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Author Topic: Goliath Fanfic: Play With Fire  (Read 14156 times)


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Re: Goliath Fanfic: Play With Fire
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that ws so sad and loving it was beautiful and actually made me tear up continue plez continue
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Re: Goliath Fanfic: Play With Fire
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Five Years Later
After the Treaty of Versailles
Paris, France
July 1st, 1919

Officer Deryn Sharp stood in the front of the ship, looking as Paris's Eiffel Tower and Arc of Triumph, and if Fei was there, she would say it in the French name, float by. If she really was going to be at the costume ball, she was being mysterious about it. Fei was still communicating to her, but she felt the distance putting a strain on their friendship, and Julian did too, but mostly drawing tutorials. That was more than she could say about Alek, though.

She hadn't heard from him since that faithful day when he landed in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Well, she did have some letters from him, but they had to be cautious of it, and so they weren't really...together anymore. Deryn wondered if she ever saw him again in her life, would she love him, or just some boy that held her heart for a while? But Deryn would never make the mistake of marriage. She loved the life in the air, but when Alek was here, she would've given it all for one day with him. All of tomorrows for one yesterday.

Deryn sighed out loud. She felt her braid coming apart again. She was taller yet, and blossoming into a woman. She was nineteen now, and an actual officer. Her pale blonde hair was pulled into a messy braid, that reached to the middle of her back. She just let her hair grow, and besides, she had less running around to do now, hair was no bother.

In the four long years of war, she saw crew die. People fighting next to her. Beasties created and destroyed. Fei had finally made her dream come true, she fabricated a dragon. A small one, but still spitting fire and flying. There were new midshipman on the ship, and Newkirk was an officer beside her. Captain Hobbes and many of the original officers have either died or retired after the war. Deryn couldn't believe how far she actually made it.

She sighed again. She'd be attending some dead posh party, and she'd be expected to be a lady. Unfortunately. And apparently a welcoming gift from France was a fancy dress for Deryn. Apparently, being a female participating in the war made you famous. She had a lot of unwanted attention, but Fei somehow was never found by the media. Invisible as ever, sneakybeak.

Alek, I do miss you. Deryn amitted to herself. You, Fei, Julian, Bovril...heck that Count and Dr. Barlow too. She knew that Alek was some type of leader in the signing of the treaty, and he did stop the war, in a way. It would've prolonged without Alek's interruption. But now Austria-Hungary had fallen, and Deryn didn't know what happened to Alek after that.

And the genocide of Armenians...Deryn thought about Lillit. She wondered how Lillit was too, even though she didn't like her the way that Lillit probably wanted her to.

Deryn was no longer a confused child, or teenager. A full-fledged officer.

"Hello, Officer Sharp." Newkirk's voice floated from behind her. She turned around.

"You too, Officer Newkirk." Deryn greeted.

"So, excited for the ball?" Newkirk asked. Then an Artemis' Falcon flew over his head, dipped down and squawked. Newkirk flinched. Deryn chuckled, Fei's mad training had somehow stuck, even though it was much lighter now. And Artemis' Falcon was probably named after Fei. Diana was her English name, and Diana and Artemis were one and the same, weren't they?

"Not really." Deryn admitted.

"We're all going to see you in a dress." Newkirk chuckled.

"Exactly why I'm not excited." Deryn rolled her eyes.

"We're here." A coxswain announced.

"Thank you, Coxswain Campbell." Deryn nodded at him. "Put the Leviathan in the field as close to the road as possible."

"Yes, sir--er ma'am." Coxswain Campbell blushed.

"Alright. If everything's in order, I'll be going to my room." Deryn walked out. She walked into her larger than before bunk, and pulled a pale, new-leaf green, silk dress over her head. It was relatively plain, but with little flowers embroided, and slightly puffy skirt and sleeves. She slipped onto high heels, a certain skill was needed to wear those barking contraptions. Her hair

As the Leviathan landed, she and the other officers climbed into a small omnibus pulled by many horses. Actual, non-fabricated horses. She watched the sky, like Fei told her to that day she left. Fei would be seventeen by now, Deryn thought. And there was a shadow of a dragon against the sky, was it Fei? It was really awkward with so many men in the omnibus, and she the only female. But she spent years in a ship with hundreds of men. She was used to it.

