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Well, the bad news is that I can’t announce contest winners yet. Not because I don’t want to, and not that there are no winners, but because the producers would prefer I wait until the deal is all signed, sealed, and delivered. Sorry for being naive, but I didn’t think it would take this long.

But I will say that many of you have made excellent suggestions for casting, including Emily Browning, who I was already thinking about (but for what part? I can’t say). And one of you has actually got the producers right, but not the book. None the less, that person will win a great big signed author’s copy of whatever you want. (But, frustratingly, I can’t tell you guys who this lucky winner is yet.)

In the meantime, I can announce that Uglies and Peeps have been been chosen as School Library Journal best books of 2005. I’m very pleased about that, and would like to thank SLJ for all the support they’ve given me over the last two years.

I’m in Melbourne right now talking to school librarians, and next week we move into the new apartment, so I won’t be posting as much. But hopefully by the time we get internet access sorted out at the new place, I can share all the great news with you.

In the meantime, keep making casting suggestions. I can tell you that the producers are reading this blog . . .

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  1. Wow that’s so cool how someone actually got it right! I think the person is right who said Quentin Tarantino! =D Yay! Go Uglies and Peeps!!!

  2. Im guessing Chosen Empire for the book. And the producers that produced either Chronicals of ridick or Van helsing.

  3. if it is not the producer from dracula it has to be a producer or excutive producer of dusk till dawn and since scott said i was wrong will then.

  4. Although I highly doubt that Uglies is going to be the movie, I think Alexz Johnson would be a good actress to play the role of Tally.

  5. I just brought Peeps. I love the first person voice. As for casting suggestions, when I read the first chapter, I immediately picture Adam Garcia (played in Coyote Ugly and Riding in Cars with the Boys) being cast as Cal.

  6. Oooh I wonder who the producer is…well I don’t have any guesses for that but like I said in my response to the last post…Rachel Leigh Cook as Tally and Uma Thurman as Dr. Cable. Jared Padalecki as Zane, if the movie is for Pretties. if not, he’d make a good David too. And for Shay turned into a special (also if the movie is for Pretties), Scarlett Johanson.

  7. Toni! I can’t hear you! Because I have fingers stuck in my ears and I’m singing lalala, in view of I haven’t read Pretties yet (on it’s Amazon-way)

  8. I’m in Melbourne paying crazy hotel rates for internet, so I will be brief:

    Glad you guys are still guessing, and like I said, the producers are reading the blog, so it’s worth it to speak your mind! (Great casting suggestions, by the way. My IMDB useage has skyrocketed looking these people up!)

  9. I’m still rooting for Uglies, and since you liked Emily Browning, Scott, I’m going to throw in some more actresses.

    I haven’t seen MirrorMask yet, but Neil Gaiman keeps telling people that Stephanie Leonidas is wonderful. And I see she’s in ‘Crusade in jeans’! Man, that book was great, every Dutch person my age has read it at least twice, I’m sure, and now there’s going to be a movie, yay!

    There are also two young Dutch actresses I would recommend. They were great in the series they played in, ‘Dunya & Desi’ (which won several awards and was nominated for an Emmy in 2004, I think) and have moved on to movies and other tv-drama productions: Maryam Hassouni and Eva van de Wijdeven. Smart girls, good actresses.

  10. If the movie were to be Peeps I wouldn’t mind seeing Jake Gyllenhaal as Cal. I think he could personify that character better than most, and definately get into the ‘Look’ of the character.

  11. What happened to So Yesterday as a possibility? I just think that is the easiest to translate into movie form… Not that I wouldn’t like to see the others, they just don’t seem as plausible. But as long as we are casting Uglies, I always pictured Anne Hathaway as Shay. Or maybe she could be in whatever movie is made, regardless of the book. As for producers…With all the special effectss and stuff, the guy who did The Cronicals of Naria seems possible….we’ll just have to wait and see.

  12. You have got to come to our school! Can you make a trip to Wilmette, IL and visit us? Ha, my copy of So Yesterday is overdue because I can’t bear to return it to the school library yet. I wish i had my copy, but i dont’.

    ps. I’m in 8th grade. our school also has 6th and 7th graders. we love you!!

  13. oooooo……
    I would love to see Uglies become a movie- Uglies, and Peeps.

