Midnighters from Russia

I just semi-randomly discovered this online. It looks suspiciously like a cover for Midnighters from Russia!

That’s my name on top. I happen to know from previous translations that Ckott=Scott. And it sure looks like Jessica wielding Jurisprudence and Rex (Jonathan?) with some sort of heavy Dess-made weaponry.

But why is Jessica blond? And Rex sandy-haired? (Dude, if it’s Jonathan, he doesn’t look very Hispanic.) And both of them are kind of old. And that car antenna is mighty hefty . . . don’t they have those in Russia?

I love the slithers, though, and the dark moon looming. And the word “Midnighters” totally rules in that spiky cyrillic font.

There’s a kind of Hardy-Boy literalness to the cover that I like, and I can’t wait to see the next two in the series. Just think, maybe we’ll get a picture of the halfling!

It’s almost like writing comics . . .

20 thoughts on “Midnighters from Russia

  1. Its interesting, but your right, the characters look nothing like how i pictured the ones in the book. I have seen tons of covers like that, where they specificly desribe the charachter and then put her/ him on the front cover and you’re sitting there thinking ” who the hell is that”. anyway, yeh i also dig those darklings.

  2. Hey yeah! Fortunately you’d have to read the book to understand how the cover’s a spoiler . . .

  3. Cool. Now I’m gonna go google aimlessly trying to find a tool that will translate my name into Russian characters… thanks, Scott!

    And admittedly I don’t speak Russian, but I like the fact that the subtitle of the book appears to have been changed to Midnighters: The Blue Yak. I always thought that was a more appropriate title anyway.

  4. The Blue Yak…Has a nice ring to it! Scott, are there secret yaks in the book I just failed to notice?

    When will the next Midnighter’s be out? Anyone know?

  5. My Russian colleague had trouble reading the translated ‘Midnighters’ – in fact she had no idea what it meant until I said ‘Midnighters’, at which point she said “Yeah, that makes sense.” She also confirmed that the subtext means ‘Secret Hour’ without any prompting…

  6. just a really off-topic question concerning Pretties…the word bubbly seems to have several different denotations: cool, vigilant, and…horny? Why not create a different pretty word for each meaning?

  7. Yes, and it sits in huge heaps in all major bookstores 🙂 As for the cover, the covers of the Russian editions are either weird or copied from the originals. No idea why.

  8. Niki: Yes, this translation was paid for. (Just got the check!)
    Various: “Blue Yak” was the working title.
    John H.: Funny about your friend not recognizing “Midnighters” on the cover. Of course, my once-good Japanese always falls completely apart when reading weird fonts.
    Diana: Did you mean that my mentioning the halfling was a spoiler? Or the fl——-t on the cover?
    Hanna: BLUE NOON comes out March 1, 2006
    Fiona: like Maggie said, “bubbly” means adrenalized, or perhaps “not fuzzy-minded,” which covers excited, interesting, and alert. The reason that it’s all one concept is that Pretties have to fight pretty-mindedness to achieve any of those states, so they all represent the same kind of departure from the norm.
    Daria: So you’re in Russia now? Cool on those big heaps in stores (unless they stay big). The Midnighters TV series is only a possibility, and the Russian version of the TV show is really a pipe dream . . .

  9. Yes — big heaps, one downtown store even had the original book on sale–the one without the “Blue Yak,” I mean 🙂 With a sign that said something along the lines of “eat your heart out, Harry Potter, here comes the Secret Hour” 🙂

    Not the second book, though. It’s nowhere to be found. Had to order that one.

  10. umm…quistion, does anyone noe wat Melissa looks like? mr. scott sry i dont noe if u ever told us in the books and my sorry excuse for a brain missed it or not:$. but i keep getting random images of her whenever i read it..:S first sheez blonde the nxt second she has long black hair…some one plz help!

  11. I think ur all right about the characters on the cover. That has to be Jonathen and yet hes not very mexican is he. And u can tell its not Rex from his description with Rexs all black clothes his black trench cout and black boots and hair thats difinatly not him. And Rex would be tall remember it said he was like 6 foot something right? And I was wondering when the next book will come out????? Im dying to know wut happens next to Jessica.

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