Still Floggin’

Okay, okay! Peeps Week is over! But this time, I’m selling someone else’s book.

We’re in New York right now, but at this moment in Australia, copies of Justine’s first novel are hitting the shelves. It’s 10,000 miles away, Monday morning rather than Sunday night, and at the end of winter instead of summer, but we can still feel it happening . . .


Magic or Madness is the story of a girl negotiating the same two worlds that Justine and I find ourselves torn between: Sydney and New York, winter and summer, magic or madness. (Though the latter, in our case, is only occasional.)

Here Justine explains how the book came to be, and here are some of her excellent reviews. Read them, and I think you’ll be intrigued. Read the book, and you’ll be blown away.

Magic or Madness came out in the US way back in March, but Americans can still find it on shelves, or Amazon.

But if you’re in Australia, take a look for it in bookstores everywhere. We wish we were there to see it ourselves.

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