They were pulled to some fancy hotel, and they were greeted by the doormen. They all exited, and Deryn was the last. Newkirk offered her a hand, and she accepted it gratefully and got out. She was already assualted by several reporters, and cameras.

"Excuse me! Miss Sharp!" A reporter yelled, and several followed suit, but Deryn ignored them.

A french delegate greeted the new Captain, Captain Calvin (I couldn't think of anything else. Do you get the joke here?).

"Bonjour, Capitan." The delegate said in French. "Bienvenue a France!" (Hello, Captain. Welcome to France!)

"Merci, Monseuir Bousivere." The Captain replied back. "Comment sa va?" (Thank you, Mr. Bousivere. How are you?)

"Ah, tres bien, merci." The Delegate said in French. Did everyone know how to speak French. (Very Good, thank you.)

"Tu as vu les dragons?" Another French Man asked. (Did you see the dragons?)

"Je deja vu." The delegate said. "Et la fille Chinoise...Canadienne." (I already saw. And the Chinese...Canadian girl) (Please ignore any grammar issues)

"Um..." Deryn mumbled to Newkirk. "You'd think they'd speak English."

"Yeah, me too." Newkirk said.

"Ah, Mademoiselle Sharp. (Miss Sharp)." (Miss Sharp) The Delegate caught sight of her. "Welcome to France, mon cheri." He shook her hand.

"Merci." She attempted French.

"Ah, we have a present for you. It's up in your room." The delegate gestured upstairs.

"Thank you, you're too kind." Deryn tried to smile like a lady.

And so they were talking about things, and all of  the crew members retreated to their rooms. Deryn opened the closet in her too-posh room. Oh, no. It was a Cinderella gown, silver-blue, bell skirt with frills. It was slim too. Gloves. Matching shoes, jewllery, crown. She shuddered. Luckily the ball didn't start until later.

She poked her head outside of the door. She saw a staff member. "Excusez-moi, is there anywhere I can get some air."

"Oui, downstairs, the courtyard." The staff replied in a heavy French accent.

"Merci beaucoup." Deryn said in her limited French. She walked downstairs, to the back, where many flowers were opened bllom, thier fragrance filling the night air. She sat by a fountain, with Venus as the centerpiece. She sighed.

"Midshipman Dylan Sharp!" A strangely familiar, sarcastic voice said. A voice with a slightly growling, harsh edge to it. FEI!

"Fei!" Deryn squealed as she saw the girl land, on the back of a small dragon. Thsi particular species was made for riding, not assault. The black-eyed an hair girl ran towards her, in her usual riding outfit. But she was so tall now! Her hair was as perfect as usual, really long, and hanging to her waist. She hugged Deryn in a giant, rib-crushing hug.

"How tall are you now Fei?" Deryn looked at one of her best friends. Fei grinned, teeth flashing, and her familiar scar slanted on her cheek. She stood at Deryn's eyes now!

"Five feet six!" Fei said happily.  "Officer Deryn Sharp! That's amazing!"

"You call that amazing? What about your dragon than, huh?"

"That is too!"

Then a second dragon landed, identical to the first one. The dragons were the size of two horses, and the could be all colours, but this one was blue-black. They had cat-like ears and eyes, and a snake-like head, and the body of a giant lizard, the tale of what looked like a dolphin's, except much longer. The second rider was wearing identical clothing to Fei, and he had golden-blonde hair and blue eyes...Julian!

"Julian?" Deryn gaped at him.

"Hi Dylan!" He smiled, and chuckled a bit. He was taller than her by an inch, and he wrapped his lithe, long arm around Fei and gave her a kiss. "I'm amazed you still remember me!

"Of course I did! You gave me lessons, remember?" Deryn said. "Oh, I'm pretty sure you know my name isn't Dylan."

"Oh, I know, but I felt like calling you that." Julian smiled, his face lighting up.

"So who else is here that I met in Japan?" Deryn said.

"James. And his girlfriend." Fei grinned. "James's brother, Leonard too. Peter joined the war too, but unfortunately he broke his left arm and his left leg. Clean break, and nothing he won't recover from. Clara's married in Britain. Louise is in Versailles, there for her sister's wedding. Well, my probably didn't know I had one, her name is Minerva, and she's in Canada, taking care of her new baby."

"Wow." Deryn said.

"I think you know someone else." Julian nodded behind her, where a man was standing in the shadows. He came out and it was...JASPERT?!

