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Author Topic: Clanker Darwinist hybrid creatures  (Read 379 times)


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Clanker Darwinist hybrid creatures
« on: November 02, 2012, 04:43:15 AM »

One of the creatures that I have designed is called an Rhacodactylus Anguilla mydas, or a crested eel turtle.
It's body is shaped like a sea turtles. But it's head is that of an eels, only wide and in the shape of the front third of the turtle shell shape.
It's belly sags out about as much as the top of it curves.
And the top of the creature has a flat area right behind its head.
It has long arms that can slip into pouches to increase aero dynamics, on the end of which are three fingers tipped with claws.these are located where the front fins of the turtle would be, only facing forward.

It's skin is like a sharks and grey-blue so it blends in with the sky.
The creature has clear, football size and shape shells on its cheeks and forehead that cover special electricity generating organs similar to what an electric eel has.they glow white-yellow when charged. The shells are bullet proof.
It has a hydrogen sac inside of its body, it creates just enough gas to make it as light as air. even with other stuff on it.
It can create water inside of its body by combining air and hydrogen in a special chamber inside of its body.
The whole thing can fit two people comfortably.
Encasing its body is lightweight metal armor, attached to the top of the armor and resting on its head is the control panel.
On the flat part of the armor rests a chair, behind which sits a boiler, to power the electric heating coils in the water tank it draws energy from its energy producing organs on its cheeks.
On ether side of the creatures head are floodlights, these are powered by the energy organ on its forehead, this also powers a radio, ID lights like those on an air plain, and the lights on the dashboard. It has mechanical wings similar to a dragons attached on ether side of the pilots seat, these fold flush with its belly when landed.
To open and close the wings you push a red button in the dashboard.
To tilt the wings up and down, you use levers on ether side of the dashboard, pull back on the lever to tilt up, push for down. The right lever controls the right wing, and vise versa.where the back fins would be there are propellers to push it forward.

If you like this send me one of you ideas, I'd like to see what you can come up with!