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Liberty (Fanfic)
« on: June 27, 2011, 11:52:27 PM »

   “Mr. President, I regret to inform you that Atlanta has fallen. I don’t believe we are still capable of fighting this war. Now might be the time consider the option of surrender.”\

   “This… this is bad. General, do we have any other options”

   “Well, we could…, no, that could never happen”

   “Robert, we are desperate. We need to do everything we can to prevent being overrun by the northern forces.”

   “Okay, sir. Remember, when we first started planning this war, what were we counting on that would help us even odds against our enemy.”

   “Support from Britain and France, of course”

   “Well, you must have heard about that new theory that some British scientist, Darwin, came up with 5 years ago, right.”

   “Of course.  The Life Thread theory and the Theory of Evolution, detailed in his book, the Origin of Life. How does this help us?”

   “1 Year ago, Great Britain announced the creation of a revolutionary new technology, known as fabrication, that allows men to create animals, ones that don’t exist naturally, but are actually “made” to the specification of the fabricator. The technology could be used for civilian, and, more relevantly, military, purposes.”

   “Yes, but what makes you think England will simply share this technology?”

   “Britain sees this technology as a way to expand their power bloc. They have offered it to any country willing to ally itself with them.”

   “Well, what are we waiting for? Send an ambassador to England immediately.”


Author's Note: I know Darwin's book is called the origin of species in real life, but the discovery of life threads would probably change the title. Also, I need to make a couple changes to Scott's works to fit this story:

Italy is Clanker.

Eddie Malone is from the Atlanta Inquirer, not the New York World.

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Re: Liberty (Fanfic)
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Nice one, man. I guess I'm not the only one who has unpopular fanfics
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