"JASPERT!" Deryn squeaked and threw herself at him in a big hug. He laughed and mussed her hair. She hadn't seen her brother in five years!

"Hello, little sis!" Jaspert laughed, and she did too. Fei and Julian were holding hands and watching them calmly.

"How was the war?" Deryn asked, concerned.

"NO worse than it was for you." Japert responded.

"True." Deryn said. "Where were you?"

"Flying all over the world on the Minotaur. That's where I met Fei and Julian, they knew you." Jaspert said.

"Where were you Fei and Julian?"  Deryn said.

"I was mostly staying in Great Britain, managing and fabricating beasties. I got seperated from Fei for about two years." Juliuan squeezed Fei's hand.

"I was everywhere! Air, ground, and ocean. I was terribly scared then." She shuddered. "And I was in the trenches. Horrible conditions. I was at the battle of Vimy Ridge too!"

Deryn, Jaspert, Julian and Fei all discussed their war stories. But honestly, Deryn was still hoping to see the only one who could heal her heart, make her whole again.

~~~An Hour Later~~~

"Barking spiders! How do you even walk in a dress like this?" Deryn complained to Fei, who was already dressed in her traditional Qing Dynasty tunic-thing. Her head was styled in that particular style that Deryn had seen of Ancient Chinese woman. Fei herself looked like one of those paintings. She had pale make up on, to bring out her beauty more but still looking natural. Her hair was straight as ever, and lustrous. Deryn had never realized how beautiful her friend was.

"You can. And you look fine, that was what you're really trying to say." Fei said, and shrugged, sitting on a chair. She got up and walked over. "Here let me help with your make up and hair."

"Oh, no." Deryn tried to bat the girl away, but no way.

"Turn your chair around, back facing the mirror." Fei commanded, her large sleeves were really wide at the mouth, probably a foot when it was draped over her wrists.

"Alright, Sergeant." Deryn grumbled.

"Close your eyes. Don't open them until I tell you to" Fei warned.

So Deryn did, and felt brushes brush her face and eyes. She felt heat near her hair. What was Fei doing?

"What are you doing?" Deryn asked, but didn't open her eyes.

"Curling your hair." Fei responded. After what felt like forever, and what felt like her hair was being pulled out of their roots, Fei said she could open her eyes. Deryn turned to the mirror and gasped.

"Is that me?" Deryn said.

"Mm hm." Fei said.

Deryn's make-up was done in the shade of her dress, and her eyes somehow looked even bigger and brilliant than before. Her eyes looked more green than gray right now, looking vibrant. Her cheeks were rosy, but naturally so. Her pale-blonde hair was curled, and most of it was bunned up in a gorgeous, princess style, but one bundle was like a ponytail and hung over her left shoulder.

"You look beautiful. You'll be the belle of the ball." Fei smiled.

"And you?" Deryn teased.

"Invisible." Fei smiled again, mysteriously. "Come on Cinderella, better get going." Then Fei decided against something. "No wait, you forgot your crown and jewllery." Fei pinned the fake crown to her hair, and the silver jewllery with pale blue stones to her neck and wrist. Fei herself had a type of charm on her belt, which was a giant silk ribbon with a bow at the back. It had a type of Chinese knotted bow thing, and a thin jade circle with a hollow circle in the center. She was wearing her jade necklace with a rat carved into it. Fei explained it was her zodiac animal, and was seen differently in Chinese culture. She had a thin sliver bangle, that had words on it.

"What does your bracelet say?" Deryn looked at it.

"It basically means 'love you forever'. Yi shen, yi shi." She responded. "Though that is the meaning, not really the translation."

"Does your name have a meaning?"

"Yes. Fei means to fly, Lin means beautiful jade. Even my last name means something, poplar tree, but not all have meaning." Fei explained.

"Ah." Deryn said.

"Let's go, shall we?" Fei suggested.

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Re: Goliath Fanfic: Play With Fire
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love it! continue plezz continue
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Re: Goliath Fanfic: Play With Fire
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This is the second last post! The story's almost complete!

Alek sighed. She didn't see him yet. She wasn't supposed to, not yet, but Alek sure hoped she would. She was all he could see. Deryn Sharp.

"Why the long face?" Fei's voice piped up. Alek jumped. "Still scared?"

