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My Story
« on: November 02, 2011, 10:56:11 AM »

I wrote this story originally for English class, but I wanted to share it. Our English assignment was to write a short story based on an environmental issue. It isn't too in-depth on the environmental issue, but it talks about it some.
I was inspired by SW, and based some of my ideas on his (Uglies, a little Leviathan).
I hope you enjoy it!

Solar Flight
By Coco
   Preparing to fly was always tedious. Aaylee didn’t like having to bottle all of her excitement while she left her hover suit to charge all day. It was also annoying to go through all of the safety procedures. She and Meir had flown three times before, and they had memorized all of the flying screen guides. They had also taken out-of-the-air classes and virtual tutorials. They knew how to fly.
   Aaylee stood on the repel pad. Her hover suit felt heavy, its magnets tugging at her. She called for the flight master to turn the repel pad’s magnets to “repel”. It lit up, signaling that it was ready to push her into the sky. She checked her control screen, built into her suit, and she tapped the magnetic repel button once. The weight of the magnets lifted off of her. She tapped it again, and her feet lifted off of the ground. She continued to tap until she was in the sky, her control screen reading 20 feet, the maximum autofly height. She relaxed her muscles, and waited for Meir to lift off.
   The view of the city was more spectacular than ever. Aaylee and Meir could see past the Urban District, past the other side of the Dormitory District, and they could see steam rising from the Factory District. They flew on a level four flight path, using their control screens as maps. Micha, the city, was sprawled out below them, the identical, metal dorms directly below them. Some amateur flyers whizzed past them, Aaylee guessing that it was their first time in the air. She and Meir soared over the most breath-taking part of the city, the Urban district, From above they could see all of the shining buildings, reflecting all of the colorful lights, and the early night party-goers out and about.
   “Hey, do you think those ballooners will get in our way?” Meir asked, pointing toward a bunch of hot air ballooners preparing to take off from the Lanson Park.
   “Probably, Let’s go north around the park.”
   “Okay.” Meir answered, and swung her arm, signaling her suit to repel her north. Aaylee followed, watching the ballooners take off. She had ballooned before, but she preferred suit flying. She didn’t like how she couldn’t get complete control over a balloon. She liked how a hover suit detected her slightest movement, and would push her into the right direction. Aaylee and Meir flew over the eastern dorms. Most of the other teens were either out flying, or had gone partying in the Urban District.
*   *   *
   The world fell past. Aaylee’s suit wouldn’t hold her in the air, and she kept falling, the magnets heavy. Everything was happening too fast, and she didn’t know where Meir was. She knew she was on the edge of the Factory District and the Retirement District, but she didn’t know where. She frantically fumbled with her control screen, trying to find something to slow her fall. She pressed the “magnet repel” button on the screen, and she was suddenly forced up. She wasn’t falling up for long though, the suit wouldn’t keep glowing, and the magnets wouldn’t continue to repel. The ground was too close now, and hitting it at the speed that she was falling at would kill her. She pushed the button again, hoping it would turn the magnets back on. The weight of the magnets disappeared, but she continued to fall. Being freed from the weight, she fell slower, but not slow enough. The ground hit, the impact running up from her feet, through her entire body. Stars flickered in her vision, and she felt the need to lie down.
   “Aaylee! Aaylee, are you alright?” Aaylee was pulled out of the blackness, Meir focusing into view.
   “Um…” Aaylee was not sure what Meir was asking.
   “You fell! Are you okay? Do you know who you are?”
   “I’m Aaylee Aspen. I’m fine. A little out of it though. How would I have fallen?”
   “I don’t know! Are you sure you’re alright?”
   “I think so.” Aaylee looked at her control screen. It was black, and the usual glow wasn’t coming from her suit. “I think it’s broken!”
   “Your suit? I think it might have run out of charge.” Meir sat down in the grass next to Aaylee.
   “Really? Is that normal?”
“Not really. The flight staff tries to give them double charge, but maybe your suit is an old fashion one. Some of them can’t hold as much solar charge as others. And going off track could have taken more than we expected,” Meir explained.
“But you didn’t fall! What’s wrong with my suit?”
“Nothing. But like I said, it’s probably one of the older ones. Mine is a 4002, so it has a higher solar capacity.”
“Stupid sun. Isn’t there a kind of energy that never runs out?”
“That fall must have messed with your head. The sun doesn’t run out, you know that.”
      “No, like why can’t someone make hover suits that don’t run out of charge? Can’t we use one of those old-fashion energy sources?”
      “Those old fashion energy sources are the reason that we have to get all of those treatments when we’re babies. “
      “I thought they were just like lung steroids?”
      Meir giggled faintly. “I guess you could think of them like that, but they’re the reason that we can breathe on this planet. The Earth’s air is too harsh for kids and babies to breathe in, so the doctors give them all those meds. Didn’t they teach you all of this in Eco-History?”
      “I was supposed to take that class?”
      “Yeah… But anyway, that is why we use solar energy. If we had continued to use those old-fashioned energy sources, we would be living in domes. They pollute the air, and people have to do absurd things to get them. Lake Erie is in an illegal zone because of the toxic chemicals that people drilled into it because they were mad for oil, same with Lake Michigan.”
   “People are stupid.” Aaylee decided aloud.
   “Well, we were smart enough to fix it.”
   “Good point. I guess listening to those lectures pays off.”
   “Yeah. You should try it sometime.”
   “It’s totally not worth it. I have you.”
   Meir laughed. “You do.”
   “Yeah, um, what’s your big plan for getting back to the dorm?”
   “You forgot. My suit still has plenty of charge left. I already messaged a ranger to come pick us up.” Meir said, motioning to her control screen which was on the messaging panel.
   “Oh. Right.”
   The ranger got there after a couple of minutes in a drift car. She landed the car and stepped out, her face full of concern.
   “Are you kids alright? Your message said you had fallen from a level four flight path,” the ranger said, taking in the scene.
   “We’re fine. A little tossed around from the fall, but we survived,” Aaylee answered, standing up from where she had been slouched. “Whoa… Maybe a bit wobbly,” the world was fuzzy, swaying around her.
   “Whoa there. Maybe you should sit,” the ranger said, walking her to the drift car. “I’ll take you to the hospital.
   “Sitting is good.” Aaylee stumbled into the backseat of the car, Meir following. The ranger slid into the front of the car, and piloted the car into the air. Aaylee let the hum of the engine put her to sleep, and relaxed as the drift car carried her over the city to the hospital. by Coco

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