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« on: September 19, 2011, 02:16:05 PM »

Alright, well, I'm sure this topic has been posted SEVERAL times, but I'm new here and I lack the persistence to track down a conversation of this topic, so, here's one of my own  :P I am an aspiring young actress of the age of 16. I know, I know, it sounds a little mellow dramatic, but its true! My one true life's wish is to become an actress, to move people through film or plays with raw emotions brought to stage.

All I'm asking is if there are any talent scouts looking on here or people who know good people to talk to over or places to audition, I would be very grateful...In an ideal situation, I would be contacted about this very book being made into a film. As I said, I'm sure its been asked before, but I'm just looking for advice :) thankyou

P.S. If your advice is "Find a new dream, give up on acting" keep it to yourself. I know the odds, but I try to go my whole life beating them.

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Re: Auditions
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I have no knowledge of how to get into television or movie acting, except for hearing of some people becoming YouTube stars and getting discovered that way. And I've heard that it's usually a loop of getting an agent so you can get a gig, but the only way to get an agent is to already have a gig. Talent scouts and open auditions might break that cycle.

Otherwise, since my whole family has been involved some way or other with the stage: don't just concentrate on acting. At least, all the performers I know both as friends and rising stars are "triple threats", they can sing and dance really well as well as act. Some are even being pushed into having to learn to play a musical instrument on top of all that, curse you Sondheim.

Also, I think that the emotional range that you can express, comes from life experience. Sometime in the future, for practical purposes, you may feel like you're giving up on acting, but find something to expand your soul in whatever else you're doing in life and an important part of those acting skills will still be honed.
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