Publishing Schedule/Casting Contest (Updated)

A quick post to answer many of your questions in posts and via email (and a contest).

Midnighters comes out March 1, 2006.

Uglies comes out May something, 2006.

The sequel to Peeps comes out late August in 2006.

The Midnighters TV show is an option the WB owns. So far, it’s in a holding pattern for a possible Fall 2006 pilot.

The movie deal of Book X is still with attorneys. I will let you know once that’s all over.

And now for the contest, which has two options. You can:

Cast the Movie
If you want to guess about the movie deal, feel free to use this comment thread to do so. But you can’t just guess which book is going to be (maybe) made into a movie. You also have to cast at least one part!

To win:
a) You must get the title of the book right.
b) Your casting choice must amuse or edify me.

And you can also:

Guess the Producer

To win:
a) You must get the title of the book right.
b) You must also name a title of a previous movie produced by the person who is buying the rights to make a movie of my book.

Make only one guess for each game, please. Do not enter if I told you already (duh).

Winners both get: Something that you don’t already own from my author’s copies bookshelf, signed to them by me.

(And if it turns out that someone actually gets a casting choice right, I will give them something really cool.)

66 thoughts on “Publishing Schedule/Casting Contest (Updated)


    Midnighters is being optioned as a tv show, so it’s most likely not that. Peeps, like you said, is wrong. The Risen Empire would be too costly to make (I never read the book, but it sounds costly) and it would be difficult to find THAT many attractive people for Pretties.

  2. Missy: No, that’s a good guess . . .
    Fiona: Just rewrote the contest rules to make this clearer. Name one of my books and the title of ANOTHER movie. (See rules again.)

  3. Okay. Just rewrote the rules again to make it clearer. It’s not your fault, guys. I’m very just jet-lagged and am being a bit random.

    And I edited a few comments to make the thread make sense. (But like I said, jet-lagged. So maybe it will still be muddled.)

  4. I know this is not right, but heres my choice. (Midnighters/ and Waking life). I would choose so yesterday but I havent read it, and waking Life is about lucid dreaming kindof, it was just really similiar. I still hope it amuses you 🙂

  5. I think So Yesterday for the movie. I don’t think it could be Joss and Mutant Enemy producing, because last I heard he’s got something new he wrote in the works after Wonder Woman; Rob Thomas has a similar vibe in his other work but is on Veronia Mars. My guess is the production team from Batman Begins.

    I have no idea on casting So Yesterday. I’d be very amused by Eliza Dushku playing Hunter’s boss, though.

    For casting Midnighters (which I realize isn’t part of the contest): if it’s WB, for the big roles, they often seem to pull people who had smaller roles on previous shows and put them into starring roles on new ones, so they already have some degree of known-ness but aren’t so well known people can only think of them in their old role. But I haven’t been following them this season, so I don’t know who that is just now… hmm. It’d be awesome to see Tina Majorino as one of the female leads, most likely Dess. Her role in Napoleon Dynamite and her recurring guest on Veronica Mars were more shy-girl parts, but I think she’d have the ass-kicking polymath down cold.

    (What I’m really curious about is when the Midnighters production team, should there be one, would start accepting spec scripts.)

  6. Casting:

    a) So, Yesterday
    b) Luke Perry (Hunter)…because, you know, he doesn’t age. (Okay, so I don’t really think he’d be cast, but I thought it would be alternately funny and horrifying to suggest it.)


    a) Succession
    b) Air Force One (Wolfgang Peterson)

  7. I’m not even going to try guessing at the contest… My brain is kinda in a mush from staying up till around 3 getting halfway through pretties, and then finishing it this morning…. May is so far away…

  8. SO YESTERDAY is my choice for the book being made into a movie.

    My casting choice for Hunter is the guy who plays LJ Burrows in Prison Break (Marshall Allman)

    THE PRODUCER: of the movie ROLLBOUNCE (iono:-P)

  9. Casting

    So Yesterday is also my choice and I can see Frankie Muniz from Malcolm in the Middle as Hunter.

  10. And I agree with G. Jules about Tina Majorino but I see her playing Melissa for some reason, she dosnet see like the B**** goddess but she is talented and I’m sure she could pull it off.

  11. Fi’s got a good guess!

    i’d say definitely so yesterday, and i have an odd hankering to have michelle yeoh as mandy. and someone like hilary swank was a couple years ago for jen.

    your sky was still light at 8, and it was 70 degrees. i’m so jealous. sitting on my stoop, watching the leaves fall in the sunshine, was wonderfully active and lovely, but all too reminding that it’s unseasonably warm…

  12. Thanks for all your guesses, and keep ’em coming.

    Chelsea: No, that’s a cool guess. When my Hollywood agent was first pitching Uglies, he was calling it “Mean Girls in the future.” Hah!

    But I’m not revealing anything yet.

  13. I think it’s probaly going to be uglies I just can not think of any actors to play
    like shay and tally. I am going to post my choices later.