"Of you popping up out of nowhere?" Alek said. "Yes."

Fei scowled. "I was behind you. Nice costume, by the way."

"Ah, thanks." Alek said. It was also like it was out of a fairytale, what a prince would wear. Alek spotted Deryn looking like Cinderella, Fei in her classical outfit, Julian as a War of 1812 British officer, and even James as something he had no clue. Alek wondered if he saw Lillit somehwere, but probably just someone who looked like her.

"Well...the plan?"

"Huh? You came up with it, didn't you?"

"Ugh. How is it coming along, dummkopft?" Fei shook her head.

"Fine, just fine."

"YOu're not even getting a single word I'm saying, are you?"


"Never mind." Fei just shook her head again.

Alek was here in Paris after the signing of the Treaty of Versailles. He was a representative for Austria, and so was Volger, even though Volger wasn't here and didn't like parties. He was transported here after the armistice by the airship Minotaur, and was ecstatic to find Fei and Julian on board with him. And then he heard that officer Deryn Sharp was going there too. He couldn't wait till this moment.

"Fei! Fly! Jade! Poplar! Falcon! Griffin!" Bovril screamed happily, but not loud enough to catch anyone's attention. Bovril wasn't as happy these past five years as he was before, with Deryn there on board. Now that he saw her, he wouldn't shut up. Even as cute as Bovril was, screaming every five seconds was getting on Alek's nerves.

"Ugh, the loris isn't shutting up." Fei rolled her eyes.

"Yes, yes." Alek was still distracted, watching Deryn. She was absolutely beautiful, everything about her tonight was irrisistable and beautiful. But Alek had to admit, the most beautiful he'd ever seen of her was that day, her hair whipping and short in the wind, and smiling with dirt on her face. It was that free and wild beauty that Alek knew that she had was missing in place of this tame, proper beauty.

Alek watched jealously as a young man smiled at Deryn, and danced with her. The young man was hansome, brown hair and blue eyes, and a warm smile for her. He clearly liked her, and touching her in a way that was proper but flirtatious. Deryn smiled. Alek's chest felt like a fire was burning inside of it. When Deryn wasn't facing the young man, she turned and made an uncomfortable face. Alek was strangely comforted at that.

"Well?" Fei stared daggers at Alek. "Are you just going to interrupt that and make everyone mad?"

"No, not going to make that mistake again." Alek glared back at Fei, who stared sullenly back. No matter how tame Fei tried to look, she was always going to have the impression of a half-wild, caged wolf. She never lost her wolf-like gaze, and her hunter's expression. Fei was beautiful, but she was always going to be a dangerous, untouchable, feral beauty.

"Good." Fei said.

"So shall we start the plan?" Alek asked.

"Wait a second." Fei stopped Alek. The young man was still talking with Deryn. Then he walked away.

They both waited for a few seconds, sure that Deryn was going to be alone for a little while.

"Okay, step one. Release the loris." Fei said.

Deryn just danced with a duke of something or the other, but he made her feel uncomfortable. All he saw was the soft beauty of her, not her real self. And she wasn't going to dance with him again. She saw Fei and Julian dancing together, so sweetly, so loving. But that was a while ago, where did went, no one knows.

"Mr. Sharp!" Someone giggled sarcastically. Deryn turned around. No one. Save for the...wait a second. Was it Bovril. The thing in the shadows was hopping out. It was Bovril. He climbed her dress, and sat on her shoulder.

"Bovril? How are you here?" Deryn gasped.

"Because I'm here with him." A man's voice came. He tapped her other shoulder. "Hi, Deryn." It was a man with very handsome features, russet hair, brilliant green eyes...Alek! She was speechless, and her jaw dropped.

"H-h-huh..." Deryn tried to say hi, but failed.

"Care to dance with me, Cinderella?" Alek winked at her. Deryn's tongue was rendered useless, so she nodded.

" are you here?" deryn whispered as they waltzed.

"On the Minotaur, with your brother, and two special people." Alek smiled.

"Why didn't they tell me?"

"They wanted to surprise you as much I did."

"Traitors." Deryn grumbled, but in a happy way.

"Mr. Sharp!" Bovril interjected, and they both laughed.

"So, Alek, what are you now?" Deryn asked.

"Well...not royalty anymore...Austria Hungary fell." Alek said, with no hint of regret or anger. "I'm a minister though."

"Really?" Deryn was pleased that Alek was still so important.

"Do you know what that means?"


"I'm a commoner."

"Not to me you're not." Deryn said.

