Publishing Schedule/Casting Contest (Updated)

A quick post to answer many of your questions in posts and via email (and a contest).

Midnighters comes out March 1, 2006.

Uglies comes out May something, 2006.

The sequel to Peeps comes out late August in 2006.

The Midnighters TV show is an option the WB owns. So far, it’s in a holding pattern for a possible Fall 2006 pilot.

The movie deal of Book X is still with attorneys. I will let you know once that’s all over.

And now for the contest, which has two options. You can:

Cast the Movie
If you want to guess about the movie deal, feel free to use this comment thread to do so. But you can’t just guess which book is going to be (maybe) made into a movie. You also have to cast at least one part!

To win:
a) You must get the title of the book right.
b) Your casting choice must amuse or edify me.

And you can also:

Guess the Producer

To win:
a) You must get the title of the book right.
b) You must also name a title of a previous movie produced by the person who is buying the rights to make a movie of my book.

Make only one guess for each game, please. Do not enter if I told you already (duh).

Winners both get: Something that you don’t already own from my author’s copies bookshelf, signed to them by me.

(And if it turns out that someone actually gets a casting choice right, I will give them something really cool.)

66 thoughts on “Publishing Schedule/Casting Contest (Updated)

  1. Uglies, starring Christie Hayes who played Kirsty on Home and Away as Tally, and Bruce Samazan as “Miscellaneous Pretty”. Produced by Ardman animation in a mixture of live action and claymation which will rock the film industry to its foundations. Foundations I say!

  2. Ok i put it on the new page but i guess i will put it on this one too. I think it is the book peeps and since its not the producer from dracula then it has to be that executive producer from dusk till dawn. oh Beth said it Quentin Tarantino

  3. Ok I think it’ll be Uglies, and maybe Uma Thurman for Dr. Cable? There’s something slightly scary about her. maybe Katie Holmes would be a good shay? and I definately think Rachel Leigh Cook as Tally. I don’t think there should be any really famous teenage actresses in it, like Lindsay Lohan, Hilary Duff, Mary-Kate and Ashley, etc…that would ruin the whole thing.

  4. I think So Yesterday, with Amber Tamblyn or Linda Cardellini as Jen (even though they’re both a bit too old, since isn’t Jen like 18?) and Jason Dohring as Hunter. Kristine Sutherland could be Hunter’s mom (because she’s awesome) and Charisma Carpenter could be Mandy. But that’s just my guess.

  5. i think the movie will be Midnighter #1 the secret hour/ Lord of the Rings.
    ok this is just kinda a wild guess, cuz im really not sure about this stuff seeing as im only 13 years old. but this is my guess.

    by the way i LOVE the midnighters books they TOTALLY rock. I HAvE TO WAIT TILL MARCH FOR BLUE NOON (wah)

  6. Ok………..hmmm…Maybe Uglies. Great book and would be amazing on the big screen. I am guessing So Yesterday or Peeps b/c that’s what every1 else guessed. lol.
    I think the producer might be the same guy that produced the outsiders

  7. I think it’s PEEPS…with producer of Underworld

    Cal Thompson could be Jensen Ackles
    Morgan could be the woman who plays Jean Grey in X-Men…she just needs to die her hair black

  8. I think UGLIES will be the movie and it will be produced by Jerry Bruckheimer…casting choice? UM…emily browning for tally…she looks the part, and she looks alot like the girl on the cover for uglies too

  9. MOVIE-Uglies-like fiona said great on i max

    TALLY-emily browning-or-emily watson
    SHAY-haley march
    DAVID/PERIS-liam aiken-or-riki ullman
    DIRECTOR-mark kochanowicz-or-brad silberling

    (this is only set up well because i got bored-i’m not a neat freak!)

  10. ok, this has nothing to do with the contest, but i lost my password to get logged on. i tried the “I forgot my pasword” thing, but it’s not working. can any one help me figure out how to get me it??

  11. So Yesterday- like someone said, it’s stand alone, and in line with all the fashion frenzy of the moment.
    Um…Agent Cody Banks? Not sure, that might kinda suck
    If it is Uglies (yeah!!!!) though, Cate Blanchett would be amazing as Dr Cable. Fiona’s right. She’s totally made for that role.

  12. Eric von Detten should play Zane. But I believe Zane is pale, and Eric is tan, so Gregory Smith should play Zane. He’s got the dark hair and paleness going and he’s not an ugly. Amber Tamblyn as Tally. Eric von Detten should play PARIS or some other pretty. Wentworth Miller as miscellaneous pretty. Also Angelina Jolie as miscellaneous pretty…

  13. I know it has nothing to do with this but Midnighters will or maybe going to be a TV show, because i’m a huge fan. I’m guessing the movie will be directed by Steven Speilburg ????

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