Specials Cover + News!

So S&S have been promising to send me the cover photo of Specials, but haven’t yet. And lo, I find this on Amazon?

It seems to be missing a tagline.
Uglies: “In a world of extreme beauty, anyone normal is ugly.”
Pretties: “What happens when perfection isn’t good enough?”
Specials: “???”

Discuss . . .

Also: awards news from Australia!

Both Justine and I have been nominated for the Aurealis Awards! Her for Magic or Madness, and me for Uglies and Peeps!

This is wonderful news, and it’s also the first time we’ve been in direct competition for a prize. People always ask us if we get competitive about this sort of thing, and now we can finally make up some really gnarly stories of spousal conflict! (But really, no, we’re not. We’re only competitive about stuff like who can spit the farthest.)

And congrats to all the other nominees, especially our pals Cat, Sean, Rjurik, and Garth, as well as Rob for his editorial successes. w00t!

108 thoughts on “Specials Cover + News!

  1. for a tagline
    yeah i spent way too much time thinking of these… i have too much time on my hands… and with so much time I probably should have been able to come up with ones better than these but theyre what i came up with.
    “How do you beat something flawless?”
    “If ugly is normal and merely pretty is stunning then what is special?
    “Can you defeat the enemy… once/when you become one?”
    “They look and move extraordinarily, and have the potential to destroy anything”

    sorry if this is a really old post… if it is then… yeah i feel stupid

  2. on amazon it says that it’s in hardcover, what’s with that? i thought all three were going to be paperback. also, on amazon, on the picture, it says “The final volume in the highly acclaimed UGLIES trilogy.” why doesn’t it say it on the one displayed here? honestly, i dislike the angle of the shot of the person, i think the camera should’ve been positioned up a bit more and focused on the upper part of the face with the neck still visible and the nostril less visible. the bottom seems a bit too plain. somehow, i don’t find this creepy looking as i expected. i think the model should’ve had her chin up high with a nasty grin to show some authority. the model of this looks nervous with the eye looking in the right direction and the lips in an unhappy mood but trying to hide it. also, the eyebrows look choppy.

  3. i like the cover it looks really cool, but it doesnt really look the way i imagined a special to be and the girl on the cover looks way different from the girl in uglies and pretties’ cover..don’t get me wrong itz a nice cover but hopefully they can make a cover that can have a girl who looks more like tally and have a more evil look to her..or add another person in the cover just like they did in pretties..

    by the way i love ur books..and u rlly should turn the trilogy into movies..there the best**

  4. Hey, if Tally ends up not going all evil on us (hope hope) a good tag would be like “What you see isn’t always what you get…” because people see a Special and automatically run away, but inside it’s still Tally. Just an idea.

  5. Tally won’t go evil…but she’s not a saint, that’s for sure…

    I thought it was kind of mean when she rolled her eyes and insulted David’s mom b/c she (D’d mom) was angry at her. I mean, D.’s mom had a right to be angry…her husband got killed because of Tally.

  6. op! hmm so If the hardcover comes out then when will the paperback come out? I’d hate seeing 2 books paperback and then one hardcover =[

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