Alek looked towards the door to the courtyard. "It's crowded in here. How about we go outside for some air?"

"Of course." Deryn said, and she took Alek's arm, and walked out to the flowery coutyard.

Alek gently led the girl he still loved out towards a large gazebo. Fei and Julian were waiting there. Fei brought her violin everywhere, and it was here. Julian didn't waste those two non-nomadic years. He re-learned the piano, and they both played their instruments well, and Alek wanted this particular to be private.

As soon as Deryn and Alek stepped foot into the gazebo, Fei and Julian played their instruments. The sound of music shocked Deryn in a pleasant, pleased way. Fei and Julian had composed it. It was something like Mozart and Chinese love song, and had a lullaby, dreamish feel to it. It was pleasant and sweet, and soft as the fragrance as the night-blooming jasmine.

"Oh, Alek. Did you arrange this?" Deryn gushed as she saw the candle-lit gazebo. The candlelight spilled over to the piano, making it glow. Fei had switched to a more efficient white dress that was fairy-like and iridescent, as well as gossamer wings on her back. Julian had on an outfit in the same concept as Fei's, also with wings. HE was wearing a white tunic and a wreath on his head.

"Yes. With the help of Julian and Fei." Alek smiled his thanks at them. They smiled back.

"Care to dance with me, again?" Alek bowed slightly, extending a hand.

"Of course, my prince." Deryn curtsied, but smiled mischieviously.

"Thank you, princess." Alek beamed back. They both waltzed to the three-four timing of the piece.

"Beautifully composed piece, Fei." Deryn called to them. "And Julian."

"Thanks!" Julian said, but Fei just smiled. She couldn't open her mouth while playing the violin, which was tucked under her chin.

"It's beautiful out here too Alek." Deryn praised.

"Not as much as you." Alek said softly, caressing Deryn's cheek.

"Oh, Alek." Deryn pressed her head to Alek. He was now a whole head taller, and her head fit perfectly below his chin. He kissed her forehead.

"You know the great thing about being a commoner?" Alek murmured.

"Less stress?" Deryn joked.

"No. Freedom of being what I want to, not what others want me to be." Alek was nervous, he hoped that he did this properly. A once in a lifetime opportunity.

He stopped dancing, and held Deryn at arms distance, kissing Deryn's hand. "Deryn, you're the most amazing girl I've ever met in my life. And the only one that I'll ever love, the only one that is perfect in my eyes."

"'s been a long time since both of us have been together..." Deryn tried to say.

"But my love for you hasn't changed. Have we both changed much Deryn?" Alek whispered. "Are you still that midshipman, the crazy tomboy that I fell in love with? I think you are, that dress you're in isn't part of who you are."

"I know Alek, but are you sure? Are you sure?" Deryn asked.

"Why am I not sure. Deryn, I couldn't see a girl and compare her to you, thinking, she's not as brave as Deryn. Or, she's not as good, as true as Deryn." Alek said. "No one would come close to you. I love you. I know you love me."

"I do...I couldn't stop comparing everyone around me to you Alek." Deryn admitted. "I've never stopped loving you. But you've fallen for other girls too."

"Are you remembering Louise?" Alek frowned. "That wasn't anything. Fei was right, it was sick admiration, not love. Louise isn't capable of love. You are."

Deryn's eyes filled with tears. "I love you Alek. But..." She sniffed.

"What Deryn, love?" Alek wiped away a stray tear.

"It's going to be hard to both of us, people will hate us." Deryn cried. At this point, the instruments stopped playing.

"It's always going to hard, love is never easy, love." Alek pointed out gently.

"Let haters hate. Hatred never stopped love. Hate doesn't mean a thing." Fei interjected. "Love triumphs all. Julian and I know that." To prove it, they held hands.

"Thank you Fei." Deryn smiled again.

"You know another thing about being a commoner?"

"What Alek?"

"I can finally marry and be with the one that i love." Alek got down on one knee. "Deryn Amelia Sharp, I promise that I will love you each and every day, and the day I stop loving you is the day I die. I will be by you forever. Will you share your love, your time, and your life with me? Will you marry me, sweet angel?"

Deryn cried, tears of happiness. "Yes I will, Alek. You'll always be a romantic dummkopf, I'll marry you. I love you."

They embraced, laughed and sobbed at the same time because it was so beautiful. The night faded away in each others arms, and the sweet song of violins.

