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I am not currently scheduling appearances. Please do not email me with appearance requests. It’s not that I don’t love you all, it’s just that you outnumber me.

I get a lot of requests for biographical information, mostly from students writing reports about me. This is flattering indeed, but answering the same questions dozens of times has gotten old. So without further introduction, here is the Scott Facts page:

For a list of all novels written, go here.

Born: May 5, 1963
Dallas, Texas, USA

Family: Pamela, mother, from West, Texas
Lloyd, father, from Crawford, Texas (the same town where George W. Bush bought his fake ranch in 2000)
Wendy and Jackie, sisters (both older)

Married writer Justine Larbalestier in 2001.
No kids; no plans for kids.

We split our time between Sydney, Australia and New York City. (Summers only, thank you.)

Grew up in Texas, California, Connecticut
My dad was a computer programmer in the 1960s-70s, when computers were as big as a house and came with a bunch of people to make them do stuff. He worked for Univac in its various forms, and we lived in Houston for the Apollo missions, in California for Boeing, and Connecticut for submarines, etc.

Education: Arts Magnet High School, Dallas, Texas
Vassar Philosophy BA in 1985
New York University, graduate work in Performance Studies 1987-8

Writer: Samuel R. Delany
Book: I don’t know, okay? There are millions of them, you know.
But as a kid: Charlotte’s Web by E.B. White
Movie: Not as many as books, but I still don’t know. I think these kinds of questions are silly.

Jobs held
factory worker (making lead soldiers!)
substitute teacher
textbook editor
software designer
ghost writer

Six Interesting Facts
1. I just bought a telescope (80mm primary)
2. I am a vegetarian (for family reasons, mostly)
3. My book So Yesterday has been translated into Slovene.
4. Languages studied: Japanese, Spanish, and Latin. Languages fluent in: English.
5. Justine and I are bisummeral, moving between the hemispheres to avoid the deadly scourge of winter.
6. I never wear jeans. Never!

Basketball—we have season tickets to the WNBA’s Liberty, second row
Cricket—newly discovered in Australia
Tennis—played semi-competently , but not often enough

Mexican and Thai are my favorite
Italian is also quite excellent
Tetsuya’s is my favorite restaurant in Sydney, indeed, in the world
Otto is my current fave in NYC
Favorite meal: breakfast
Breakfast places of note
Sydney: Hopscotch, Single Origin
Dunedin: Bean Scene
New York: La Palapa, Counter
San Miguel de Allende: Nirvana

This page is just getting started. Use the comment thread to ask more questions!
(I will delete comments as the questions are answered.)

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  1. what is your favorite candy?
    what is your favorite thing to shop for ?
    what is your favorite season ?
    what is your favorite holiday?
    what is your religion ?
    what is your favorite drink?
    what is your favorite electronic?
    p.s. this is for a school project thx plz reply asap !!!

  2. Ok, so I’m doing a project for school about you because your ugly series is by far my favorite so far. And I just had A few questions for you… What did you do as a child?!? Do you like arts and crafts? Reading? Sports? If so, what sport?
    Also, what did you do for work? Thanks so much and keep writing amazingly!

  3. Hi! i just finished reading you’re book, Uglies, and it was by far the most exciting book I have read in a while! I just finished the Hunger Games Triology as well and I love you’re book just as much as the other series (Hunger Games), but maybe your’s a tad more!!! 🙂 I just moved from Dallas, TX. What kind of inspiration do you use in your writing? Other books? Nature? Dreams? I am just curious… anyways.. I would really love it if I got a reply! Keep on writing! 🙂

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  5. I just want to say
    You are
    my favorite author
    and I love your books
    I’m just wondering
    why so many of these comments
    are demands
    for you to write people books.
    Thank you
    for existing
    you remind me
    so much
    of my friend
    Thank you.

  6. Hey! this is my first time and i have never finished a series in my life! Im almost done having heart attacks reading the ugly series..I love your books!! Your a very cool author and i love the way u think..peace out guys


  7. Hello! I am going to be writing a report on you for my college Approaches to Literature class. I would like to know more about you as a writer rather than the random facts, not that they aren’t very interesting. My favorite series is most definitely the Uglies trilogy. I would like to know how you come up with the ideas for your teen stories and where your inspiration comes from. What is the most difficult part of writing for you and how do you overcome these struggles? What is your favorite book you have written and why? After publishing stories, have you ever wished you had ended them differently? What do you think the future will really be like?
    Thank you for the chance to ask some questions and I really hope that I get some responses. You are my favorite author and have inspired me in many ways. Keep doing what you’re doing! You’re amazing!
    Yours truly,

  8. I made a time machine guys!!!! Anyone wanna take a trip? I found gold under squidwards bed last night. Gary sat next to me.

  9. hhheyy scott i was wonderingy dont u wear jeans ? im pretty sure u get that question ALOT ! BUT IM REALLY CURIOS ! and by the way thanx for writing the uglie books they are my absolute favorite ! and also do by any chance u have a facebook ???? ok bye

    angel-laaa gone *

  10. Heyyy,
    So, at first I was a total skeptical on the whole Uglies series. Turned out that I loved it though! It totally perplexed me. Also, how far in the future does the book take place (year wise)? And of course, my final question is will you write another book to go along with Extras??????????? Please do.

  11. Hello, I’m doing a project and I know you probably won’t answer this soon enough but I’ll ask it anyways. Your stories, more of the Uglies Series, is in the future or realistic. Where did you get the idea? More so of things in your life as you were growing up made you who you are. How did your life help you to make this story. What made the story from your life? I honestly don’t know how to word this.

