Uglies in the United Kingdom

Just got this from Simon & Schuster, a treatment for the cover of Uglies in the United Kingdom:

A really different look from the US cover, but I love it! It has a much creepier feel, because of the surgical pan. (Well, and the body parts, too.) I give it the simple-but-effective award.

Plus, the color scheme is cool. (Or is that a “colour” scheme?)

I don’t think it comes out there until April 2006. Because, you know, they have to translate it into English.

16 thoughts on “Uglies in the United Kingdom

  1. yeah very different – i think I prefer it to the US cover – the typography is far superiour – cool – now I can tell all my english mates to go buy it 🙂


  2. I prefer the US cover. The doll body parts is just not something I care for on a book cover. BUT! I think the COLOUR scheme is MAGNIFIQUE! oooh I especially like the different colours on the author name! Yes yes I like the eye!!! The twinkly eye on the Pretties cover is smart!

  3. Ooooh, creeeepy!

    (Except it took me a moment to figure out it was a surgical instrument basin– I thought at first it was an emesis basin.)

  4. Glad you all think it’s cool. I especially like the soft pastelly colours combined with the creeptasticness.

    I think it’s true, it’s not as young as the US cover, but that’s okay with me.

    Plus, Buffy is on in Spanish in the internet place we’re using! Either I’m confused, or both Buffy and Faith have the same voice talent. An eerie commentary on slayerdom? Or a budget thing?

  5. the buffy thing is awesome. I bought all the buffy seasons in german and the dubbed voices sound nothing like the real actors voices anyway! As for this cover, at first i looked at it. and barbie dolls came to my mind! then i didnt even notice they were in a surgery pan until i read your blog, so it didnt appeal to me very muchat all. Or maybe its just becuase im very picky with covers. I KNOW I KNOW. dont judge a book by its cover! but i cant help it! once my friend bought me this book and the cover was hideous, ugly, and seemed like it had nothing to do with the book at all. the book itself was amazing. But if i hadnt known that, the cover turned me off to much i never would have bought it. I think since writers WRITE thier own books, they should absoully be able to choose and design thier own cover. i think if authors could do that, the covers would relate more to what the book is about. just makes me so mad..

  6. I like the U.K. one too… The pastely colots causes it to give off a vibe of being a trashy teen novel, which is quite the contrary. I still like it though.

    Even better, Scott, is the Chinese Buffy. I made the mistake of buying the first five seasons on eBay (they were only $150), only the woman who was selling them bought them in China, so all the writing was in Chinese, the subtitles were obviously translated by some dude with a Chinese-English dictionary, and despite the fact that the show is indeed originally in English, the English voiceovers I chose to turn on weren’t the actors actual voices. Oh, and four of the female characters had the same woman doing the Chinese voiceocer. Yeah. So this just goes to show you that buying DVDs off eBay can be bad.

  7. Wow, that cover sends a chill down your spine when you know what the hospital pan symbolizes! I like that much more than the American one I have, although that one’s good too. Great cover for a great book, though. Now if only I didn’t have to wait a month for Pretties to come out!

  8. Yes, I much prefer this cover to the US one. It more effectively represents the feelings and ideas in Uglies. I look forward to Pretties hitting the shelves!

  9. What really got me into reading Uglies is the whole plot….but what got me interested in reading it was David and Tally’s best friend. ^^ Sorry I’m not sure if what I’m saying is appropriate for this blog comment section but I had to get that out. And I like the US cover better…or did I say that already?

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