Seven Years Later
Alek and Deryn's Estate
May 30th, 1926

"No! Diana, don't touch that. Francis, get back here. Sofia, those aren't for eating." Deryn tried hurriedly to make sure her three children were safe. She sighed. Taking care of children was hard, wasn't it?

Deryn, now she was twenty seven years old, and mother of three very loud, very reckless triplets. One was Sofia, the oldest, with dark blonde hair and green eyes. Then Francis, the only boy, with Deryn's light blonde hair and her gray-green eyes, but his father's features. And then sweet small Diana, with brown hair and blue-green eyes, a smile that was Alek's, and mischievious eyes that were hers.

"Gee, uh, Deryn, having a hard time there?" Fei scurried away as the five-year-old toddlers ran by her. Fei was twenty-five, married to Julian, and two months pregnant.

"Yes, I am." Deryn sighed. "How are you Fei?"

" good as ever. Maybe better." Fei's eyes twinkled.

"Diana!" Deryn cried as she nearly fell. Fei kinda turned at that word too. Well it was Fei's english name.

"Did you name her after your father Deryn?" Fei asked.

"Yes, how did you guess?" Deryn was surprised.

"Well you clearly didn't name her after me." Fei chuckled. "Diana is the Roman form of Artemis, and much more feminime. Francis sounds like Franz, so I'm guessing he was named after Archduke Franz Ferdinand. Sofia sounds like Sophie, so I'm guessing she's named after Countess Sophie of Chotek."

"Good guesses." Deryn said. "Right on."

"I'm good at guessing."



"Can you tell me more about your past now?" Deryn asked gently.

Fei flinched, looking uncomfortable. "I dunno...I never told anyone, save for Julian and James."

"I've been your friend for twelve years. Don't you think I deserve the story?" Deryn persisted.

Fei breathed in deeply. "It started the day I was born, January second, 1901..."

So Deryn listened.

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Re: Goliath Fanfic: Play With Fire
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Aw, no one read my last post?  :'(
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Re: Goliath Fanfic: Play With Fire
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Aw, no one read my last post?  :'(

no i have read it. It was a very good ending for this story. I think you should do another story concerning Fei's history.
But that is just my opinion.


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Re: Goliath Fanfic: Play With Fire
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Aw, no one read my last post?  :'(

no i have read it. It was a very good ending for this story. I think you should do another story concerning Fei's history.
But that is just my opinion.

I'm considering it. And that wasn't the ending >:3
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Re: Goliath Fanfic: Play With Fire
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But this is

84 Years Later
Present Day
July 21st, 2011
Niagra-On-The-Lake, Ontario, Canada
Allan Adams, Born 1949, son of Alexius Adams and Ellen Liu, grandchild of Fei Yang and Julian Adams
Also known as Allan Yang-Adams, or Yang Qiang Shan

"Hi grandfather!" Riley Adams beamed at Allan Adams. Even though they were both mostly Chinese, they still bore English last names from Allan's grandfather, Julian Adams.

It was quite a confusion at school, so Riley's last name on the attendance was changed to Yang-Adams.

Allan was 62 years old, and a former artist and engineer. Their family was quite a wealthy one, being all artists or scientists, or doctors of some kind. All important. Their family had mixed blood, and Riley was the only almost pure Chinese one. There were a lot of full whites in their family, as well as mixed blood. Allan wished that the spirited child in front of him could've met his grandmother, Fei Yang. Riley not only looked like Fei, but had a very similar personality. And in a way, the child was named after Fei. Her full name was Riley Artemis Fei Qin Yang-Adams. All of their Chinese names were named after Fei, since Julian did not have a Chhinese last name.

Allan and his wife Eleanor lived in the town of Niagra-On-The-Lake, near where Fei and Julian had lived 84 years ago. Julian lived till the age of 91, and Fei lived till she was 94, lasting a few years longer before succumbing to pancreatic cancer. Deryn Sharp, Fei and Julian's years long friend, had died at the age of 105, a World War One veteran and just over six years ago, from organ collapse. Aleksander Ferdinand had died at the age of 97, from a heart attack. James Starling, had died at the younger age of 45, leaving his children fatherless, from a bombing in World War Two. Clara Saito and Peter Saito died from the same bombing. Louise Bellamont had died from a car crash at the age of 69. Allan sighed in his mind thinking of all these deaths.

