Last Mexican Pix

Okay, re-entry into the first world has given me the most astonishing flu-thing (possibly acquired on the bus to Atlantic City), so I will be brief. Below are three pictures I took in Mexico that I never blogged. I now blog them as my feverish brain melts:

A flower on our veranda in San Miguel taken at sunset. When I can take a picture this good with our crappy camera, you know stuff is pretty.

This is my picture of a hummingbird, taken among the same flowers. Compare with Justine’s photo-essay on the subject. Trust me, these guys are hard to get into the lens. In German, I think they’re called “movingquicklybirds,” or perhaps, “fasterthanscott’scrappycamerabirds.”

One of their many names in Mexican Spanish is chuparrosas, which translates literally to “rose suckers.” Now that is some seriously poetic wordplay, dudes. No, really. It reminds one of chupacabras, the mythical Mexican goat-sucking bat.

In San Miguel, as in heaven, freshly made tortillas are brought to your door by a fleet of motorcycles. Can we please just surrender to Mexico now?

4 thoughts on “Last Mexican Pix

  1. Wow…as i read chuparrosas, i thought immediately ‘wow…like chupacabras.” and then I read the next sentence…and it was strange. The flowers at sunset are REALLY pretty, and congratulations in your succes in catching a shot of the hummingbirds!

  2. Hey, waittaminit, does that mean that chupachup lollies are really suckysuckers?
    And I hope the flu thing has gone away and you’re feeling better by now.

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