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Von Carmine (fanfiction demo version)
« on: August 31, 2011, 10:25:08 AM »

Note: This is the demo version of my last Leviathan fan fiction Von Carmine. Please enjoy.

The Barking Spiders

Von Carmine: What was that?

Lucas: What was what, Von Carmine?

Von Carmine: I heard a dog barking!

Lucas: There are no dogs in this location, idiot.

Von Carmine: But I swear, I heard something.

Hitler: That could be your fart!

(Everybody laughs)

Lucas Ferdinand is leading a seven-man squad and a walker in a scouting mission. Much to his praise, his brother Leon is in his squad. Much to his despair, his rival Hitler and the idiot-but-has-muscles-rookie Fredrick Von Carmine are in his squad.
The squad are sitting around a campfire at night in a forest. Their Walker will be with them for a while after being repaired. Ever since Alek's Stormwalker is smaller than Lucas's walker, Alek can put up a fight.

Lucas: The Walker should be here by now. I don't trust what's going on in my surroundings. Von Carmine says he heard something...

Lucas turns to Von Carmine, who sat next to him.

Lucas: What sort of sound did you hear, Von Carmine?

Von Carmine: Like a dog...are there any wolves?

Lucas: No. I'm just asking you.

Von Carmine: Okay.

Von Carmine is uneasy at night. If there is night, there are monsters roaming around. The sound Von Carmine heard is not his imagination.

A bark is heard

(Eerie music)

Von Carmine: Did you hear that?!

Hitler: Your fart.

(Everybody laughs)

Von Carmine: No! A bark of a dog!

Hitler: No...that is only your fart.

A sound of a stick is broken.

(Eerie music)

Hitler: What was that?

Von Carmine: What was what?!

Hitler knew Von Carmine will turn the tide against him.

Hitler: Nothing...

Something move in the bushes.

(Eerie music)

Everybody are alerted. They prepared their guns and are ready to shoot to what's coming to them.

Leon: Darwinists...they knew because of Alek.

Lucas: Perhaps so. Their beasties are stalking us...

A howl was heard.

(Eerier music)

Von Carmine: W- wolves?

Lucas: No...their dogs. But they are not ordinary dogs. Something else...

Von Carmine: S-something what? Fabricated?

Lucas: Ja...Barking Spiders...

German Soldier #1: Barking what?

Lucas: Barking Spiders...

Every soldiers look at each other.

Leon: Isn't it that word as a foul language for the Brits? The British Girl also said that.

Lucas: Correct. Half-correct. That word is something else...

Leon knew what Lucas meant.

Leon: Oh my God...

Lucas: Ja. GET READY!!!

Multiple howls

(Eerie music turns to suspenseful horror music)

German Soldier #2: How many are they?!

Lucas: Large packs, and they will be coming from many directions.

Von Carmine: They have venom and web spits?

Lucas: No.

Von Carmine: Can we defeat them?

Lucas: Ja, I've confronted these little devils before. REMEMBER YOUR TRAINING!

Just then, barking spiders reveal themselves from trees. They have dog heads with the body of the spiders. And they have bright angry eyes. But not as hungry looking. The dogs bark at their enemies, scaring some of Lucas's squad.


Lucas: Ja, barking spiders...

(Suspenseful music)

The spiders jump from the trees and attack, the Clankers open fired. Their bullets rip the bodies of the spiders. But as more barking spiders die, more and more took its place. Good thing the Germans have machine guns!

Leon: Keep them from being near!

Though, the fight is terrifying, it is somehow very easy for the Germans. The barking spiders just charge at the squad head on. But if need to reload, that is a problem for the Germans, including Hitler.

A barking spider jumps at Hitler's face. Hitler grab the spider's head with his two hands as the spider pins him to the ground. The dog spider bark fiercely at Hitler's face, and he knew that his face will be gone soon...

Hitler: H-help! Get this vermin OFF of ME!

But nobody have a chance to help him, since they are distracted by swarms closing in. Now, the squad unsheathe their combat knives, ready for close quarter combat.

Von Carmine: I'm not good at fighting with knives!!

Lucas: Then it is every man for himself.
The squad fought. Fighting for their lives as more barking spiders are coming. Hitler desperately tries to keep the barking spider off his face, but he cannot hold much longer.

Hitler finally loses grip and the barking spider finally got him by the teeth. But it wasn't his face, it was his mustache.

Hitler: NOOOO! LET GO!

The barking spiders rip Hitler's mustache out of his face. Hitler feel the greatest physical pain for a second.


After spitting the mustache out, the barking spider is ready to maul the face of the German Soldier. But a hand grabs the dog by the head, and the spider's head was split from i
its body. Lucas smiles as he saw his rival laying on the ground, humiliated. He grabs Hitler's arms and pull him up.

Lucas: It will grow back.

After that, Lucas use his arms and hands to rip as many barking spiders to shreds.

Von Carmine shoots the spiders he sees. When his machine gun is out, it's pistol time. But before he can grab his pistol, a barking spider bit between his legs.

Von Carmine: GHRAAAAAAAAAAAA!! Get off me! Pervert!

Von Carmine shoots the dog in the head. But even in death, the dog won't let its jaws free from between  the legs. Now, Von Carmine is facing a dangerous problem.

And to the last minute, a loud boom brings down a tree of barking spiders. The barks of the spiders turns to whimper.

Von Carmine: Thank God! The Walker is BACK!

(Victory music)

The Walker arrives to finish the barking spiders. Because of heavy casualties, the barking spiders retreated. Everybody cheered, except Lucas.

Lucas: Casualties?

Leon: None, but five are severly wounded.

Lucas sighed.

Lucas: bring them to the medical camp!

Leon: Ja, my brother!

As the wounded are transported, Von Carmine came to Lucas.

Von Carmine: We survived!

Lucas: Not quite...there are different kinds of-

As Lucas turns his head, he notice something attatching Von Carmine's unmentionables.

Lucas: Fredrick...haven't you notice that there is...uhhhhhhh

Von Carmine looks down. The dead dog is still holding between his legs. And there is a little red paint. Von Carmine looks at Lucas with a worried face.

Von Carmine: Barking spiders...

In Von Carmine's eyes there is darkness.


More demo chapters are coming soon in this topic.
Characters including Deryn, Lilit, and the one and only..............................BOVRIL!!!
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