Midnighters on TV

Okay, so this is NOT a done deal, but . . .

According to Sci Fi Wire, the chances of a Midnighters TV show have gone up a notch or two. Because of the success of Supernatural last Fall, they’ve ordered a pilot script for Midnighters. See here:

Now all this means is that a writer (a guy called Darren Lemke) has been paid to write a script. If the WB like his work and see a future in the series, it is possible there’ll be a Midnighters TV pilot in Fall of 2006. (Or 2007?)

This would be a gas. I’ve always thought that Midnighters was the most TV-friendly of my series. I just hope they do a good job . . .

By the way, I got this link from Jonathan’s fan site, midnighters.org. Midnighters fan sites seem to be proliferating, as witnessed by Morgan’s site, from which the excellent comics of my last post came.

Anyway, watch this space, and Jonathan’s and Morgan’s sites, for news about this possible series.

But when it comes to Hollywood, never, ever hold your breath.

93 thoughts on “Midnighters on TV

  1. Also, how does listening to Linkin Park make you an automatic Melissa?

    And we don’t exactly know what kinda music Jessica or Dess or Jonathan or Rex listen to, so I don’t know how that question in the quiz is valid

    But Jessica strikes me kind of like the Ashlee Simpson/Lindsay Lohan/Hilary Duff type

    Jonathan seems like…black eyed peas…or gorillaz

    Rex? Mariah Carey…lol that just seemed hilarious to me

  2. Also, here is my “The kind of music it seemed to me like they would listen to” list:
    Rex – Daft Punk, the Faint. And other such Electronic music.
    Melissa – …Opeth. And other such heavy metal.
    Dess – Nine Inch Nails and other music of the such….They seem like a Rex-y type one too.
    Jessica – Jessica Simpson type crap.
    Jonathan – …I’ll have to agree with the Gorillaz thing on him.

    I am bored. Can’t you tell?

  3. I agree with Bailey…Mostly ’cause I was there helping think of those a little bit. Dess = Skid Row too.
    And um…I’m 17, by the way.

  4. Yeah I agree with you guys especially with Jonathan and Gorillaz. Btw, I just noticed ‘The Secret Hour’ has 13 letters in it.

  5. I’m a music nut and what you would call a “band-o” or “orc-dork” if you will. I don’t relate to the midnighters in this way, none of them are in band. By the way, marching band is way cooler than on the movie “drumline.” Very bad movie. And Bailys list should should replace the question on the quiz. I agree you guys. By the way “technophobia” has 12 letters but means the fear of technology. What does this word mean to darklings? eh?

  6. Hey, so I’m 100% Rex, 75% Jessica, 67% Jonathan, 44% Melissa, and 35% Dess. Um, that kind of adds up to 321%. I never did get these internet quizes…

    Oh, and I’m 16. ; )

  7. ok i was way off ont he ages. but yea i am a band-o too. except im in drumline. breta is telling the truth ‘drumline ‘ the movie is WAYYYY different that drimline real life, and so is band camp…..
    but i think that mellisa would like the underoath or the used type thing, (while doing the emo dance). do you guys know what the emo dance is???

  8. Hey Amy, is the Emo dance related to Emo music (“emotionally-driven hardcore punk”)? That’s really interesting Breta about technophobia. How about Terdekaphobia – the fear of the number 13 and it has 13 letters itself. hmm

  9. Mentioned by two people: Jessica – Jessica Simpson type crap.

    Hah! But probably right. That’s the last time I ever put a normal person in one of my books. (Where “normal” = “boring.”) It might be a great plot point that Jessica’s normal, but I actually get bored writing from her point of view.

    Kelvin: terdekaphobia – the fear of the number 13 and it has 13 letters itself

    Hey, cool. I’d only ever seen “triskadeskaphobia,” which is way too long.

    Maybe I/Dess should have gone with “terdekalogism” instead of “tridecalogism.” It would have been more correct, though “terdeka” isn’t very easy on the eye, actually.

    Sorry I haven’t been keeping up with the tridecs of the day. So here are a few:


    And here’s one that describes itself: “pentasyllabic.”

