If Fei tried sympathy, Alek was pretty sure she'd probably make Deryn cry more. Alek rushed to her side, but Newkirk got there first, he took her hand, rubbed her back and murmured comforting words.

Alek was so angry now, he wanted to KILL Newkirk. Fei mouthed "you're so jealous' at Alek.

Was that what he was feeling? Jealousy? But why did he really care?

All that Alek knew, was that Deryn had never cried for him before.

Fei looked at the jealousy and resentment burning in Alek's eyes as he watched Deryn being comforted by Newkirk. You do care Alek, see? You care enough to be jealous of another boy...

Don't think that she's never cried for you Alek, she's done it so many times...don't ever think that for a minute. Fei wanted to say it out loud, but she couldn't in front of Deryn nor Newkirk. She tried sending sympathy in her gaze when Alek caught her gaze, but he didn't look.

Newkirk leave...leave! Fei thought in her mind.

Ironically, Newkirk stood up and said: "I think I should leave you guys alone now...Don't worry I won't tell." Newkirk gave on last gaze at Deryn, and began to leave.

"Newkirk, one last thing." Fei started coldly, and cruelly, pleased how ruthless it came out. "I'm sure Julian told you that I will always, always get my revenge. If you don't keep your promise, I will avenge her." Fei glared at him with her best glare, and a flash of pleasentness washed over her as he gulped and shivered. "Understand?" She roared at him.

"Yes.." Newkirk ran out.

Good, at least he was scared of her.

Fei let out a stream of the most vile swear words in many languages behind Newkirk's back. Oh, how good it felt.

"Look at the amazing view!" Deryn yelled at Fei as she also climed the ropes. Why was she even allowed? Well, the girl climbed mountains before, so her father permitted it, even if the captain wasn't pleased.

"It's beautiful!" Fei agreed, her tiny face lighting up in joy. They were still buzzing around America, and now were flying over the great lakes of Canada and America. "I live somewhere near there!" Fei pointed to a general direction near Lake Ontario.

"Amazing!" Deryn laughed. Her stomach wound had healed nicely, but unfortunately there was a long, thin, white scar. Fei's wounds had all healed too, but also had scars, but they were already fading  away, that lucky girl! "Was this where you and Julian were raised?"

Fei nearly lost her balance, and slid. Luckily she was wearing a safety harness. "Yes...why?"

"Curious, that's all." Deryn shrugged.

"Can we go back to my bunk?" Fei asked.

"Why?" Deryn asked.

"I need to show you something." Fei muttered. "It's going to"

Deryn gulped. "On...on...a hydrogen breather?"

Fei rolled her eyes. "In he gondolas, and I have a giant bucket of water."

"Alright." Deryn sighed.

They headed into Fei's bunk, as she grabbed matches. "Use that bucket if anything goes wrong." Fei warned.

Deryn did a mock salute. "Yessir!"

Fei grinned, and struck the match. She was walking over to her desk where a piece of paper was...until she walked by her birdcage where she kept three of her falcons, and it caught on fire really quickly. Fei cried, blew the match out, as Deryn splashed all the water on the panicking falcons. The falcons were now drowned, and so was Fei's dresser, but the fire was out.

"What...what happened?" Deryn breathed.

Fei sniffed the air. "Kerosene," she growled, "I know who did it."

"Who?" Deryn asked.

"Peter," she replied. "When I said 'play with fire' I never meant it this literally." Fei sighed.

"Was he really this jealous of Julian?" Deryn asked.

"Who knew? I knew he hated me and Julian in a way...but never like this." Fei's eyes stretched open wide. Then she turned her cat-like eyes to Deryn. "Jealousy can easily lead to hate...and love can easily turn into jealousy and hatred. Enough of it can destroy so much."

"What do you mean?" Deryn was confused, Fei almost always talked in riddles.

"Exactly what I meant." She replied calmly. "Haven't you noticed how Newkirk and Alek are behaving towards each other lately?"

"Um..of course." Deryn tipped her head. "Suspiciously."

"No, not that. They have this.." Fei considered. "Alpha male wolf thing going around each other."

"What?!" Deryn said.

" their trying to be dominant over each other...for a female's undivided attention." Fei tipped her head towards Deryn.

"Uh..." Deryn's mouth opened wide.

"Yeah. Yours." Fei shrugged. "Definitely not mine."