Allan smiled at Riley in front of him. She and Fei could've been sisters. Allan was familar with the term "punk-rocker", because of Riley. Dressed in ripped jeans, an Abbey Dawn hoodie and a t-shirt with Avril Lavigne's picture on it, and black high-top Converse sneakers, a skateboard in hand, Riley had the complete punk rock image. Including most of the Abbey Dawn fashion line. Everything suit the image. Except for the messenger falcon on her shoulder.

Messenger falcons were still faster than any other type of snail-mail, and they were used. Except private ones weren't that common. The Yang-Adams family, however, still owned large quantities of them because Fei Yang had invented them all those years ago. Griffins, dragons, horses. All of them were owned by their family.

Riley was like Fei in many ways. The same impatient temper, the same clever plotting, the same intelligence. The same cold, feral beauty, but Riley's somehow more warm. The same skill in music and martial arts. The same toughness and recklessness, probably same Attention Deficit Disorder.

"Good morning, Xiao Qin." Allan greeted back in mandarin.

"Zao shan hao, ye ye!" Riley smiled again. Good morning grandfather, in Chinese. It was always good to hear his native tongue. Although Allan could speak several languages fluently, Mandarin was his first, like Riley's.

"How's the fencing?" Allan asked.

"Boring. Kung Fu and Karate are better. Especially Kung Fu swordplay and nunchucks." Riley grinned.

"I don't know why your parents want you to learn so much." Allan grumbled. Exams, classes, sport teams, bands, musicals, archery, hunting even...this girl was busy.

"Oh, I'm not that stressed. And besides, I could do all the homework while the teacher's yammering on something I already know." Riley grinned again.

"Ah, but do you take history, Riley?" Allan interjected.

"No, Grandpa." Riley shook her head.

"Do you know anything about the World Wars?" Then Allan shook his head. "Oh, of course you do child, you grew up in a military family. But do you want to see some pictures?"

"Yeah!" Riley jumped up excitedly.

"Okay, so this is the picture that Julian painted of your great-great grandmother at your age...that's James and his siblings...Deryn and Alek..."

Evan Ferdinand looked past all the food to the super-hot Chinese-Canadian girl at the shade of a sycamore tree, strumming a steel string folk guitar. Evan knew a lot about music, and he could tell that hot chick did too.

Evan Ferdinand was the great-great grandson of Deryn Sharp and Aleksander Ferdinand. Many people said he looked exactly like the midshipman version of Deryn Sharp, few others said he looked like Alek. Evan thought he looked like his dad and mom. But that Asian version of Hayley Williams/Avril Lavigne did really look like Fei Yang, they could've been twins, if you ignore the hair, which was choppy and emo-punk-goth styled.

Evan wasn't all that bad-looking either. Strong, hansome jaw line and features, with wide storm gray-green eyes and wavey pale golden hair he kept a little longer than the average person. He really did look like Deryn Sharp. Just ignore the hair. Of course, apparently everyone knew about his ancestry, and he was always made a point of in history class, unfortunately. His sister, Chloe thought that Evan was narcissitic. Yeah, right. Evan wasn't dumb, he was actually really smart. He was a really good artist and musician, like the rest of his family. Evan met his great-great grandmother before she passed. She was a tough one too, and fun to be around with, telling Evan and Chloe stories about the war, and her best friends and especially Alek. Evan never met Aleksander Ferdinand, but he wished he did. he wished he met Julian Adams, because he admired his artwork very much.

What was that seriously hot chick's name? Right, Riley Yang-Adams. That was a pretty name. Even though the girl had ate a lot at the picnic, Evan was strangely assured. That meant she wasn't one of those girls who starved themselves to look slim. She just was, and burned off a lot of that energy.

Evan and Chloe, and Riley, were all descended from the direct son's line of their families. And the most famous, most popular one.

Deryn and Alek had three children, Diana, Sofia, and Francis. Francis had two sons, Jack and Oliver. Oliver had three sons, and two daughters. James, Sebastian, Eric, Helen, Alice. Sebastien's children were Evan and Chloe, and he was married to Caryn Winston.