  10. ok this has nothing to do with 13 or 12, but it made me laugh REALLY hard when i heard it. ok it was that the official ‘term’ for the fear of LONG words is (get this)


    its like WANTING to give a person a mental breakdown. like you ask “hey whats your problem?” then “oh, i have…AHHHHHHHHH *nervous breakdown* HHHHHHHH”

    i mean c’mon. be smart people. i really dont trust the people who make up words. i just know they’re laughing as the people squrim on the floor, foaming at the mouth.

  11. o my gosh im posting WAY to much but, this pertains to uglies. the fear of ugliness is Cacophobia. so before tally was pretty she was kinda that. and the fear of Nuclear weapons is Nucleomituphobia. ok who isnt afraid of them. now that ive posted more than anyone ver could. bye ( i love phobias)

  12. I love how one of the Midnighters’ fansites listed Robin Tunney as a possible role for Melissa I think it was. She might be a little too old to be playing a teenager…

    I want Jeremy Sumpter for Jonathan. He played Peter Pan once so he’s got the whole flying gig (or hanging from wires) thing down. I know he looks nothing like a Mexican, but he could be like Jessica Alba, who’s half Mexican. Also people from Spain look quite white.

    I really hope the WB doesn’t ho up the series, if it ever does come to fruition. They’ve hoed up almost every other show they have, except the WB News at Ten, because that would be wrong. And if they want, they WILL find a way to skank it up. Like have Jessica Day wear a bikini to the party in The Secret Hour.

  13. You want a long word!?
    My first and last name has 13 letters.

    I’ve been to that phobia website. It’s cool. I was quite entertained…but then again, I’m easy to entertain…sometimes…sort of…a little bit…

  14. oh wait….that other one is longer than floccinaucinihilipilification…..uh….hey look over there!

    Did you see it? Oh…it must be gone…but yeah, Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia is longer than floccinaucinihilipilification…

  15. floccinaucinihilipilification, wasn’t that on a commercial? Anyway, i’m only 13, which, to be honest, is quite awesome. My name, however, is 14 letters :'(…Anyway, i heard of the Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia before, at a site called “Geeks with Guns” which is kinda scary. I took that quiz too and apartently i’m 100% Jonathan, and 75% Dess, 40% Rex, 12% Melissa, and like 6% Jessica…i don’t know if that’s exactly right cuz i took it a couple days ago but that’s the right order. I would kinda like being Johnathan, the flying thing would be sweet. 😀

  16. ah I took the test an I am 100% Melissa (called that one =) ),38% dess, 28% Jess, 21% Jonathan, and 5% Rex

    Joy… as fun as reading minds sounds

    I think that I would pass knowing the whole no contact, headache-ness, and feel-all-emotion thing

  17. I love phobias cause I once did a report on them for school. It was a very entertaining assignment for sure. In a survey of 3000 americans the 14th or something number fear was that peole are afraid of escalators. I sure hope that was a phobia for some people cause that’s stupid to be afraid of. In the words of George Carlin I love escalators. They can never break. They just become stairs. (something like that)

    My name has 13 letters in it 🙂
    Oh, and more people are afraid of public speaking than of death. weird

  18. lol, how can you be more afriad of public speaking than death lol, that’s crazy retarded.

    I love my age, my age alone could kick darkling ass! t(>.

  19. Speaking of TV shows (take a look a few posts up…ok, more than a few), have any of you seen the 4400? I think the Midnighters would work well like that, but I don’t know.

  20. I am a huge fan of the fox tv show Prison Break. I started watching it a few weeks ago and I am now totally addicted. I have heard that the new series starts in March, is this true? and do you know the exact date?

    Many thanks and all the best with your blog

  21. Prison Break is an excellent show. The show is definitely returning in March. The 21st I believe. Fox moved it up to March instead of May because of all the hell fans were giving its executives. The cliffhanger at the end of the fall finale killed me.
    But the body count’s only going to rise when the show continues.
    Also, Abruzzi might not be dead. And Quinn might return.
    And they’re going to bring on a new character-Dr. Tancredi’s boyfriend.
    I’m not trying to turn all fangirl, but if a Pretties movie is ever made, Wentworth Miller must be there as a miscellaneous pretty. He can play that doctor Tally ties up! He played one in Underworld.