  14. I think the movie is going to be So Yesterday, as thge other books you write are not stand-alones. (however everything has a sequal these days) I think the producer will be Jerry Bruckheimer (just because he produces anything cool) annd as for the characters… I don’t really know. I would almost like to see Johnny Depp in it… (is there a roll for him?) And could Sean Ferris play Hunter?

  15. Oops! Sorry all! I forget to say a movie that was also produced by Jerry Bruckheimer! Well, let’s see, Pirates of the Carribean, and National Treasure were just two of the many. And, I still say So Yesterday….although Uglies is sittting at the back of my mind. But that just seems wrong to me…..maybe that’s because i study film and realize that would be hard to make….

  16. So Yesterday and Mary Kate Olsen as Jen. Waka Waka!

    But in all seriousness, I could see it being So Yesterday starring Scarlett Johansen (sp?) as Jen, and it woudl rock if it were directed by Sophia Coppola.


  17. hm…yes. She does seem to stand for originality by liking Pink and Black. I can’t even think of all the girls at MY school who were only imitating her inovative ways. And don’t forget, the television show! What an original idea! One girl that everyone hates because she is so beautiful and smart! I could have never thought of that! She is so innovative that other people write her lyrics. It would crack my skull if Hilary Duff was in it.

  18. scott, can i use your time machine to cast the movie? i’d want to see leonard whiting, circa zeffirelli’s “romeo and juliet” (1967?) as peris in “pretties”. (like-a dis: but i don’t think it’s “pretties” because imagine the amount of cgi they’d have to do to change people’s faces!

    my real guess is “peeps” and i’m gonna cast ryan gosling as cal. (

  19. Okay this probaly won’t impress you but I finnaly thought of someone.You know Dr.Cable I think she could be played by Melinda Clarke ( from the o.c )

  20. Everyone gets MORE guesses!? Yay! Okay my second guess is a documentary type thing of the Uglies/Pretties book by Michael Moore (Fahrenheit 911, Bowling for Columbine).

  21. More guesses? Do I get 3 shots? Ok, here’s try #2. I’m still thinking the movie is So Yesterday, and the producer is the same guy who produced Zathura/Jamanji. As for the actors— Can Alan Rickman be in it? How about Tyra Banks?

  22. I think it’s still Uglies and it will be produced by the same people that did Final fantasy the sprits within. That would be so cool if it was computer animation like the final fantasy movie!

  23. SOON! I will be telling everything very soon!

    Sorry to keep you waiting. But it’s not me, it’s the lawyers writing up the deal. I promise to give you the news this Firday, even if it’s not finalized.

    In the meantime, you can keep guessing . . .

  24. So Yesterday would probably be the easiest of your stuff to do, but I’d still love to see a Peeps movie. And I bet it’ll have Dakota Fanning in it. She’s in everything these days, no? Or else Kiera Knightley because she’s in everything, too.

    How about Alan Rickman, though? Or Gerard Butler! Swoon.

  25. I’ll bet it’s Uglies. It would make such a good movie. But it would be changed a lot. Hilary Duff or Lindsay Lohan would be Tally or Shay, since they are in most of the movies for preteen/teens. It would be soooo much better if they cast me as Tally (not saying that I’m ugly, but not saying that I would be a Pretty….), but hey, the movie would be TOO good, and no other movies would sell, and the economy would go down the drain, and they don’t want that to be blamed on them. So anyway, the movie wouldn’t be as good, and that sucks, but the economy would be fine (at least as fine as it can be without me and the awesome movie making it worse).

    Okay, I’m done now. : )

  26. Hilary Duff or Lindsay Lohan should NOT play Tally because they are too well known and have a teeny bopper aura to them. And I think that the teeny bopper aura should not overpower the great plot to Uglies!

  27. ooowww this is hard!!!!!! i think the movie will be So Yesterday. i would Love to see Peeps as a movie though. oh i dont know i would LOVE to see all of your books as movies!! i think the director is the guy who did the Harry Potter movies. sorry i can’t think of his name!i can’t think of any acttores or actresses right now. i’ll post later.

  28. I’ve resisted for a while, but it seems I have thoughts on this after all. The movie will be ‘Uglies’, if only for the fact that that’s what I’m reading right now. I want Emily Browning for Tally and Daniel Radcliffe for David, to save him from a life of Harry. Both of them are impossibly pretty for uglies of course, but never mind that.

    And congratulations on all the cool news you’ve been having recently!

  29. I’ve already entered my guesses but Cate Blanchett would be a more suitable Dr. Cable. Ever since I saw her as the scary blue elf lady in Lotrs I’ve always seen something slightly alien about her.

  30. Um, Midnighters, the secret hour… at least I hope so, and, Emily Perkins as Dess? Yeah I know I just ripped off the ‘Casting Call’ page on the Midnighter’s fansite, but I think it’d work out nice. I know it might *crosses fingers* be a TV show, but alot of times, the make the shows because of the success of the movie. Ah well… I can dream…

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