And Riley's family...Fei and Julian had one daughter and one son, Alexius and Adaryn. Alexius had one son and two daughters, Allan, Alwen, and Aspen. Allan had one son, and one daughter, Dylan and Mary. And Riley's father was Dylan, her mother Natalie Zhang.

"Stop staring at her." Chloe scolded Evan.

"Huh?" Evan was distracted

Chloe facepalmed. "See, you're so distracted by her, you don't even hear me scolding you."

"Huh, what did you say?" Evan joked. "Yeah, sis, I hear ya." Chloe was pretty too, a dirty-blonde whose hair was in ringlets, wide green eyes, and classic princess features, except the braces on her teeth. Evan was thankfully a post-braceface.

"If you really like looking at her so much, go up and TALK to her!" Chloe shoved Evan's shoulders.

"Well..." Evan was a little nervous. "What if she's really different from me, what if she doesn't like me?"

Chloe rolled her eyes. "Please. YOu have girls back home pratically throwing themselves at you. And she's from a different province, not planet!"


Chloe facepalmed again. "You're such a player. And you're so used to girls flirting with you, you don't flirt with them anymore. And she's not really your type. You go for the closest thing to all-American girl you can get in Canada."

Evan's family originally lived in Austria after the first World War, then moved to Wales, then Germany, then Nova Scotia, then British Columbia. Evan was born in Denmark, moved to France, to Nova Scotia for a few years, lived in British Columbia, and just moved to Toronto at the end of the school year.

"Aw, come on, sis, don't be like that. Besides, she's the hottest girl I've seen." Evan grinned. He caught Riley looking at him with jet-black eyes, and he smiled at her. She smiled shyly back, then went back to playing her guitar.

"That's what you said about Jessica, your last girlfriend!" Chloe retorted.

"Riley's HOTTER!" Evan retorted. "But how am I suppose to go talk to her?"

"Oh, great God." Chloe sighed exasperatedly. "Go up and say hi or something! She's really nice, maybe a bit strange and a know-it-all, but I guess she can't help it being ADD and having like, a 200 IQ or something."

"Alright, I'm talking to her right now." Evan decided.

Evan walked over to the tree Riley was sitting under, and leaned against it. "Hey, come here often?" He grinned at her, and Riley cracked a slanted half-smile.

"Actually yes, come here about every month." Riley replied. "How do you do Evan? Haven't seen you since we were in Wales what now? Eight years ago?"

"Huh. Has it been that long?" Evan thought. Riley and him were great friends when they were little.

"Probably." Riley looked distracted by a squirrel. "Sorry. Blame the ADD."

"Ack. Teachers give you a hard time?"

"Not if you pretend to listen." Riley winked at Evan. Riley strummed a few chords, humming a tune.

"Avril Lavigne's My Happy Ending?" Evan guessed.

"Good guess. Right on!" Riley winked again. "So, you're going to be in grade 11 at my school in high school?"

"Yup!" Evan grinned. Even though he was only 15, he skipped a grade because he was so smart.

"Me too! I skipped three grades, so we might even be in the same class!" Riley announced happily. "Do you want to go skateboarding and horseback riding with me later?"

"What, at the same time?" Evan falsified confusion.

Riley glared at Evan. Woah did she look like her great-great grandmother just then. "Yes, of coruse. We're riding our skateboards while sitting on a horse's back. Of course, Einstein." Sarcasm dripped from Riley's voice.

"Just joking." Evan put his hands in mock surrender.

"And doing kung fu later?"

"Er...why not."

"Prepared to get creamed."

"Oh, uh..."

"I don't make these offers lightly to everyone Evan." Riley smiled, a challenging and wolf-cruel smile that made her half-tamed features go feral.

Evan gulped. "Ah!" Riley chuckled. "But does that mean you like me?"

Riley smiled a dangerous smile. "Maybe."

And so the two teenagers in that day became friends, and in the future was more than that. They would never forget the girl that was disguised as a boy to join the army, nor the one that played with fire.

THE END: Of Play With Fire
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Still working on Fei's story...
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Working on Fei's's gonna be called Of the Wild.
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OMG!!!! that was sooooo good I almost think I have read Goliath already!!!! Do you know how many words there is or pages?? All it needs is some awesome artwork.
You know what, I might draw some for it!
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