"Stop being flabberghasted!" Fei scolded. "IT's true, they both like you!"


"Yup. Don't deny it." Fei grinned. "But try to give them equal attention, or else males will fight. That's the way males are."


"Alright then..." Fei stood up. "I think my experiment isn't worth showing that much..."

"Right, I'll get going." Deryn also stood up.

"Can we trust NEwkirk?" Fei asked suddenly

"I think we can, he hasn't told this far, has he?" Deryn mused.

"No...but...who knows?" Fei's face turned dark.

Deryn's heart had a seed of doubt inside of it.

Alek watched as Deryn whooped and laughed while climbing up to the topside of the Leviathan he was on. She was swinging around the ropes like an expert, with Fei climbing swiftly as a cat, catching up to her. It was beautiful, soaring across Lake Erie in Canada, where the landscape was mostly trees and greenery. NEver before had Alek seen this much green. No wonder Fei couldn't stand places without trees and vegetation, she spent some time here.

Deryn and Fei had healed completely, now well enough to swing around the ropes like wild monkeys. Alek was guiltily unharmed, not even a bruise. He looked now, at the healthy and vibrant Deryn, and remembered the frail, sick one on bed two months ago. Fei was right, that frail girl wasn't Deryn, this energectic young midshipman was. Alek was jittery all the time about Newkirk telling Deryn's secret, and couldn't help feel flares of jealousy at Newkirk whenever Deryn and him spent time together. But of course, they had to do duty together so it couldn't been helped.

"Hi Alek!" Deryn grinned widely as she stopped running in front of him.

Fei had already ran to Alek, beaten Deryn in the race. Amazingly, her hair was still perfect and not affected by the wind or race at all, and was coolly checking her nails. Fei swept her glinting fox eyes around, looking for anything out of place on the Leviathan topside. She was today strangely silent, and she was more closed in than usual. SHe kept toying with her Chinese zodiac animal jade necklace, and the silver bracelet on her wrist with unreadable language on it. Her leather wrist cuff pronouncing her being as a trainer was missing.

"Hi, Deryn, it's beautiful up here!" Alek waved her arms around at the landscape.

"Aye! It sure is!" Deryn grinned joyously and looked out the horizon with the setting sun at her back.

Alek, seeing her profile, her face, hair and clothes were streaked with dirt. Her white-blond hair was wind-blown and feathery, and her gray-green eyes vibrant and full of life as the scenery below them. Her smile was even more vibrant than the setting sun. Even with all the imperfections, Alek had never seen a girl this beautiful. As Fei said it, perfection is the most boring thing.

Fei caught Alek staring at Deryn, and her eyebrows shot up, and she wriggled them in amusement, and gave a real, rare grin. Alek grinned back. Almost idiotically. And Fei rolled her eyes, but she was still smiling. Fei's face turned towards the sun as well, and highlighting dark circles under her eyes. Why wasn't the poor girl getting enough sleep? She was probably paranoid and stressed, and she trusted Newkirk about as much as a mous trusted a cat not to hunt it down and rip it apart.

"Hello, Dylan." Newkirk greeted Deryn (Who didn't tell him her real name, much to Alek's joy.). He completely ignored Fei and Alek, and Alek stifled a laughter as Fei made choking motions behind Newkirk's back. She also made several rude gestures, all of which Newkirk did not notice, and Alek almost laughed, and felt his stomach was going to rupture because he was holding down several laughs.

As Newkirk talked to Deryn about altitute testings, Fei repeated made several motions of punching, and mimicking Newkirk's talking behind her back with exaggerated facial expressions. She mimed several of Newkirk's action and made them all idiotic looking, and still repeated pretended to use Newkirk as a dummy for her pretend bow and arrows, and sniper gun. Alek's lip shivered and he held his breath from the attempt of not laughing. Deryn also saw and was also trying not to laugh like an idiot. As Fei was motioning a bending down motion, Newkirk turned around, and Alek tried to warn Fei, but she already knew and was pretending to check the laces on her riding boots.

"What are you doing?" Newkirk frowned.

"Checking my laces!" Fei said with the absolute conviction of a teenager being blamed of doing something they didn't do. "For goodness sakes! Are you going to criticise me for that too?" Fei put on an angry face. Alek was impressed at her quick thinking and good acting skills. Deryn and Alek shared a grin, as they looked at Fei's act.

"I gotta go. I promised Dr. Barlow I'd walk Tazza." Deryn explained as she walked away.

