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  1. Hi Scott Westerfeld. I am doing a paper on Uglies in a formalistic criticism point of view. Do you know how I should go about approching that?
    Thank You,

  2. Definition: the outward form or structure of a particular work, how words are used in a sentence, and sentence patterns. When looking at Formalistic criticism the easiest way to determine what aspects of the work would be considered Formalistic, is to answer one questions. What did the Author do by arranging words, images, symbols, action, and details of plot?
    Do you know how I could do this for Uglies?

  3. oh yes, Justine refered me to this place to write to you. Thank you for considering my question(s) and trying to help me. You have inspired me so much by your book Uglies and Pretties. They are wonderful peices of art. I can’t wait until Specials comes out.

  4. Well, Pretties is probably the best book for that kind of analysis. Look at the future words and the slang, especially the way “bubbly” changes in meaning throughout the text—from meaning “champagne” to meaning “clever,” “excited,” “evergized,” “turned on,” and finally “free of society’s constraints.”

    That’s where I’d start.

  5. “uglies” and “pretties” are two amazing cant-put-down books that i now reccomend to friends! im not much of a reader type but once i started reading uglies i could not put it down. the next day, i read pretties in one sitting. i am so stoked for “specials” to come out. Im going to book that day off from work (i work at Dairy Queen haha) and just sit and read it. I am so curious to see what happens. I dont think she gets stuck being a special the whole book.. well atleast i hope not. i really hope she drops zane and picks david, because your first love never truely dies. ahh i cant even believe shay dont get me started. and peris.. well i guess you cant fully blame him for not jumping. anyways, just wanted to tell you your an amazing author! and to try find out when “specials” is coming out? please e-mail me at: el_03_3@hotmail.com .. ill be checking daily 🙂

  6. OK thank you. So you don’t think Uglies would be good for that. I’m not sure if I can change my book. Thank you.

  7. Hi Scott,
    I am now doing my paper on Pretties. Do you know what I should start with after the words?
    Thank you.

  8. Hello, um, I was just wondering if you could e-mail(allwayzlove@netscape.net) me your feelings on how my paper should be written. So it can be put together well. I would really apreciate it. I love writing and your books inspired me to write more. I would be very thank full.
    Thank you very much for taking your time to read this.

  9. hey Scott,
    im doing this HUGE project on all your books and i was wondering if sometime in the next couple days if you could please tell me as much as you can on your life. I have a worksheet i have to fill in and its just stuff like where u were born and everything. So,. I would REALLLYYY appreciate it!! thankyou!! Oh, and your books were the BEST books EVER! They were sooo interesting!!

  10. hey its julia (again) but i was just wondering if you could answer these questions specifically::
    mother, father’s names:

  11. date of birth and birthplace::
    info on family and family life::
    info about hometown::
    info about school::
    info about friends::
    marriage info, spouse name, where they lived, if more than one. name them too!::
    homes;moves made::
    interesting facts, what do you like?::
    what do you belive in??::
    what problems you overcame in your marriage::
    successes or failures as an adult::
    all your books you’ve published or wriiten at home::
    awards recieved as an author::
    what kind of stories you write:: (mostly science fiction right??)
    ok… THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOOOO much!!!!!!!!!!!
    and you are my fave author!! You inspired me to write. I hope you have a great valentines day!!

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