  22. Speaking of which, it really killed me when Tally yelled at David “Get your ugly face outta here!” Sheesh girl…just because your face is surgically altered and so much better than his doesn’t give you the right to say that. That was…ouch

  23. lol fiona I was talking about this with my sister they should mack it into a movie its my all time favorite book! Midnighters is good to but its not uglies/pretties


  25. FORGET making a tv show. a tv show would be spaced too far apart, adding more stuff than was in the book. or even make it like a parralell version of midnighters. and it would have a really low budget, making the effects dimmed and crappy. i say, it should be a movie, i mean a 2-4 hour long clmactic, better-than-king-kong, MAJOR MOVIE!!!!! when i read the 1st book, i was like, like…..well, what i put up there(^)in my previous,*ahem*, passage. *cough,cough*. this book not only lit my imagination with vivid images, it covered it with gasoline, put it under a pile of gun powder, surrounded it with dynamite, and too top it off, lit it with a flame thrower, exploding with the climactic battle, the chase of the 1st snake-cat-panther darkling, the explosions of blu lightning. i was so spellbound by it all that i was almost compelled to try and make a movie myself, only it would be a cartoon and on flash. but in any case, if this book series became a movie, i am sure it would be much more than a 2-4 hour long clmactic, better-than-king-kong, MAJOR MOVIE. it would be like ,just,so…AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    IF I ONLY KNEW A WAY TO send you my drawings of what i invisioned. you would freak out. please consider making a movie instead, pleeeeeaaase! thank you.

  26. ironically, hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia is the fear of long words!!! whoever has that fear must have ran out of the psychyatrist by hearing the diagnosis!!! crazy, aint it? i swear the scientist that made these names was just trying to make it funny or ironic!!


  28. scot! heres a word you can use in youre next book! it has 39 letters in it and its a type of acid. TETRA­METHYL­DIAMINO­BENZHYDRYL­PHOSPHINOUS = a type of acid. and heres a list of places with lon names.
    A hill in New Zealand. This Maori name was in general use, but is now generally abbreviated to Taumata. The name means: the summit of the hill, where Tamatea, who is known as the land eater, slid down, climbed up and swallowed mountains, played on his nose flute to his loved one.

    A town in Wales. The name means: the Mawddach station and its dragon teeth at the Northern Penrhyn Road on the golden beach of Cardigan bay.

    A town in North Wales. The name roughly translates as: St. Mary’s Church in the hollow of the white hazel near to the rapid whirlpool of Llantysilio of the red cave. It is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records.

    Another name for Lake Webster in Massachusetts. Probably the longest name in the United States. Alternative spellings are:


  29. So, I’m thinking a movie would be much better than a show. A show is too time consuming to see week to week. Actors can leave which makes the show crap. (70’s show) So yea, a movie it should be. This way actors would be good, and like a kick-A director and technology. whoop!

  30. YES!!!SOMEONE finally agrees with me(read entry 5 entries up)!!! come on people, this is THE subject to talk about.come on this is a good thing! if enough people say something, scott will make a movie instead!! help me out midighters!!!

  31. Is the Midnighters show still going to happen, now that the WB will no longer be a station and instead collabortae with UPN to make that new station, the CW?

  32. Well, as Kim just said, the upset at UPN/WB may mean the end of a Midnighters TV show. (Or maybe not.) But of course, that means that the movie is still possible–once one option ends, another can commence.

    We’ll just have to see.

  33. Yeah I agree with you jacob. Movie is a good thought. But it can’t be a tv show on some crazy channel cause I don’t have cable. I mean I got the WB like two years ago! It didn’t come in before. What if others are out there without the WB? Maybe a good channel will like this show? Nah, go with a movie. Maybe some awesome trilogy to drive people nuts like lotr did.

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