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The Big Picture
« on: May 25, 2011, 01:09:01 PM »

While I am only halfway through the fourth book, I have wondered countless times throughout reading the series what the bigger picture or the point is.

The series, no doubt, will make you think;
from the very first chapter talking about bridges that wouldn't let you pass unless you were past a certain age and had a certain surgery, with things you put on your finger that was like having a super computer stuck to you at all times, to talking about how wasteful and dependent humans used to be, thinking even in their last moments that the very things that were exploding into a ball of fire could give them a quick escape from destruction, instead of simply walking.
l already know human kind is wasteful, as I'm sure most other people realize, but this story puts a very personal twist on how that can turn out...
Including the government getting so worried about over-population and even more human selfish-ness and waste (which leads to more self-destruction), they would alter the population's minds to keep everyone tamed.
But is this realistic?
While the story can send you into hours of deep thought about now we live now, fun futuristic gadgets, how much the past effects the future, what it's like if everyone looks perfect, what are world could lead to, etc... I wonder what the biggest picture, or theme is that the author is trying to convey.

Right now, not finished with the series yet, it makes me feel as though no matter what happens, how many rules there are, etc... humans will never be able to beat out their selfish-ness to logic, leaving the human race a self- destroying cancer, as l do believe Dr. Cable had once said something similar.
Or was it Mr. Westerfeld's hope to simply get us to think, while entrancing us with this very entertaining,  mind-boggling, and might I say  'bubbly' story?

 What are your thoughts?
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Re: The Big Picture
« Reply #1 on: May 25, 2011, 03:39:27 PM »

 Scott is indeed very good at making us all think, and I agree on all your points about him making it personal. It's kind of scary when you actually think about it and realize that everything in these books are real- the human traits I mean. Humans are selfish and greedy. These books kind of give you a taste of what things actually could be done, but the consequences that follow are 'man-made' as well. It shows that you can't have a Utopia- like world, because there's always someone higher up who tries to run things the way they want to. Humans are really a cancer- but what can we do about it? Sure you can do your small part in the world, but there's always someone that wants more than they have. You can't force people to cooperate, because there has to be someone to be an enforcer, but who would be there to enforce cooperation on the enforcers (did that make sense?)? There's always someone above you.

 The truth is. I have no idea what the Big Picture is. There are so many points to talk about! I can't believe one person can fit a summary of man into their books. It's insane.

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