    Emily Browning would play Shay very nicely….
    Would it be crazy to put Alex Vega as Tally? I dunno. I think that she’d be good for the part…possibly? You could always look through the gaggle of disney’s starlets/world-leaders-in-training to find a match.

  14. Can I still guess? By the way, Happy Thanksgiving, Scott.

    Book: Midnighters

    Casting: Emily Browning as Jessica


    a) Midnighters (book 1 to clarify)
    b) Nightmare Before Christmas, Edward Scissor Hands

  15. I think Uglies would be the best choice for a movie, although I’m not sure it is a likely choice. No ideas on casting though!

    Just finished Pretties- can’t wait for Specials! It was an awesome book. Its definitly my favorite so far.

    I’m trying to get Peeps, but being without a drivers license really makes trips to Barnes and Nobles a problem!!! ๐Ÿ™

  16. Wow, I haven’t checked here in a while. I missed too much!
    But yes, I agree with that one person on Uma Thurman for Dr. Cable.
    And as for director and whatnot….Well, I like Tim Burton myself…..:-P He’s gooood. You should make him to do it. ^______^
    Also, I think Uglies or Midnighters would be fabulous movies, but I have little knowledge of what is happening here so I’m gonna just shut up now….And you have to have Johnny Depp in there somewhere!…(I’m not really gussing, just so you know. Just rambling about how great all that would be.) OO! Johnny Depp can play Dr. Cable! Hahahahahaha. Ehem…sorry.

  17. Liam Aiken would make a good Rex. You’d just have to, like, y’know, “man” him up a bit.
    And to do this the proppah way, Corpse Bride. -_^

  18. And oh, as a, shall we say “suggestion”, Jonathan Jackson would make a nice Johnathan.

  19. I think Uglies would make a fantastic movie. Personally I think that alexis bledel would be a good Tally. Shay could be played by Rachel Leigh Cook.

  20. Hey, thanks for all the guesses! Can’t wait to reveal the name of the book, which will be early next week.

    I was wondering if i sent you one of your books will you sign it for me. Iรขโ‚ฌโ„ขll pay postage.

    I would, but I’m in Australia . . . so it could get expensive! (I’ll be back in June.)

  21. Y’know what there Mr. Scott, you should just have those nice people at…where ever they are, just cast moi as a wonderful character in this lovely movie….Hiiiiiiiiiiiiint. Yes.

  22. She should be cast as Amber (of Joan of Arcadia & that sucky sister pants movie) cuz Amber can act as an awakward teenager and is in the right age range and isn’t entirely ugly, so that the audience realizes that Tally is pretty but she herself doesn’t realize it. Shay should not be Hilary Duff because her poor acting skills will tarnish the film. Angelina Jolie should be somewhere in it as a pretty. Perhaps Dr. Cable? Jolie can do the evil thing. David should be LJ Burrows from Prison Break OR Adam Brody from the O.C. because he’s so damn adorable. I still haven’t gotten over Zane. He’s not exactly my favorite. Plus the gaunt thing scares me.

  23. Hilary Duff should definately not be in the movie as anybody. I agree with Delilah that maybe Angelina Jolie would make a good doctor cable, even though i still think it should be uma thurman. but w/e.

  24. oooh! i have no idea wat this whole conversation iz about! the puny amount i got while scrolling down this page was that one of the books are gonna be a movie(woot) and that ur thinking of someone to play the parts….i suggest(for any part in particular) sarah michelle gellar because buffy kicks ass!!! …..ok im done

  25. lol. I think Sarah M. Gellar would be too young to play a middle pretty and too old to play a new pretty, or a midnighter. She could be someone in PEEPS, if there is such a movie being made, but all the female characters are dark-haired. She COULD dye it…

  26. I theorize that Uglies is being picked up. I also theorize that if they make Uglies they’ll make Pretties and Specials as well.
    I disagree with whoever said that Tim Burton should direct it, I think it’d be too dark. Although, you probably don’t have much choice in the matter.
    As for actors/actresses, I agree wholeheartedly with whoever first said the Uma Thurman should play Dr. Cable, and I think that Emily Browning would be a better choice for Tally than Shay. And I think that Keira Knightly should be in the movie somewhere, I’m not really sure as who, but she seems as though she could fit somewhere.

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