"Oh, that's one of my falcons." Fei also walked off, distracted.

That left Newkirk, Alek, and a whole lot of awkward silence.

"Hello." Alek greeted awkwardly, and Newkirk scowled. Newkirk muttered something about "barking prisoners and their pride", as if Alek didn't have ears. They again stood there awkwardly.

"'s the training with the griffin coming along?" Alek asked, trying to start up a conversation.

"How's it your business?" Newkirk's eyes narrowed suspiciously.

"Just trying to start a conversation. Apparently not working." Alek sighed.

"Why would I have a conversation with you? You and that girl, you foreign people are so...strange." Newkirk spat out the last word like it was acid on his tongue.

" really what you thought about Clara, was it?" Alek said rudely.

"Um..." Newkirk looked a bit flustered. "That...wasn't anything." Alek bit his lip from laughing out loud.

"Alright, whatever you say. And "that girl" has a name, and it's Fei." Alek pointed out.

"Fey...named after fairy creatues." Newkirk frowned, as if it was bad.

"Um..actually it's "to fly" in Chinese." Alek argued. "Fei told me."

"Do you always believe what people tell you?" Newkirk gave a cold smile. "Because Dylan did tell you she was a boy. You never figured it out, did you?"

"You never either!" Alek snarled. "You're not much better off!"

"And she's better off without that Chinese girl or you!" Newkirk growled back. "You're a prisoner, and a foreigner."

"And she's better off with you?" Alek roared at Newkirk, unable to control her rage. "Last time I checked, I think that she wasn't so fond of you!"

"Aye she is! At least someone from her own country!" Newkirk yelled back. "Someone she likes better."

"Oh, you're certain she likes you that much?" Alek was surprised how cruel his own voice was. It was almost Fei-like, but he probably learned the cold glare and tone from the aggressive girl. "You know what she said to me? 'Newkirk can be such an idiot sometimes, he has no place to be on the Leviathan if he barking scares himself to death whenever he sees a beastie. He always thinks he's all that too, it's barking annoying. Fei would say he was spineless and idiotic'." Alek quoted all this from a conversation a few days ago. Fei told Alek not to goad Newkirk so much. to be careful, but all that was forgotten in the senseless rage that washed over him.

"She wouldn't say that!" Newkirk defended.

"Oh, but she has." Alek replied in the same cold voice. Newkirk had a dark look in his eyes as he stepped towards Alek. Alek felt a flash of fear.

"What are you doing?" Fei leapt between the two boys, looking from one to the other, eyes stretched wide.

"Get out of the way!" Newkirk growled at her. Fei still kept her dimunitive form between them, and looked up bravely.

"No." She said steadily, and Newkirk grabbed her and threw her. She yelped as she nearly fell of the airship. Newkirk was a bit horrified at what he did, but not horrified enough as Fei rushed back to her feet and stared indignantly into Newkirk's eyes. He tried to throw a punch at her but Fei's snake-quick reflexes caught Newkirk's punch and twisted it painfully behind his back. He cried out in pain, and she forced him onto one knee and held his arm there.

"Mercy! Please!" Newkirk cried, his face red and agonized. Fei let go. Newkirk glared at them both, and then ran away.

"I told you NOT to provoke him!" Fei cried at Alek, waving her arms in fustration.

"I couldn't help it!" Alek put his face in his hands, distressed.

Strangely Fei's eyes crinkled in sympathy, and nodded. "I understand, I was just trying to make sure you don't do anything too stupid, so Newkirk won't do something that we'll all regret.

But Alek already started to regret.
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Re: Goliath Fanfic: Play With Fire
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Re: Goliath Fanfic: Play With Fire
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This is my siggie... I don't know what to write in it...well, I COULD discuss the molecular tissue of a potato...but I don't even know what it is, so I guess I can't XP

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Re: Goliath Fanfic: Play With Fire
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What's that mean????????

YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've been copying and pasting this story to a word document

and morrrrrre? *innocennt child face*
and i can't spell, beware X.X
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Re: Goliath Fanfic: Play With Fire
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Smile! It's good for you! :)
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Re: Goliath Fanfic: Play With Fire
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yes plez write more
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Re: Goliath Fanfic: Play With Fire
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Smile! It's good for you! :)
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Re: Goliath Fanfic: Play With Fire
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Yeah...some Japanese.
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