  12. what inspired you to write, most importantly what inspired you to write young adult fiction?!?! I NEED TO KNOW!!!!

  13. I luv all of ur books. R u going to be writing any more young adult ones? Any ideas for what you’ll b writing next?! I can’t wait to see. Hope it’s soon!

  14. Hello! My name is Joy and I’m a high school senior writing a book report about beauty and how society views its importance. I’m using your books Uglies and Pretties to do so, but I have a few questions. What in your life made you want to write a book about this topic? What do the messages conveyed in the book mean to you? What is your definition of beauty and how important do you think it is (regarding a person’s happiness, success, well-being, etc.)? Do you think we already live in a society fundamentally similar to the society Tally lives in? Thank you so much for reading my message and I really hope to hear back from you soon! Have a fantastic day!

  15. I was just wondering… of all possible nationalities, why did you choose a Scottish (italicized) main character for the Leviathan Trilogy?… I’ve read a lot (italicized) of books, but almost none of them had any Scottish characters. I think Deryn is great, but I was curious.
    I have nothing against Scottish people and I really like it when authors have not commonly used characters, but I also wonder about what makes said author use said character. So….Why?

  16. Oh, yes, do you like the TV show Sherlock? If you haven’t seen it, watch it, If you have, rate it on a scale of 1-10.

  17. Question:
    I was wondering was inspired you to become an author and get into writing your books?

    I love your work, though I am still a teen so I haven’t read any of your adult books yet but I have read all of the other books.

    Good luck on any new books your planning to write!

  18. Hi… so I was just curious as to how you came up with the idea for the uglies series. And why(and how) did you decide to write another book? A.K.A Extras?

  19. Scott I love you so much I’m doing a report on you for my favorite author I love the uglies series I got all my friends reading it

    anyway what is your favorite book series you have done or just a book you have done?

  20. Scott, I love you and all your books. I’m doing a schools report on you and these are some things I need to know. What are some of your favorite quotes? What’s your favorite type of music? Lastly, are you involved in any causes and/or groups?

  21. Are you planning on making another series for WWII? Personally, I think it would be a great idea.

  22. I recently did a school project on your Uglies series and I could never find a straight answer on your blog, or on any of the interviews that you’ve given that have been published online. I’ve seen who and what has influenced you to write, why you’ve written some of your books, but never why you’ve chosen to write; so why did you choose to become a writer?

  23. I know im really far down on the comments list and if u dont get back to me ill be very sad ;( I know ur busy and everthing but I am probly one of ur youngest readers. I love ur work nothing like it would u be offended if I said I kindof reminds me of Divergent siries (I read that series) I am a REALY bad speller if u couldn’t already tell!!!! plz get backto me PLZ PLZ PLZ

  24. Greetings Mr. Westerfeld!

    I just finished “Succession” and I want to throw the book at you for leaving it open-ended like that. The story is not finished, it cannot be! Please, tell me you *are* going to return to that marvelous universe and show us (or at least me!) what is happening on Home, Vada, Vasthold and of course the Lynx (and Alexander and mustn’t forget House!).

    And most importantly, you MUST answer whether or not Zai and Nara find each other again.

    Please, please, please, I beg you to relieve my suffering and finally sequel “Succession.”

    Thank you so very much for writing such a fabulous space opera!


  25. hi Mr. Westerfield!
    i wanted to know what happens to tally and david! Specials is my favourite book! thank you so much!

  26. Hi!
    I am currently reading your book, Uglies, for a school project. I am to create a blog, of sorts, devoted to you and your book. I would like to have some more information on your childhood. I can not find much information about it on the internet. If it is possible, I would also like some more information about your mother! Thank you so much!
    Victoria Gosselin
    Dothan, Alabama

  27. Hi i’m doing a book report on you for my class so i just have a couple questions. Are you currently working on a books? What are their names if any?

  28. I am half way through Afterworlds and I don’t want it to end. This book is AWESOME. I have been telling all of my coworkers about this book. I am looking forward to having some great book talks about this book. Way to go! Again, this is AWESOME. I have some young teens who wants to become writers and this is a must read book for them.

  29. Hi, I have a couple questions for you for my book report I’m doing on the Uglies:

    How did you decide to become an author? What inspired you? Was there any thing in your childhood that motivated you? Why do you write books for teens? How come you choose to write science fiction books? Why did you marry your wife? For what reason?

    Thanks! If you could please reply soon, that would be helpful….And I LOVE your series the Uglies, and thanks to that, I might start reading some of your other books! You are one of my favorite authors, too :).

  30. Hi Mr. Westerfeld!

    I am an aspiring author. I would like to write a book about a werewolf parasite. I was researching online when I came across your book Peeps/Parasite Positive. I looked at a summary and it is about parasitic vampires. I would like your permission to write my book about a werewolf parasite. (I have not read Peeps or The Last Days.) Can I attempt to write my book? Or is it too close to yours? Please respond!

    –Nobah Dee (my author name)

  31. Hi Mr. W,

    PLEASE check your email, I sent you a video of an Uglies Trailer I filmed with some of my friends. I hope you like it!


  32. Hello Mr.Westernfeld. We here at TD-publishing would like to ask you to continue writing more historical reinvented stories.

  33. Excuse me, Mr. Westerfeld you’ve inspired me with your Levisthan series I’ve in highschool and fixing to go to Fall University for creative writing I’ve been writing poems and stories for years and I’ve been tinkering with a story for my first book for years and I want to discuse my idea with you your series I mention before gave me the perfect idea but If you can’t I understand but thanks for reading this my email is

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