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The Fact-Fiction Feedback Loop
« on: August 26, 2011, 08:33:22 PM »

So, I finally got around to reading Leviathan, and finished it.

It reminded me of this video at the TED talks (sorry if it's already on Scott's blog or something, I haven't checked there but I searched here and didn't find it.)

Michelle Joachim on growing our own bio homes-- housing that is alive, made of genetically engineered muscle cells or plant cells. Personally, I had no problem with the idea of living inside a meat house. I watched Farscape where the space ships have allergies and pregnancies and all those biological processes, and now I read about beasties, so I guess that's what makes me completely okay with it without necessarily having to think more deeply. The very idea seems to squick most people, though.

Then I read this article from a humor site (that still puts at least an effort into research) about The 5 Creepiest Ways Animals Have Mastered Mind Control WARNING: link contains strong language and adult themes.

My favorite mind-control animal on that list has to be the Acacia tree. Which isn't an animal, but whatever. Unless they're saying that there's more than one way to "master" mind control, one alternative of which is utterly willful compliance if you're being mind controlled, which I guess also makes sense to me. I mean, we've all got to work with our limitations. Besides, the ants just seem to be responding to stick-and-carrot chemicals that the acacia tree has learned to produce, so it's more of a symbiosis than parasitism. Not that I asked the ants' opinion. Still, it made me think of it as a natural fabrication(? Paradox, much?) the way it took in presumably autonomous other species and made them practically a part of itself.

What articles have you found about bio engineering that this series reminds you of, or reminds you of this series? Did it capture your imagination, modify your morals, make you laugh or creep you out or what? Do share!
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